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Fluent Forms 3.6.62 release note

We just released another release in this December and maybe the last release of 2020. 2020 was the best year for Fluent Forms and our whole team is very excited about 2021. Fluent Forms 3.6.62 release was a minor release with exciting new features and few improvements. Let’s see what’s in this version New: Post/CPT […]

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Fluent Forms 3.6.3 – What’s new

We just released Fluent Forms 3.6.3 with some bug fixes and few awesome features that will save lots of time. It’s a minor release so no surprises 🙂 Conditional Logics Improvement In the previous version, We calculate and decide the conditional logic field bases on dom states and it was working great. But when you […]

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Advanced Post Creation with WP Fluent Forms

Sometimes creating a post for a website by WordPress or encoding is a massive hassle for users. Even if you have created a post successfully, you might face problems while editing the submitted data. Also, running a website by maintaining the coding process is time-consuming. So, as a solution to this struggle of novice users, […]

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How to Use Contact Forms to Create WordPress Quiz

Remember those origami quizzes everyone spent hours making when we were kids? The little flower-like objects that would tell us where we were likely to visit or what celebrity we would date? Well, quizzes have grown a lot from there. Now, there’s an abundance of quizzes, wherever you surf the web. Be it a social […]

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