WPPayForm 3.0.0: Go Beyond Collecting Custom Payments!

WPPayForm 3.0.0 includes user creation of payment, new payment gateways, and many more. Start making most of your favorite payment solution!

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Welcome back to another product update. This time, we’re here with an update to WPPayForm.

Before we delve deeper into WPPayForm 3.0.0, let me start by telling you that this update makes WPPayForm the complete payment solution and beyond!


Because in WPPayForm 3.0.0, we’ve added:

  • User registration based on payment success (think of selling your memberships!)
  • Integration with popular CRM and marketing automation tools (think of automating your business!)
  • Email Attachments (think of selling digital products!)
  • Three new payment gateways (Mollie, Razorpay, Paystack)

Trust me, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

So without further ado, let’s look at what’s new in WPPayForm 3.0.0!

User Registration Integration

Earlier, I told you about selling your memberships via WPPayForm. So let’s take the same thing as an example here.

WPPayForm 3.0.0 includes user registration integration. But this isn’t a typical integration that creates a user on form submission. Instead, the user will be created only when the payment is successful.

wppayform user registration

So let’s say you want to sell memberships to people and give them access to your content only when their purchase is successful. You can easily do that with WPPayForm now.

Email attachments

Earlier, I also told you about selling digital products. So let’s expand that discussion here.

WPPayForm 3.0.0 will allow you to attach files to your email notifications. If you sell digital products like e-books, pdfs, and so on, you can attach your digital files to the purchase confirmation emails.

wppayform email attachments

Hence, you have a lightweight digital product selling solution in WPPayForm 3.0.0.

Integration with CRM and marketing automation tools

Most businesses depend on CRM and marketing automation tools to keep track of their business and automate things. Since WPPayForm custom payment solution, it’s crucial to track payments and automate marketing emails based on that. So we’ve decided to integrate WPPayForm with the most popular CRM and marketing automation tools.

Now you’ll be able to integrate WPPayForm with FluentCRM, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, and Slack.

wppayform integrations

FluentCRM integration

This is a deep integration that automatically stores your user’s payment history and payment details. You can also create users and automatically add them to FluentCRM lists and tags to automate your business marketing.

ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Aweber Integration

ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and Aweber are among the most popular external CRM and marketing automation platforms. I know most of you use one of these tools, so the ability to integrate with these platforms will only make your payment experience better.

The integration experience is also easy. Simply integrate your account with the API key and configure your form to send data to your desired platform. You can choose the list your contacts will go to and start automating thousands of amazing marketing automation tasks for your users!

Slack integration

Slack is an excellent platform for collaborating with your team. With WPPayForm’s Slack integration, it will be easy for your team to know the details of every payment. Even more, you can use this data to automate many things through Slack’s wide range of integrations!

New Payment Gateways

Product update to a payment solution without a new payment gateway?

That surely doesn’t make any sense, right?

WPPayForm is a payment solution. So we’ve added three more payment gateways to justify what it stands for, making payment collection easier! If you use Mollie, Razorpay, or Paystack payment gateway,  WPPayForm 3.0.0 will allow you to collect payments through these payment gateways. 

wppayform payment gateways

Now your editor also includes payment fields for Mollie, Razorpay, and Paystack. Of course, you can use single or multiple payment gateways. 

Currently, you can only collect one-time payments with these payment gateways. But you can surely expect subscription payments in the future!

Security Improvement

WPPayForm deals with money, and where there is money involved, security is vital. However, it may sound a bit technical to explain how we’ve improved the overall code structure. But to help you understand, WPPayForm will now collect users’ data via secure API implementation.

This is a much more secure way to collect payments, and it also means you can extend the plugin’s functionality with a little custom development.

So this ends the major updates. Let’s look at some other nifty features we’ve added.

Other awesome features

WPPayForm 3.0.0 includes lots of other features that can make your day. Here are some excellent features we’ve added:

New payment shortcodes: You’ll find some new shortcodes like transaction id to include within your invoices, emails, etc.

Bulk resend notification: You can resend email notifications for failed or delayed payments.

Theme independent form preview: Your theme style won’t impact WPPayForm preview anymore.

Form selector in Gutenberg editor: Instead of copying form shortcodes, you can simply choose WPPayForm in the Gutenberg editor and select your form to display.

Debug environment: You can check any issue you’re encountering in the debug environment. Easy debugging!

Secure password field: You can allow your user to create a secure password.

Improvements and fixes

Last but not least, we’ve also improved and fixed many aspects of WPPayForm. These include:

  • reCAPTCHA validation on Global reCAPTCHA settings
  • New entry filter
  • Searchable editor fields
  • UI/UX Improvement
  • Fixed: Coupon issue for zero decimal
  • Fixed: Coupon min-amount validation issue
  • Fixed: Invoice empty payment item issue
  • Fixed: Custom amount shows ceil value issue
  • Fixed: User input pay amount button issue
  • Fixed: Email Handler issue
  • Fixed: Inline payment coupon issue
  • Fixed: Button processing text translation issue
  • Fixed: Submission local time issue
  • Fixed: PayPal 100% coupon issue
  • Fixed: Email special character issue for post_title
  • Fixed: Duplicate login notification issue
  • Fixed: Empty form items validation issue

What’s next?

WPPayForm 3.0.0 marks the most significant update for WPPayForm in a while. Trust me; this is a new step forward to make it the best payment solution for WordPress. In the future, we’re looking at some fantastic features like country-wise tax calculation, regional payment, and many more!

We’ll also release a public roadmap for WPPayForm in a few days, so you’ll know exactly where it’s going!

So that wraps up our product. We are looking forward to making WPPayForm a robust payment solution for WordPress, so it would be great if you show us some love by giving us a 5-star review on WordPress.org.

Also, feel free to suggest new features, suggestions, and ideas you have for WPPayForm. We’re all ears!

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