Fluent Forms 3.6.3 – What’s new

Fluent-Forms-3.6.3 Update

We just released Fluent Forms 3.6.3 with some bug fixes and few awesome features that will save lots of time. It’s a minor release so no surprises 🙂

Conditional Logics Improvement

In the previous version, We calculate and decide the conditional logic field bases on dom states and it was working great. But when you have tons of conditional logic fields and nested fields, It was taking few seconds to process the data. It was annoying and few users reported that and it was happening when they have lots of fields + lots of conditional logic.

Our engineers refactored the full conditional logic module and calculate the fields and it’s state on memory. So no DOM state involved. It’s super fast now.

Conditional Logic on Containers

One of the most used features of Fluent Forms is, Containers. You can group certain fields and style or make multi-column layout out of the box. No CSS required. Now you can apply conditions to a whole container. So you don’t have to apply conditions to each fields into the container.

Conditional Logic to Containers Fields - Fluent Forms

“Mark as Favorite” on Entry Details

Mark as Favorite - Fluent Forms

When you view an entry, You can change the entry status easily. We added a tiny icon to mark any entry as Favorite. I am sure it will be very useful for you. Thanks to Kartik Ahuja who is a big fan of Fluent Forms for suggesting this feature.

Email Summary Notification Fixed

In the last update, We shipped email summary feature. But It had a bug and users could not get the summary right way. It was a namespace related issue and we have fixed in this version. It will work as expected in this version

Weekly Email Summary Notification fixed - Fluent Forms
Weekly Email Summary

Other Improvements

Here is the full official changelog:

* Conditional Logic improvement (Now you can add Conditional Logic to Containers)
* Query String php notice fixed
* wp_date() support for older versions
* Added "Mark as Favorite" in the entry details page
* Email Summary Error Issue fixed
* Taxonomies issue has been fixed for container fields
* File Upload for drag and drop issue fixed
* Dutch translation has been added
* RTL support has been added for some elements

Help us for building Fluent Forms

Our Company is very much user-centric. Most of the features are suggested from our users. So you can suggest / discuss any features that you think we should have in our next version. You can check our public roadmap or join our Facebook group for discussions.

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