How to Increase Online Sales for your eCommerce Site [Secret Tips]

  • Reach out to customers
  • Add high-quality photos and videos
  • Keep the checkout smoother
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Utilize upsells and cross-sells
How to increase eCommerce sales

If you’re part of the billion-dollar eCommerce industry, congratulations! You know, the industry is evolving, thanks to the 5 billion internet users worldwide.

According to a forecast made by a famous research institution, retail eCommerce sales will reach 8.1 trillion dollars by 2026.

Now that you’re assured that you’ve tapped into the right place, let me tell you how you can maximize your sales and growth.

Anytime you can start your dream online business. That’s the easy part. But the hard thing is increasing your sales and maintaining steady growth.

Don’t worry! I’m leading you to the path where you’ll find your next actionable steps. If you’re already practicing some of them, that’s great. If not, it’s time to get started on a new journey.

Here are a few tips for you if you want to know how to increase online sales.

Reach out to customers

grow sales via advertising

Spend a good amount of time acquiring new customers and, at the same time, keep your loyal buyers happy. Email and blogging outreach will get you visitors, and through proper engagement, they may turn into buyers. 

But most of your focus should be on the existing loyal ones who buy regularly.

Don’t misinterpret what we’re saying here!

Of course, getting more new customers is great. But proving your brand’s worth to new buyers is expensive.

On the other hand, current happy customers know your brand and buy without much hesitation. So, an online marketer’s goal should be keeping them satisfied and making sure they know that they are your top priority.

Come up with a customer loyalty program for them, so that they are encouraged to spend more time on your site. Also, keep up with email and blogging outreach to fish for new shoppers.

Add high-quality photos and videos

Add high-quality image

I see many store owners care less about product presentation than other things. They try to convince themselves that, products will be sold automatically if I can maintain the quality.

But you know what, people can’t use your products until they have them in their hands. For a starter, they need to see what it may look like. Besides, human minds are attracted to shiny, vivid things. Therefore, you can ignore the importance of displaying high-quality pictures of your products.

While creating product photos make sure they look clear and there are not too many instructions (props). And, don’t forget to present your products from multiple sides.

Although I’m saying “photos”, the same rule applies to videos also. Actually, it’s even better if you can afford to add videos. With a well-built video, you can allow your customers to get a clear idea of how the product will be in real.

Keep the checkout smoother

how to grow sales easily

You’d hate to have a long check-out process after your quick online shopping, right? It sure is a massive turn-off! Studies show that only 2.86% of online visits turn into actual purchases.

If your digital shop has a lengthy check-out process, you will lose potential buyers.

A shopper might only want the product and not want to sign up for the site. Adding a mandatory sign-up process to buy, in this case, is counter-intuitive. You can add a “guest checkout” option like Apple does.

Create a sense of urgency

eCommerce sales growth with incentives

It may sound a bit mean, but it works like magic! Think of yourself as a shopper who is looking for a watch online. If you see a store having a discount on wristwatches and a discount period and stock both are limited, wouldn’t you jump to your panic-buying mode?

Showing the stock quantity and the number of viewers currently looking for the watch will convince a visitor to click on the “buy” button. It’s a basic principle of digital marketing. You can also set a “next-day shipping” option.

Utilize upsells and cross-sells

spike sales by online upselling

Consumers like to get recommendations for quality products. If you want to gain more revenue, up-selling and cross-selling are two simple ways.

Studies from last year show that 30-35% of revenue comes from recommendations. Use your buyers’ purchasing pattern data to show them top products that are also more profitable.


I hope this article will help you find some great insights. Applying them in your eCommerce business can create a significant impact. If you want to read similar to this article, please subscribe to our newsletter.

One last thing, keep exploring new ideas and how to implement them in your online ventures. It’s not like the mentioned tips are the final advice, and you can’t do anything more.

Got a nice idea? Implement it. Saw someone else do better with a new thing? Try to replicate it with your shop. That’s how you can grow even faster than you could imagine.

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