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What’s Coming in WordPress 6.3?

It has been 20 years since WordPress started its journey as a CMS platform. In this long journey, WordPress has released many major updates to ensure freedom, flexibility, and fun for its users. Many WordPress developers are relentlessly working to improve user experience by releasing newer versions. The next major update, WordPress 6.3 is due […]

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WordPress Turns 20: The Journey to Becoming an Undisputed King of the CMS Market

A blogging platform, a web content management software, a website builder…you can call it anything, we call it WordPress! It is the platform that helped millions of people go online with their opinions, portfolios, products, businesses, and organizations. It is also the platform that connects thousands of people beyond the geographical borders. WordPress, a platform […]

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See you in Thailand – Meet your favorite WordPress ninjas in WordCamp Asia 2023

WordPress is much more than just a content management system. It’s a community where people of different cultures, countries, gender, and profession learn, and contribute together. And that’s what made WordPress power 43% of all the websites on the Internet.  To oblige and gratify the community, WPManageNinja sponsors as many WordCamps as possible around the […]

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How to Add Email Subscription to WordPress (4 Easy Steps)

Email marketing is surely one of the most effective channels for promoting your brand. It helps you grow a subscriber base and send personalized messages to nurture your leads effectively –letting you turn prospects into customers and customers into brand advocates by building a relationship with them. It all starts with collecting emails from your […]

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Fundraising Secrets No One Tells You

Raising money for charity shouldn’t make you scratch your head. But unfortunately, charity and fundraising can be quite challenging. When nobody tells you the nonprofit fundraising secrets, it’s a challenging arena to tap into! Fundraising is hard. You must already know this, even if no one tells you. However, you only need some tricks for […]

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How to Create a Donation Form in WordPress

Any small business, free service provider, or non-profit organization needs helping hands to do what they are doing. Nothing comes for free, or nothing runs solely without help, where creating a donation form might be the best way to run it smoothly. Imagine putting your time and efforts into something, fighting the good fight for […]

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WordPress Revisions Disappeared | How To Fix

Sometimes we need to edit a blog post or page multiple times in a row. Pretty sure you’ve done the same at least once. So, accidentally removing a post or getting a broken page isn’t new to you. This is where WordPress post revisions help. But what if you face troubles like WordPress revisions not […]

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