Payment Management Settings

Fluent Forms uses two pages to display payment history and payment receipt.

  • You need to select the pages and add the instructed shortcodes accordingly.
  • The following are the shortcodes :
  • Shortcode for the Payment History page is – [fluentform_payments]
  • Shortcode for the Payment Receipt page is – [fluentform_payment_view]

Payment History

  • Create a page for payment history first.
  • Add the instructed shortcode ( [fluentform_payments] ) accordingly.

Payment Receipt Page

  • Now, create a page for the Payment Receipt page.
  • Following the same procedure, add the given shortcode ( [fluentform_payment_view] ) for the Receipt Page also.

Pages & Subscription Management

  • Select these pages from the Global Settings → Payment → Settings → Pages & Subscription Management option, as seen in the screenshot below:
  • Additionally, you can enable Subscription Management for Stripe by ticking the last checkbox.
  • Now hit the Save Settings button.

Go to the Payment History Page you created a time ago.

This is where you’ll see all of your payment histories. It will only be available to logged-in users.

Payment History Page

Form View of Payment History
  • Selecting View from the Payment History list, you may enter your Payment Receipt Page.

Cancel Subscriptions

  • Users can cancel Subscriptions by clicking the Cancel button on the payment management history page, as seen in the screenshot below –
Cancel Button on Subscription

Payment Receipt Page

Here you can see your individual data of specific payment history.

Receipt Page

You may simply manage your Payment Management Settings by following these instructions.

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