Why I Joined xCloud? What’s in it for WordPress Users?

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Shahjahan Jewel's investing in xCloud hosting

Let’s start this year with an exciting news. I have invested in xCloud, my first-ever investment in WordPress since WPManageNinja.

I’ve already shared my excitement about new partnership opportunities in my year-in-review. One of them is partnering with xCloud, and I’m super excited about this launch.

xCloud is a cloud hosting and server management solution designed to simplify how you host, deploy, and manage WordPress websites.

I’ll tell you more, but now you can sign up for early bird LTD access.

Why another hosting company?

The market is already bloated with tons of hosting options. Then, why are we in the same business?

Well, we’ve been in the industry for years, and our plugins are running 750K+ businesses every day all over the world. We want to help small businesses, and we’ve been doing that for the last seven years.

One of our customers’ major pain points is hosting. They get too much hassle in finding the right solution to host their sites.

When it comes to the existing hosting solutions out there, you can choose from several options.

Shared hosting is where many people use the same server. It’s usually cheap since the server cost is shared by many people. It’s barely ideal for a personal site. It will hardly get the job done for your hobby project, but that will not be ideal for your business website.

The next in line is managed hosting. The advantage of managed hosting is everything is ready here. You don’t have any extra workload. All you have to do is sign up. Their system will take care of the rest. But the problem with managed hosting is it’s really expensive for small businesses or agencies.

Then comes the VPS hosting. This type of hosting is customizable and can be optimized for speed and better performance. But this is not as easy as the Shared and Managed. You must be a tech guy because there’s much to cover manually. You have to set up and customize your server to make it fully work. You may even have a dedicated dev-ops team to maintain the server.

Say hello to xCloud

How is xCloud going to fix the issues? Well, xCloud is going to take the best of the features of the hosting types mentioned above and eliminate the drawbacks.

  1. Get the full power and customizability of your VPS, but you won’t have to be a tech person to set it up
  2. Just like managed hosting, connect with your VPS and let the platform take care of the rest
  3. When it comes to affordable pricing, xCloud will be in the same class as shared hosting

Let me explain why xCloud is not another chip off the old block.

In my opinion, every small business and agency should use Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or dedicated servers for their clients. They are affordable. And more importantly, they come with the power of customizability according to the client’s needs.

However, managing these VPS requires technical know-how. First of all, it’s not an optimal solution for a non-tech person. And even for tech persons, I don’t believe they should have to go through the hassles of setting up servers and maintaining and managing them. This is exactly what xCloud offers.

I believe even a non-tech person should be able to unleash the full power of these VPS / Dedicated Servers. All they should have to do is choose a VPS, connect, and let xCloud take care of the rest.

I can personally vouch for xCloud, as I moved our business websites to the platform a few months ago. The migration was smooth, and the performance and experience have been smoother than ever. And guess what? The migration would be free for any number of domains!

My reasons for investing in xCloud

WordPress is powering almost half of the internet. It evolved dramatically in the last several years and is now more powerful than ever. People can build anything with WordPress, from running a blog site to managing an entire business.

On the other hand, I feel that the hosting platforms have not grown at the same pace as the WordPress industry. There’s a void, especially for agency owners. I feel that they should have the option to run their business more efficiently and with less hassle.

I’ve already mentioned that we help small businesses, and our tools empower 750K+ businesses. From day one, my goal has been to support small businesses’ growth. We’re doing that with our cutting-edge WordPress plugins. And we’ll continue to do that.

xCloud - Shahjahan Jewel's quote

However, we got many reports from our customers about hosting issues. And we didn’t have anything to recommend that worked perfectly.

It’s also hard for agencies to manage multiple websites because of hosting complications. Many agency owners asked me whether I’ll bring a hosting solution.

I wasn’t sure about it earlier as I was busy with my most prioritized venture, WPManageNinja. But when I saw xCloud and started using it early, I thought this was missing for WordPress users and agencies.

I thought deeply about the agency owners when I got to work with an amazing server management solution. This new venture surely reduces their inconvenience and gives them more power.

The team behind xCloud has a rich portfolio of serving millions of customers, and they also want to help small business owners. Instead of recommending complicated solutions, they built their own platform.

We’re very fortunate that we got a chance to test the platform during its early stages. They trusted our engineering superpower and attention to detail and allowed us to test the tool.

I’ve seen their work and monitored how it’s being built. Also, I’m closely observing where they’re heading and what vision they’re striving for. The entire process made me super impressed.

On top of that, I personally know M. Asif Rahman and Nazmul Hasan Rupok for years. They have sharp business acumen, sophisticated business ethics, a thriving mindset, and powering 6 million WordPress websites. The immense experience the team behind xCloud is carrying is unparalleled. When they shared their idea and vision for xCloud, I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to participate in this awesome innovation. 

That’s how I’ve become a part of xCloud. And I’m happy that now I can recommend my customers a top-notch hosting that really understands their needs.

Read their official announcement here, and don’t forget to sign up for early LTD access!

Shahjahan Jewel

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