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Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms 3.6.3 – What’s new

We just released Fluent Forms 3.6.3 with some bug fixes and few awesome features that will save lots of time. It’s a minor release so no surprises 🙂 Conditional Logics Improvement In the previous version, We calculate and decide the conditional logic field bases on dom states and it was working great. But when you […]

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Advanced Post Creation with WP Fluent Forms

Sometimes creating a post for a website by WordPress or encoding is a massive hassle for users. Even if you have created a post successfully, you might face problems while editing the submitted data. Also, running a website by maintaining the coding process is time-consuming. So, as a solution to this struggle of novice users, […]

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How to Use Contact Forms to Create WordPress Quiz

Remember those origami quizzes everyone spent hours making when we were kids? The little flower-like objects that would tell us where we were likely to visit or what celebrity we would date? Well, quizzes have grown a lot from there. Now, there’s an abundance of quizzes, wherever you surf the web. Be it a social […]

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