Design WordPress Tables with Halloween Vibes!

  • Color the tables with Halloween vibes
  • Change button color/texts
  • Table background image with Halloween spirits
  • Bonus points
Halloween marketing Tips to Design Ninja Tables

What are the chances of you getting a Ninja Halloween costume this year? Funnily enough, if chances are slim, you got Ninja Tables to spice up your website with spooky Halloween flavors!

Summer sales are done. Now we got Halloween sales season ahead. Since Ninja Tables helps increase online sales, tweaking the tables a little with a Halloween theme can boost it more.

We bring some Halloween marketing ideas you can use with Ninja Tables and increase engagement, sales, and revenue.

Get in the spirits of Halloween!

There’s only so much you can do to please your customers. They’ll first notice how the online storefront looks and how many diverse products you got. Not everyone looks for hot zombie nurses or Princess Leia costumes!

  • You can sell Jack-o’-lanterns for those who are lazy or busy
  • Pumpkin spiced candles or decorations
  • Halloween-style silicone molds for chocolates, cakes, soaps, or resins
  • Slime and LED lights
  • Witch’s cauldron, rubber skeleton, or body parts

Just go crazy in selling Halloween gift items ‘cause people go restless this season, like Christmas!

And about online store layout and impression, product tables help the best.

Since Ninja Tables WooCommerce integration works like a charm in engaging more customers and selling more via product tables, you better learn to tweak this table plugin for Halloween.

Whatever you sell, the tables gotta look Halloween-ready!

Halloween marketing ideas for WooCommerce Ninja Tables

Online customers aren’t easy to satisfy. They’re less likely to become repeat customers unless you can give them the best service.

Organizing products in a smart and responsive table can make them stay and engage longer. Product details are right in front of them, designed in rows, columns, and cells!

And apart from a well-organized tabular product display, you can do more with Ninja Tables.

Install and activate Ninja Tables pro and connect with WooCommerce. Choose the products you want to show on your WooCommerce product table first, and then you can customize the table further.

Here are some Halloween marketing ideas for WooCommerce stores using Ninja Tables.

Table colors

Pumpkin orange, poison green, or mystic purple carry Halloween vibes.

Color customize Ninja Tables however you want.

wordpress table background colors without CSS


Nothing you can name that isn’t customizable here!

Some need CSS to change, but others are easy as pie.

a) Change the cart and checkout button text

We have typed something a little Halloween-y. Customize the texts however you want.

Ninja Tables column customization

b) Default WooCommerce button color or text change

Simple CSS here can change the “Add to cart” button color. But you can change the button text without CSS.

customize default WooCommerce button

Here’s the CSS you can paste on the “Custom CSS” window.

Change the color name or color code and click save.

.nt_button_woo {
background: maroon !important;
color: white !important;

Again, the buy button text is what we decided for Halloween. “Throw in the cauldron” does fit the spooky holiday, right?

You’re changing the button text from the Ninja Tables column, so there’s no coding needed here. Just click the “Buy” column settings and change the “Buy Now Button Text.”

WooCommerce add to cart button text

This text can be anything you think your customers will be intrigued to click!

Table background

What gets you in Halloween mode? Carved pumpkins, flying witches, or something else?

After Halloween colors, a Halloween-themed image is what makes the table stand out.

online table background WordPress

You just need a little CSS magic for this.

First, upload an image in the WordPress media, copy the link, and paste the link between inverted commas with relevant CSS.

The process is shown below.

#footable_parent_NT_ID .foo-table{
background-image: URL(‘IMAGE LINK FROM MEDIA‘);
.foo-table tbody tr td{
background: rgb(255 255 255 / 70%) !important;

Control the opacity of the image from the code in the last portion. We kept it light, so the table colors fixed earlier pop out better.

Freaky bonus points for Ninja Tables users!

Well, designing and color-customizing product tables aren’t the only ways to boost Halloween sales.

You need some practical features that help you control the product table and make it easy for your customers to browse and buy.

  • Embed Fluent Forms or Paymattic for customers to fill up forms by clicking from the table
  • Highlight cells using conditions
  • Customers can filter out the product they are looking for
  • Sync Google Sheets data
  • Drag and drop table builder saves time
  • WP posts table will show all the blog posts or articles
  • Embed a playlist that entertains customers when they browse
  • Image gallery can show all product images

Ninja Tables has them all and more!

Fang-tastic Halloween tips end here

Increasing online product sales, no matter the occasion, is challenging. Ninja Tables can make it a little easier for you.

If you have good products, don’t hold back and use Ninja Tables to-

  • Showcase them in a detailed tabular format
  • Customize the table to fit the occasion
  • Make ordering and buying easier for customers

Whether you dress up as a Ninja or not, Ninja Tables is ready for Halloween makeovers!

You wanna learn more? Check out Ninja Tables’ blog on WooCommerce and Halloween.

You could say there’s still time left to prepare, but we say, why wait? Sharpen and revise your own Halloween marketing ideas and use Ninja Tables to maximize your revenues.

We witch you a happy Halloween (pun fully intended!)

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