How to Create Automatic Online Receipt on WordPress

Many online transactions take place every day. While some people are selling products online, some sell services. The online receipt has become an excellent way of increasing a website’s credibility for transactions to work.  Whenever you sell, you need to provide your customer with a receipt. Surprisingly, we find many sellers display a thank-you message […]

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Recurring Billing: A Win-Win Billing System?

Any business in the world would want to maximize profit from their products or services. And every customer would like to pay less. Is it possible to achieve both? Most certainly, no. However, the recurring billing system can create a balance between the desires of both sides! This article explains why and how this new-generation […]

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How To Excel In Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret that social media sites are the biggest platforms for businesses to get exposure. If you are starting a new web-store, then you must know about social media marketing strategies! However, if you have already been down that road, there’s no harm in revising the steps. Since the marketing world is continually changing […]

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How to Keep Your Existing Customers Loyal

There is no alternative to having a steady pool of customers to grow your business, whether online or offline. A loyal customer is the one who keeps buying from you regularly. In simpler terms, loyal customers make repeat purchases that encourage and boost business growth. Do you want to learn how to create customer loyalty? […]

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Boost Sales With Marketing Personalization

Have you ever noticed that all the content of the online shop you are a regular at, somehow fit your preference? Especially all those on the homepage? If you’re wondering how it happens, then you are yet to know about personalized marketing. It’s a marketing strategy convenient for both the business owner and the consumer. […]

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10 Best Ways to Reduce Abandoned Carts

Have you ever wondered why your eCommerce store has so much traffic but can’t meet the sales target? If it’s still a mystery to you, then here’s an answer – you are not paying attention to the customers who proceed to checkout, but for some reason, abandon the shopping cart! So, unless you have an […]

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Email Marketing – A Beginner’s Guide

Are you looking for a short guide to email marketing for beginners? Then you are in the right place. Some of you may think that this practice is long dead, but you’d be surprised! Surpassing chatbots, AI, and all other virtual stuff, emails are still a vital way of marketing. Among many buzzwords in this […]

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