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Surveys and polls are one of the valuable features that made Fluent Forms the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress survey form builder. You can utilize the drag & drop form builder from pre-built templates. Fluent Forms offers responsive & mobile-friendly interactive surveys & polls, including NPS surveys, Real-time polls, smart survey fields, and instant notifications.

  • Add the input fields (Radio Fields, Checkboxes, Multiple Choice, etc.), which will dictate the survey & poll fields.

  • Go to Settings & IntegrationsForm Settings. Then start scrolling down until you find the Survey Result options.
  • Now turn on the Append to append survey results to the confirmation message. If you want to show form labels & counts when displaying the survey results, turn on the Show Label & Show Counts option.
  • Now add the form to a page by copying & pasting the shortcode into the page.
  • The survey result will appear after submitting the form, like the screenshot below.
  • As you can see, the form represents the form entries in a Pie Chart format along with the statistical data.

Displaying Survey Results on a Page

  • You can create a new page showing the customized result using a custom shortcode. For example, if you want to show only the checkbox field, you can use the Name Attribute of the checkbox field inside the field_name quotation.
  • Also, specify if you want to show the label and total count. Below the shortcode, the label is hidden, and the total count will be shown.
[fluentform_survey form_id="1" label='no' counts='yes' field_name='input_radio']
  • Create a new page and paste the customized shortcode on the page.
  • If you want to show more than one field, you can simply use the Name Attribute of each field using a comma. See the below-customized shortcode where two input field’s Name Attribute, has used in the field_name quotation to show them on the page –
[fluentform_survey form_id="89" label='yes' counts='yes' field_name='input_radio','checkbox']
Displaying Survey Results on the Page

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