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WordPress Payment

Recurring Billing: A Win-Win Billing System?

Any business in the world would want to maximize profit from their products or services. And every customer would like to pay less. Is it possible to achieve both? Most certainly, no. However, the recurring billing system can create a

WordPress Forms

Fluent Forms 3.6.62 release note

We just released another release in this December and maybe the last release of 2020. 2020 was the best year for Fluent Forms and our whole team is very excited about 2021. Fluent Forms 3.6.62 release was a minor release

WordPress Data Tables

How to Automatically Turn Table Data Into Hyperlinks

A dynamic and user-centric table plugin is a must-have for many website owners. Some WordPress tables seem to be ahead in the game with brilliant functionalities and ease-of-use. However, if a table plugin has the value transformation feature, it's one

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Tips, Tricks, Update & Inspiration