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Top 7 WP Table Builder Alternatives

A dynamic table plugin to create data tables online is what engages your audience. You may have heard about WP Table Builder if you are in this game. It’s a free plugin with a groundbreaking drag & drop table editor. But this drag & drop builder has also crippled the plugin with a limited range […]

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User-requested Features That Made Ninja Tables #1

Once you experience the comfort Ninja Tables offers, it’s not possible to look for other table plugins! Ninja Tables by WPManageNinja has solidified its place as a top WordPress table plugin in just three years of release. The hype from 2018 is still going on because of regular updates and high-end features. It seems like […]

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How To Style A WordPress Table Using CSS

Styling an HTML data table in WordPress can be both easy and challenging, depending on how you approach the issue. Many table plugins offer various customizing and styling options such as table color, position, borders, etc. But styling a table with CSS is something advanced-level users are curious about. Often, basic users need to have […]

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Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder

Your WordPress-powered website needs a table plugin to display all kinds of data in an organized way. However, it’s hard to pick one since there are so many! So, we have narrowed it down to two plugins for now. This article is on Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder, and we will present a comparative […]

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Conditional Formatting in Your WordPress Tables

Having a massive amount of data on a table means it’s pretty hard to find the ones you’re looking for. Fortunately, there’s a term called “Conditional Formatting” that’s responsible for highlighting table content depending on the cell value. As a result, you can quickly find what data you want. Now, how to use conditional formatting? […]

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