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Affiliate Marketing

WordPress Payment

Which Version of PayPal should I Use?

If I ask you to name the top three robust payment gateways,  you can’t name them without mentioning Paypal to the top of the list. It’s a well-known fact that Paypal is the most popular Payment Gateway in the world

WordPress Forms

Contact Form 7 Addons That Make Form Building Feasible

Addons or extensions are very important to our digital experience. Whatever task you have at hand, almost surely, there exists at least one addon that can make the process smoother. Their niche can vary from extension to extension, but they

WordPress Data Tables

How to Embed Online Data Tables in WordPress Posts/Pages

Data tables can make your WordPress Posts or Pages appear more informative and user-friendly. Naturally, users will feel more comfortable when a content displays rich details in an arranged and structured format. Similarly, online data tables showcasing various types of

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Tips, Tricks, Update & Inspiration