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Women in WordPress, Women's day 2024

There are 7.8 billion inhabitants on Earth, and women are the majority. Absurdly, the number of supporters of women’s empowerment is still not in their favor. Gender inequality in the workplace continues.

But now, things are about to change, as we embrace changes in society for women where all women can feel valued, make their own identity, experience respect, and participate fully in all aspects of their life. #InspireInclusion

So, the main purpose of this article, however, is to explore women’s contribution in the workplace and five phenomenal women of WordPress who have not only embraced the dynamic world of WordPress but have also made exceptional paths in their respective careers.

Women in Workplace Statistics

The workplace for women is getting bigger and better every day, with lots of exciting chances for their growth. Still, some think it’s a boys’ game, but is that true? Well, a little, but things are getting better for everyone! Let’s see how women have contributed to workplaces in recent days.

  • More than half of college-educated workers are women (50.2%).
  • Almost half of all workers worldwide are women (47.7%).
  • Women in leadership roles are only 27.1%.
  • In Canada, most women join the workforce, with a high rate of 61.3%.
  • Many self-employed women (75%) enjoy their jobs.
  • 61% of women feel that being a mom affects their chances to progress at work.
  • Over the last 20 years, the number of women software engineers has only increased by 2%.
  • A significant number of women (42%) say they’ve faced discrimination at work due to their gender.

Source: TeamStage

But Good news! Women are still working their magic. In this post, we’ve talked about five empowering women from WordPress, who’re contributing to the community continuously to make it a better place for everyone.

Women in WordPress: Talking about 5 empowering voices who are reshaping WordPress every day

These women are always making WordPress useful. So, here we’ve shared what they do, how they started, their struggles, and their future goal. You can even connect with them on social media, and learn from their experiences!

Michelle Frechette (Director of Community Engagement at StellarWP)

Michelle Frechette wordpress

Michelle Frechette is the Director of Community Engagement for StellarWP at Liquid Web. In addition to the work of StellarWP, she is a Podcast Barista at WPCoffeeTalk, creator of wpcareerpages.com, the president of the board for BigOrganeHeart, cofounder of Underrepresented in Tech, director of Community Relations and contributor at PostStatus, co-host of the Audacity Marketing podcast, co-host of the WPMotivate podcast, business coach, author, and a frequent organizer, and speaker at WordPress events. Yeah, take a breath now, and let’s know more about her.

Tell us about you, and your background first.

I am the Director of Community Engagement for StellarWP at Liquid Web.

I was called “The busiest woman in WordPress,” by Matt Mullenweg at WCUS 2022.

In addition to the work I do at StellarWP, I am the Podcast Barista at WPCoffeeTalk, cofounder of Underrepresented In Tech, creator of WPSpeakers creator of wpcareerpages.com, the Executive Director at Post Status, co-host of the WPMotivate podcast, co-host of the Audacity Marketing podcast, host of the WP Constellations podcast, author, and a frequent organizer and speaker at WordPress events.

I have a BA in Religion and Philosophy and an MBA in Marketing, Information Systems, and E-Commerce.

I live outside of Rochester, NY where I’m an avid nature photographer. You can learn more about me at meetmichelle.online.

What early career challenges you’ve faced at the beginning of your career?

I started out freelancing in WordPress. I did that for about 5 years. It was really tough because I found it hard to be a 1-person show. I wasn’t good at doing the invoicing, so I outsourced that. Once I did that things became a lot easier.

How did you manage to navigate with the WordPress ecosystem?

I love this community so much! I’ve found that approaching the community with kindness and authenticity has made navigating things here much easier. Just be yourself and do good work.

Starting WPCoffeeTalk was really helpful, too. It let me meet so many people all over the world and begin to grow a network I never would have imagined.

Tell us about your career development and growth.

Once I joined GiveWP (in 2018) I really began to feel like a valuable community member. GiveWP gave me the freedom to do more community work and meet more people. It was while working there that I started WPCoffeeTalk. Once GiveWP was acquired by Liquid Web to be part of StellarWP, I moved positions to a more marketing-focused position (Director of Community Engagement). Having my job be community gives me so much opportunities to talk about our plugins at StellarWP, and also to serve our community in a bigger capacity.

Have you faced any gender-related/ physical challenges throughout your career? If yes, then how did you overcome those?

I’ve faced more physical challenges than gender ones. I wrote about some of those in a post on Post Status called 5 Days Without a Shower. I’m really proud of the fact that being able to be open and raw about that has led to many considerations and changes for disability considerations and accommodations at so many WordCamps.

And although I haven’t experienced much sexism myself (although not none), I wrote an article called Misogyny in WordPress is Real, to call attention to what so many women experience in tech and in WordPress. Our work isn’t done. Our community needs to be better with underrepresented groups, including women.

How do you balance between work and life?

I live by my calendar and lists. If I didn’t write things down, I’d be so very disorganized. I find things that I love to do in my free time – like Lego and photography. They fill my soul with happiness.

Did you receive any mentorship and support?

I haven’t had a mentor, which is why I’ve mentored others. It’s so important that we have others to help us through where we don’t know how to navigate alone. I wish everyone had a mentor that could help with that.

How do you handle criticism and build resilience?

I like to say I have thick skin and broad shoulders when it comes to criticism, but I’m human like everyone else, and negativity still hurts. But I’m also confident within my abilities and I know how much I can do. I also have amazing friends and colleagues who believe in me and support me.

Tell us about your contributions to the WordPress Community.

Besides my podcasts and projects, I serve as a moderator on the Photos Team and as a Community Team member. I speak at WordCamps and organize, too.

And I’m a WordCamp mentor helping other WordCamp organizing teams navigate putting on amazing events. I feel so very privileged to be able to serve our community that way.

How do you like to shape WordPress in future, or see yourself with WordPress?

I look for resource gaps in the community and try to find ways to fill them. That’s how wpspeakers.com and wpcareerpages.com came to be. I saw a need and knew I could build a resource for others.

It’s also how Allie Nimmons and I founded Underrepresented in Tech and how LGBTQPress.com became real. By seeing needs and finding ways to help build community and resources for underrepresented groups.

I believe the future of WordPress must include real efforts for DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging) in order for the whole community to thrive. And with people like Birgit Olzem working hard on that team, I know the future can only get better.

Nadia Maya Ardiani (Content Specialist at Hostinger)

Nadia Maya Ardini, Hostinger

Nadia Maya Ardiani works in Hostinger as a Content Specialist, where she interviews people, especially WordPress community members, and writes stories about their journey in tech. She also writes articles about web development and digital marketing for Hostinger’s website. Let’s know more about her.

Tell us about you, and your background first.

My name is Nadia Maya Ardiani, usually go by my middle name — Maya, and I’m from Indonesia. I work in Hostinger as a Content Specialist, where I interview people, especially WordPress community members, and write stories about their journey in tech. I also write articles about web development and digital marketing for Hostinger’s website, while also turning them into bite-sized info nuggets for our social media. Within the WordPress community, I mainly contribute to the Training team, where I currently serve as an Indonesian Translation Coordinator. Outside work and WordPress, I love to hang out with my friends or be a couch potato at home, reading books while listening to emo music and munching spicy snacks.

What early career challenges you’ve faced at the beginning of your career?

My early tech career challenge was definitely the learning curve. Before entering the tech industry, I worked as a freelance journalist and event publicist — jobs that kind of had to be put on pause during the pandemic. Tech content writing seemed like a feasible arena for me to dive into, and I was fully aware that I had to learn a lot in this new terrain. I’m always fascinated with how technology (especially the Internet) works, so that helps fuel my will to learn. My colleagues are also very helpful, and there are endless resources on the internet to learn almost everything. And of course, in the WordPress community, everybody lifts each other up, so it’s always a pleasant learning experience. Overall, it took some time to learn the nooks and crannies of web development and all, but it’s worth the effort.

How did you manage to navigate with the WordPress ecosystem?

By learning with everyone! Like I said in question no. 2, It took some time to learn it, but everyone is always open to helping me learn. At first, I thought I annoyed everyone with my stupid, very basic questions, but the community is very welcoming! Coming to WordCamps and Meetups also helps a lot — not only for understanding the platform itself, but also for networking. That way, I got to know the specific people to ask specific questions (e.g. who to ask about themes, Gutenberg, or WordCamp organization), allowing me to learn the ecosystem in a broader sense.

Tell us about your career development and growth.

My entry point in the tech industry is as a writer — something that I enjoy doing in the long run. I’m the kind of person who strives for specialization, so from my perspective, growth is not always vertical; it can be horizontal. Nowadays, part of my job is still writing, but now I get to apply a skill from my previous job — interviewing. This is so exciting, as content writing can be a very solitary job sometimes, while interview articles allow me to meet new people and improvise on the fly. It’s just very gratifying to see your old world and new world intersect like this.

Have you faced any gender-related/ physical challenges throughout your career? If yes, then how did you overcome those?

Thankfully no. I think I’m very fortunate to always work at places where women are respected so we can feel safe when working. 

How do you balance between work and life?

When possible, be very disciplined yet flexible with time. My work allows me not to stay working from exactly 9 to 5, so I use this opportunity to work in chunks of time instead of all at once. For example, I work 3 hours in the morning, then run family errands, then continue working for 4 hours, then have dinner and hang out for a while, then close the work day with a 1-hour work session. This might not be ideal for some people, but the most important thing is that it works for me. Women often take the caretaker roles for elder/sick family members, and this kind of time management helps me a lot in balancing between work, social life, me time, and a present and loving family member. I understand that this approach cannot be applied to all types of jobs, so I’d say I’m so grateful that I am able to do it this way.

Did you receive any mentorship and support?

I see everyone sharing their knowledge with me as my mentor. So far, I have always feel very supported by my colleagues and basically many people around me, which encourages me to continue this knowledge-sharing and nurturing habit with other people. Why be bright alone if we can all be bright together?

How do you handle criticism and build resilience?

I’d like to listen actively — I’ll ask follow-up questions and have a discussion until we get a solution. I will also try to see the big picture of the situation. If the criticism sounds harsh, I’ll try not to take it personally — I’d like to see that as a disagreement on something — but I’ll also let the person who gives the criticism know what I feel, especially if what they said is offensive. Sometimes people are not aware that something they said is offensive, so we can let them know that so they can learn from the situation. 

Tell us about your contributions to the WordPress Community.

I already answered this in question no. 1, but I’ll put it here again for your easy reference + elaborate more on it.

Within the WordPress community, I mainly contribute to the Training team, where I currently serve as an Indonesian Translation Coordinator. I translate Learn WordPress resources to Bahasa Indonesia, as well as build and maintain a network of Indonesian translators and reviewers to localize Learn WordPress content into our language, keeping the project rolling.

How do you like to shape WordPress in the future, or see yourself with WordPress?

I would love to help make this platform as accessible as possible for more people from various corners of the world and different skill levels. Translating WordPress into local languages is one of the ways to do that. In the future, I want to see myself consistently contributing to it. Even though that’s only for a couple of hours a week, I want it to be continuous. And just like all the amazing contributors who have helped me navigate inside the WordPress ecosystem, I would love to assist fellow WordPress enthusiasts in learning what fascinates them in the platform.

Where can people find you online?

You can knock me on my Gmail, which is [email protected].

Alina Kakshapati (Product Manager at Code Themes)

Alina Kakshapati, WordPress, Code Themes

Alina Kakshapati is a WordPress enthusiast who worked as a product manager at Code Themes. She is an expert in PHP developing skills, designs, and marketing. Let’s see what she says about her journey in WordPress.

Tell us about you, and your background first.
I am Alina Kakshapati. Former Product Manager at Code Themes and a long-term WordPress Enthusiast. I started my career as a designer, quickly shifting to being a PHP developer. Then, went on to be a Team lead a Project Manager, and finally Product Manager. Right now, however, I am taking a much-needed break before I get started again. So if anyone is hiring 😉

What early career challenges you’ve faced at the beginning of your career?

Well, there were many like any other Developer. But if you are referring to gender-specific challenges, one thing that comes to my mind is that I was often said they would rather give a complex project to a boy than a girl. Which I am happy, I was eventually able to prove them my worth.

How did you manage to navigate with the WordPress ecosystem?
I first came across WordPress thanks to my Team Lead. Back in 2011 when I was working for an Australian company, there was this WP project that needed to be done. I hadn’t used WP before that. My team lead that time trusted me with it and guided me forward. Then there was constant support from team members that helped me get through as well. And just like that I was in love with WordPress and its ecosystem.

Tell us about your career development and growth.

Well it all started in October of 2009 (oh damn! 15 years), when I was fresh out of college. I had some idea of what I was getting into, but there was a lot to learn. I joined as a Designer when the world was slowly but quite remarkably shifting from Table based design to “div” based design. The first few months were hard but I had friendly team mates to walk me through. Later when I joined another company in 2011, that is when things started progressing well and fast. I had already made a shift to PHP developer and WordPress was already creating buzz. Right around then, I was entrusted by my PM and the growth with very talented colleagues was easy. I started climbing steps faster than ever before. So I would say my colleagues have played a very important role in taking me forward.

Have you faced any gender-related/ physical challenges throughout your career? If yes, then how did you overcome those?

Like I mentioned before. There was this initial phase where I wasn’t trusted for complex projects because I was a girl. But that quickly changed, because I showed how I was capable of handling larger projects and even led a team. So yes, that would be a gender related challenge. One more thing would be the menstrual cycle. Mine are generally hard on me and I am often not at my best for a day or two. But thankfully, lately people have opened up about it and they understand that it can be different for different ladies. My last office was pretty good with handling that. They would understand if I needed a leave of a break and there was never any issue with that. My last company in fact thanks me for making them better understand these issues and help make things easier for new ladies joining in. So there’s that. 🙂

How do you balance between work and life?

As an IT professional, finding that sweet spot between work and life is all about drawing some clear lines and sticking to them. I carve out specific times for work and make sure to keep them sacred, but I’m just as serious about setting aside chunks of time for myself, my family, and just chilling out. Managing my time wisely, asking for help when I need it, and keeping the lines of communication open with my teammates are my go-to strategies. Plus, I never underestimate the power of a little self-care and diving into my hobbies outside of work. It’s all about keeping things balanced so I can crush it at my job and still have a blast in my personal life.

Did you receive any mentorship and support?
I did. I was fortunate enough to have good colleagues and PM early in my career to help me accelerate my growth. This should stand true for almost everyone.

How do you handle criticism and build resilience?

Handling criticism and building up that resilience muscle? For me, it’s all about keeping things light and not sweating the small stuff. When I get feedback, I tune in to the good stuff I can use to level up and try not to take the rest too much to heart. I mean, everyone’s got an opinion, right? But it’s all about what you do with it. I see every bit of criticism as a nudge in the right direction, a way to get better at what I do.

And when things get a bit too intense, I just remind myself not to lose my cool. A positive vibe and being able to laugh at myself definitely help keep me bouncing back. Plus, I’ve got this awesome circle of friends and mentors who are always there to give me a reality check or just cheer me on. Building resilience? Yeah, it’s kinda like hitting the gym for my emotional fitness. And hey, I make sure to balance out the grind with fun stuff too, like exploring new places(or going to Pokhara 4 times a year 😀 ) or getting lost in a side project. So, in a nutshell, every piece of feedback is a stepping stone for me — making me not just a better techie but a tougher cookie all around.

Tell us about your contributions to the WordPress Community.

WordPress community is one where I have enjoyed my time a lot. The people are very welcoming and encouraging and that helped me with the encouragement to start contributing to the community as well. I have been helping organise WordCamps in Kathmandu since 2015. I was one of the first 2 female organisers of WordCamps in Nepal. Along with that, I was the first ever female speaker in WordCamp Nepal in its third iteration that happened in 2014. I have since then, talked to a lot of people about WordPress. Spoke at different WordPress and Non WordPress IT events, letting people know of WordPress and showing them what is possible.

How do you like to shape WordPress in the future, or see yourself with WordPress?
My core essence of WordPress now revolves around community. While WP in itself is growing rapidly, I want to grow with the community and help it foster as well. My current plan is to help people get into the wonderful community so that we have newer people coming forward to take this wonderful piece of software and people around it, more further.

Angelle Marie Garcia (Specialized in WordPress development, SEO optimization, and e-commerce solutions)

Angelle Marie Garcia, WordPress developer

Angelle Marie Garcia is specialized in WordPress development, SEO optimization, and e-commerce solutions. Her enthusiasm for the WordPress community is continuously making her to contribute in the community and WordCamps. Let’s know how she manages to balance her work and personal life.

Tell us about you, and your background first.

I’ve been immersed in the world of freelancing for over four years now, and it’s been an incredible journey of growth and learning. My specialties lie in WordPress development, SEO optimization, and e-commerce solutions. Additionally, I’m passionate about giving back to the WordPress community, which is why I’ve been actively volunteering at WordCamps. 

Recently, I’ve embarked on a new adventure as a WordPress Polyglots Contributor, aiming to contribute to the internationalization and localization efforts of WordPress. This blend of technical expertise and community involvement truly defines my background and drives my professional pursuits.

What early career challenges did you face at the beginning of your career?

In the early stages of my career, I faced the common struggle of wanting to pursue my passion and skills in WordPress but being pulled into a different field out of necessity. Living in a province with limited opportunities added another layer of complexity to this challenge, as access to relevant career paths was restricted. 

Additionally, I grappled with feelings of imposter syndrome, constantly comparing myself to others who seemed to have more experience or expertise in the field. Despite these internal doubts and external limitations, I remained determined to pursue my passion for WordPress and sought out ways to gain experience and skills, ultimately carving out my path in the industry.

How did you manage to navigate the WordPress ecosystem?

Navigating the fast-paced WordPress ecosystem has been an exhilarating journey for me. Over the years of freelancing, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients across various niches. One pivotal moment was when a client approached me with the challenge of converting their Shopify store to WooCommerce. 

This project served as a catalyst, sparking my deeper immersion into the WordPress ecosystem. Through hands-on experience and continuous learning, I navigated the intricacies of WooCommerce and expanded my expertise in e-commerce development within WordPress. Embracing the dynamic nature of the ecosystem, I’ve remained adaptable and proactive in keeping up with the latest trends, plugins, and best practices, ensuring that I deliver optimal solutions to my clients.

Tell us about your career development and growth.

My career development? It’s been like planting seeds in a garden and watching them bloom into vibrant flowers. Starting from the ground up as an Administrative Assistant and blossoming through roles in graphic design, I gradually realized where my true passion lay – in the digital playground of web development and e-commerce.

Each role I took on was like adding another layer of soil, enriching my skill set and broadening my horizons. From mastering the intricacies of SEO as an SEO E-commerce Coordinator to leading projects as a Project Lead Developer, I’ve embraced every opportunity for growth with open arms.

But it wasn’t just about climbing the career ladder; it was about finding fulfillment and joy in what I do. That’s why I’ve jumped from full-time positions to freelance gigs and everything in between, soaking up knowledge and experience like a sponge.

Now, as the Senior E-commerce Developer at Digital Media Butterfly, I stand tall, surrounded by the fruits of my labor. Yet, I know there’s always more to learn, more challenges to conquer, and more heights to reach. And that’s what makes this journey so thrilling – the endless possibilities for growth and evolution.

Have you faced any gender-related or physical challenges throughout your career? If yes, then how did you overcome those?

While I haven’t faced gender-related or physical challenges, freelancing’s isolated environment made it tough to balance work and life. Graveyard shifts took a toll on my mental and physical health.

Through trial and error, I’ve discovered the value of self-advocacy and proactive communication in fostering a sustainable work environment. It’s a journey, but each step towards prioritizing my health and well-being brings me closer to a more fulfilling and balanced professional life.

How do you balance between work and life?

Initially, I set boundaries around my work schedule, establishing specific hours for productivity and ensuring weekends remained work-free. I also prioritized getting out and immersing myself in new environments, attending meetups, and participating in WordCamps to break free from the isolated work bubble and foster a sense of community. Additionally, I made sure to allocate time for my family, friends, and beloved pets, scheduling quality moments for connection and joy outside of work commitments. These measures not only contributed to a more balanced freelance lifestyle but also enhanced my overall well-being and fulfillment.

Did you receive any mentorship and support?

Absolutely, my first long-term client played a pivotal role as both a mentor and a supporter throughout my journey. He was the first to believe in every new idea or challenge we embarked on, ensuring that I grasped each concept thoroughly and fostering an environment of continuous learning.

Beyond the realm of work, he extended his support to personal matters, making sure I maintained a healthy work-life balance and even inquiring about the well-being of my family. His guidance and encouragement not only propelled my career forward but also opened doors to diverse opportunities I might not have pursued otherwise. I owe a great deal to his wisdom, kindness, and unwavering belief in my potential.

How do you handle criticism and build resilience?

My approach to handling criticism and building resilience is rooted in the invaluable advice from my first long-term client: to embrace criticism as an opportunity for growth. He emphasized the importance of not taking criticism personally but instead using it to strengthen and refine my skills. By internalizing this advice and focusing on turning criticism into a catalyst for improvement, I’ve cultivated resilience and a bolder, wiser approach to challenges in both my personal and professional life.

Tell us about your contributions to the WordPress Community.

My contributions to the WordPress community have been driven by a deep passion for the platform and a desire to give back. Inspired by the supportive mentorship I received, I’ve actively participated in WordCamps, sharing insights and experiences with fellow enthusiasts. 

Additionally, I’ve embraced opportunities to contribute to the WordPress Polyglots team, furthering the internationalization and localization efforts of the platform. Whether it’s volunteering at events, sharing knowledge, or collaborating on global initiatives, I’m committed to playing my part in nurturing and growing the vibrant WordPress community.

How do you envision shaping WordPress in the future, or see yourself within the WordPress community?

In addition to fostering community growth in my province, I’m also committed to contributing to the WordPress community on a larger scale, both within the Philippines and globally. By leveraging my experience and passion for the platform, I aspire to play a role in organizing events, facilitating collaborations, and spearheading initiatives that bring together WordPress enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds and regions. 

Through these efforts, I aim to not only strengthen the bonds within the Philippine WordPress community but also contribute to the broader global network, driving innovation, inclusivity, and empowerment for WordPress users worldwide.

Sheuly Shila (WordPress Theme Developer)

Sheuly Shila, Front-end developer, WPManageNinja

Sheuly Shila is a professional WordPress developer specializing in WordPress theme development. Currently, she is working with WPManageNinja as a front-end developer. Let’s know about Sheuly’s journey throughout her outstanding career growth.

Tell us about you, and your background first.

Hi, I’m Sheuly Akter, a professional WordPress developer specializing in WordPress theme development. I’m currently working as a Front-End Developer at WPManageNinja. I thrive on challenges and problem-solving, and I firmly believe in the power of hard work and seizing new opportunities.

During my free time, I indulge in learning new technology, and exploring new destinations through travel.

What early career challenges you’ve faced at the beginning of your career?

In the beginning of my career, I faced the challenge of fitting into a new environment. It was tough adjusting to everything being new – the place, the way things were done, and the people.

But I didn’t give up. With time, I became more comfortable and confident in the workplace, which set the stage for my career growth and success.

How did you manage to navigate with the WordPress ecosystem?

WordPress has been my main focus since the start of my career. I was drawn to its popularity in my field, especially when I joined a company focused on WordPress. That’s where I discovered the global WordPress community through WordCamps.

Attending these events helped me learn more, connect with professionals, and stay updated on the latest trends and tools. It’s been a rewarding journey, and I look forward to continuing to explore and contribute to this community.

Tell us about your career development and growth.

I started my journey with small steps, but consistency was crucial. Initially, I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, which I quickly became passionate about. I broadened my expertise beyond WordPress to include themes and plugins.

As I progressed, my focus shifted towards becoming a WordPress developer, and I’m enthusiastic about discovering new avenues for growth. I’m continuously learning, exploring, and occasionally taking those small steps forward.

Have you faced any gender-related/ physical challenges throughout your career? If yes, then how did you overcome those?

I’ve been fortunate in my career not to encounter any significant gender-related challenges. I attribute this to the supportive environment created by both my female and male colleagues.

While most of my team leads have been men, I haven’t personally faced any obstacles related to my gender. This is largely thanks to the inclusive and supportive atmosphere fostered by my colleagues, regardless of gender.

How do you balance between work and life?

I aim to balance work and life by managing tasks, setting boundaries, and scheduling effectively.

Some weeks, I’m focused on work goals fueled by determination, while other weeks are dedicated to spending time with loved ones. Flexibility is crucial as I allocate time between work and personal life, embracing life’s ups and downs. As long as I’m productive at work and present for my loved ones, I feel content and fulfilled.

Did you receive any mentorship and support?

Throughout my career, I haven’t had the opportunity to have a mentor by my side. While I’ve tried to establish mentor relationships that didn’t last long, I’ve relied on my own determination to figure things out as I go. So It’s been a journey of self-learning, and navigating challenges on my own. 

Fortunately, I’ve been supported by wonderful friends and colleagues who have provided both knowledge and emotional support. At times, they’ve stepped into informal mentor roles, offering advice and guidance, which has been invaluable on my professional path.

How do you handle criticism and build resilience?

I struggle with criticism, often reacting impulsively, which isn’t ideal at work. To cope, I prepare thoroughly to minimize criticism. When it does happen, I try to stay open-minded, seeing it as an opportunity to improve. I focus on constructive feedback to grow professionally. On tough days, I rely on my support system – friends and family – for strength and motivation to persevere through challenges.

Tell us about your contributions to the WordPress Community.

In 2023, I attended my first WordCamp Asia in Thailand. That same year, we organized the first WordCamp Sylhet 2023. Since then, I’ve been actively participating in every WordCamp Meetup in Sylhet.

I want to share my knowledge and experiences with the community. But I’m eager to do more and make a bigger impact.

How do you like to shape WordPress in the future, or see yourself with WordPress?

I have a dream of contributing to the team that enhances WordPress. I’m passionate about this platform and eager to aid its growth. Whether it’s through engaging in community forums, contributing to open-source projects, or sharing my expertise with others, I’m committed to making a difference.

Ultimately, I imagine myself as a devoted member of the WordPress community, collaborating with fellow enthusiasts to make WordPress more accessible, powerful, and innovative for users worldwide.

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To the end

Encouraging women’s empowerment is important for boosting their self-worth, and allowing them to make choices for themselves and others. Nowadays, women’s rights have become a key focus in global movements, with days like International Women’s Day gaining importance. So, in this women’s month, we wish all women a successful career and lots of brightness every day!

Prema Anjum

Hello, This is Prema. I work as a Senior Marketing Strategist at WPManageNinja, and Fluent Forms. Aside from the daily grind, I go to explore nature.

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