Partial Entries for Step Forms

Oftentimes, many users don’t fill up long or multi-step forms completely. This results in the partially entered data not getting saved in the form. That’s why Fluent Forms has introduced a new feature called the Partial Entries or Save & Continue feature.

Read this simple guide to learn how to apply this feature to your form.

  • If you have already created a form before, just add the Form Step field from the Advanced Fields section.
  • Then click on the Enable Per step data save(Save & Continue).
  • If you enable this, then the data will be saved partially even if submit is not clicked.
  • Note that the partial save will be triggered on the next button click. For example, if you have a six-step form and the user fills up the three-step and leaves the form, you will get the three-step data as partial entries. 
  • Then click over the Resume Stop from the last form session; this allows your users to resume the form from where they left off.
  • For an example of a six-step form, If the user fills up three-step and leaves the form or refreshes the page, he will resume in the step he left, which is the third step.
  • And you can also see the abandoned or Partial Entries of the users when you go to the Settings & Entries tab.

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