Ninja Tables

A Beginner’s Guide to Ninja Tables

A table in your WordPress Website is a great tool for presenting information in a visually appealing and logical way for your audience. Readers have easy access to the data they need because tables highlight the relevant information. But when it comes to showcasing data tables in WordPress, you’ll likely have to create everything manually- […]

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How to Add Media to Your WordPress Table

If you care about making your WordPress data tables more user-friendly and dynamic, adding multimedia is a great way to spice things up! You can use images in your columns or rows to visualize products, services or add images as CTA buttons linked-to URLs.  Your visitors and customers can make an informed decision using data […]

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Visual Table Styling With Ninja Tables

Online data tables in WordPress websites are basically used to display info summary in an organized manner. Also, no matter how well-ordered your table is, it needs to fit any device with different screen sizes. Table plugins with custom table styling features seem to be ahead in the race because users can customize tables for […]

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How to Customize Your Online Table Color

WordPress tables are one of the essential parts of your website where you can display a summary of information in an organized tabular format. It’s a major convenience of data tables. But what happens when you can change the WordPress table color and make it more fun? Adding colors to an online table means you’re […]

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Top 7 WP Table Builder Alternatives

A dynamic table plugin to create data tables online is what engages your audience. You may have heard about WP Table Builder if you are in this game. It’s a free plugin with a groundbreaking drag & drop table editor. But this drag & drop builder has also crippled the plugin with a limited range […]

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How To Style A WordPress Table Using CSS

Styling an HTML data table in WordPress can be both easy and challenging, depending on how you approach the issue. Many table plugins offer various customizing and styling options such as table color, position, borders, etc. But styling a table with CSS is something advanced-level users are curious about. Often, basic users need to have […]

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Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder

Your WordPress-powered website needs a table plugin to display all kinds of data in an organized way. However, it’s hard to pick one since there are so many! So, we have narrowed it down to two plugins for now. This article is on Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder, and we will present a comparative […]

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