WP Fluent Form Pro Add-On

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  • Version 1.7.2
  • WordPress 4.5 or higher
  • FluentForm 1.4 or higher
  • Last Update 20 October 2018

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What are the two obvious facts about online forms? Firstly, they are undeniably essential for your website. And secondly, all the Premium form builders are way too costly to avail.

That’s where WP Fluent Form Pro Add-on comes to your rescue. This plugin is a Premium extension of WP Fluent Form WordPress Form Builder plugin that comes with all the advanced input fields and state-of-the-art functionalities one might need to create a beautiful and efficient contact form and skyrocket his online business. And this premium WordPress form builder plugin is not just effective but ensures a better Return-on-Investment (RoI) than any of the other WordPress form builder plugins or SaaS you’ll find on the market.

WP Fluent Form Pro Input Fields:

The free version of Wp Fluent Form WordPress plugin comes with an array of input fields that are quintessential in building contact forms. However, the Pro Add-on enriches that arsenal of input fields that usually takes an average developer days to build.

The Premium Input Fields that comes with WP Fluent Form Pro Add-on are:

  • File Upload
  • Image Upload
  • Repeat Field
  • Shortcode
  • Form Step
  • Action Hook

Other than these Premium ones, all the usual Input Fields usually available for WP Fluent Form will also be available.

Premium Functionalities:

Online Forms can not be limited to simple contact forms that just collects a visitor’s Name and Email Address. Rather, modern online forms serve a multitude of purposes ranging from Support Forms, Event Registration Forms, Job Application Forms, Survey Forms etc. To say the least, implications of online forms are practically limitless!

Multi-Step Form:

A long form is the user’s nightmare, the catalyst for losing the valuable leads. Readability, composite sections, and natural flow — combine all these and you get the Multi-Step Forms feature. It allows you to add a progress bar and a customized breadcrumb on top of the form letting your users know their advancement on the form.

The form generation is just a cinch, you can easily drag and drop the fields from one section to another.


  • Break lengthy forms into composite sections using a drag-n-drop interface.
  • A customized title for each section.
  • A breadcrumb trail on top of the form, enabling easy access to each section.
  • Customized progress bar.
  • Fluently move fields between sections.

File and Image Upload:

Need reports, photos or documents to be uploaded by your users? Add file and image upload fields to your form and get those in your email notifications.

More often than not you have to collect data in document form be that it may images, videos, PDFs, Word or Excell files.

And it doesn’t have to be a pain.

All you need to do is add file and image upload fields to your form and FluentForm will take care of the rest.

File upload has its own downfall ranging from a variety of maintenance concerns to security issues. And FluentForm addresses these challenges in the following ways:

  • Set the file types you want to allow.
  • View the uploaded files similar to any other data.
  • Get the uploaded files in an email.
  • Enforce various restrictions e.g. maximum upload size.
  • Limit the number of files to be uploaded.

Conditional Routing for Notifications:

Upon form submission, you can trigger various notifications. Sometimes, you may want to send a specific email based on the user’s interaction with the form. Conditionally enable and disable certain notifications on some events. You can easily do that with this add-on.

This add-on also supports:

  • Shortcodes: Render any content into the form using any available shortcodes.
  • Repeat Fields: Want to collect an unlimited number of entries of an input? No problem, you can use the repeat fields.
  • Actions Hooks: If you are a developer and want to add some action hooks into the form you can do it easily.
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