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Affiliate Marketing

WordPress Payment

How to Set up Recurring Payments on WordPress

Recurring payment has been replacing the regular payment model for several reasons. It helps businesses increase conversion, save time and money, avoid payment conversations with the customers, and predict revenue. On the other hand, customers get a flexible payment experience

WordPress Forms

Fluent Forms 3.6.62 release note

We just released another release in this December and maybe the last release of 2020. 2020 was the best year for Fluent Forms and our whole team is very excited about 2021. Fluent Forms 3.6.62 release was a minor release

WordPress Data Tables

User-requested Features That Made Ninja Tables #1

Once you experience the comfort Ninja Tables offers, it’s not possible to look for other table plugins! Ninja Tables by WPManageNinja has solidified its place as a top WordPress table plugin in just three years of release. The hype from

How To Style A WordPress Table Using CSS

Styling an HTML data table in WordPress can be both easy and challenging, depending on how you approach the issue. Many table plugins offer various customizing and styling options such as table color, position, borders, etc. But styling a table

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Tips, Tricks, Update & Inspiration