Google’s March 2024 Core Update: New Rules for Spammy, Low-Quality & AI Contents

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Google March 2024 Core Update

March 5, 2024, is the date when Google dropped a massive piece of news. It’s another Google broad core algorithm update.

They’ve renamed it – the Google March 2024 core update. And guess what? It’s all set to shake things up this month.

The mission? To track down spammy, low-quality & AI-generated content.

So, if your website has such content, you might want to hold tight for a negative hit. It’s inevitable to come!

Want to know how this update will affect your SEO, repurposed domain, and AI-generated content? Well, keep reading because we’re diving deep into all of that.

Key Facts to Know:

NameGoogle March 2024 Broad Core Update
LaunchedMarch 5, 2024
Impact Global
RolloutWill take up to a month
Focal PointTrack down low-quality, spammy content
Penalty40% reduction in low-quality content
RecoveryFocus on publishing original and quality content

What is Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Google has been around for more than two decades. And, since the start of its journey, one thing they’re hell-bent on is – improving the quality of search results.

To achieve this, Google regularly rolls out major updates multiple times a year, as we’ve seen in recent years. The aim is to ensure users find relevant information for their search queries.

Lately, they’ve been stepping up the game. Apart from Google core updates, they’ve also tracking websites with a range of other updates, including,

  • Spam update
  • Reviews update
  • Helpful content update
  • Page experience update

Here’s a quick look at last year’s Google algorithm update: 

Update SummaryRollout Duration
November 2023 reviews update29 Days
November 2023 core update25 Days
October 2023 core update13 Days
October 2023 spam update15 Days
September 2023 helpful content update13 Days
August 2023 core update16 Days
April 2023 reviews update13 Days

But, why is the March 2024 core update becoming such a talking point right now?

Well, it’s making waves because, for the first time, Google launched both a core update and a spam update on the same day. And, so far many website viewing (massive) traffic loss!

About Google’s March 2024 Core Update

The March 2024 Core Algorithm Update is the first major update of the year by Google. The primary focus of this update is to enhance search quality by emphasizing quality content and spam abuse.

“The March 2024 core update is a more complex update than our usual core updates, involving changes to multiple core systems. It also marks an evolution in how we identify the helpfulness of content.” – Google

Before we move on to the complex concepts of what’s changing in Google’s core update.

Here’s a brief overview of Google’s March 2024 Core Algorithm Update:

  • Enhance overall search result quality and spam policies
  • 40% reduction in low-quality human or AI-generated content
  • Google won’t show mass-produced AI content in search results
  • Buying expired or old domains for SEO advantages won’t work now
  • Using high domain authority sites to rank AI-generated content will be put on hold

Emphasis on Quality Content

August 2022 was the first time when we got to know about the term Google helpful content update. Since inclusion, they started building the system prioritizing the quality of content.

After that, we’ve seen more helpful content updates and people started making adjustments as per the policies.

So far everything was fine, but when Google stated the March 2024 core update to be more complex, then you have to acknowledge this as a big statement.

Now, where exactly does this statement lead us? Well, from now Google will follow a strict content policy by implementing the helpful content system directly into its core ranking system.

The impact? A drastic 40% drop in unhelpful content appearing in search results be it human-generated or AI-generated!

We believe these updates will reduce the amount of low-quality content on Search and send more traffic to helpful and high-quality sites. Based on our evaluations, we expect that the combination of this update and our previous efforts will collectively reduce low-quality, unoriginal content in search results by 40%.” – Elizabeth Tucker, Google

New Spam Policies

Alongside the March 2024 Core Update, Google introduced: Spam Update, all on the same day! In other words, Google doubling down its efforts to keep search results clean by reducing the manipulative actions people try to pull.

We’re making several updates to our spam policies to better address new and evolving abusive practices that lead to unoriginal, low-quality content showing up on search.” – Elizabeth Tucker

These updates will complement each other to make sure we’re getting the most genuine and helpful search results possible.

Scaled Content Abuse 

Imagine mass-producing pages or content and not providing any value to users that’s what Google refers to as Scaled content abuse.

Google considers this a (highly) abusive practice where – a large scale of unoriginal auto-generated content with little to no value is published to boost ranking.

However, with this current update, Google stretching the policy to go beyond the auto-generated spammy content. In simple terms, the new policy is fully strengthened on – Quality over quantity!

From now on, they’ll take targeted action against this abusive behavior, no matter whether the generated contents are produced by humans, AI tools, or a mix of both.

This will allow us to take action on more types of content with little to no value created at scale, like pages that pretend to have answers to popular searches but fail to deliver helpful content.” – Elizabeth Tucker

Moreover, the necessary measures will be taken fully against the pages and contents that are:

  • Unhelpful
  • Not original
  • Not meeting the search intent

Note: Google has begun taking action against abusive content from the March 1st Week.

Site Reputation Abuse 

Ever heard of Parasite SEO? Well, Google calls it “Site Reputation Abuse.”

When someone uses high-authority domains to publish not-so-useful content is basically what the SEO industry states as Parasite SEO. In this process, third-party pages take advantage of first-party domains to manipulate search ranking.

With the March 2024 core update, Google will put an end to parasite SEO!

Don’t worry, though, It’s not all third-party content that will be affected – only the content that doesn’t have any value and is produced with the sole purpose of manipulating search rankings.

So, the content that will violate this policy will be blocked from Google search!

Note: Google allowed site owners to make adjustments before the policy took effect on May 5, 2024.

Expired Domain Abuse

Expired Domain Abuse or in other words “Domain Repurposing” is when someone purposefully buys an old or expired domain to publish their low-quality content for SEO advantage and to boost search ranking.

This can mislead users into thinking the published contents are part of the older site, which in reality is not! Google considers these acts as SPAM!

Expired domain abuse isn’t something people accidentally do. It’s a practice employed by people who hope to rank well in Search with low-value content by using the past reputation of a domain name.” – Google

With this update, Google is taking strong measures on domains that flood the search engine by publishing AI-generated content on a large scale.

And, Google will use advanced machine-learning techniques to monitor:

  • How users interact with the domains or pages
  • Similar content structure, pattern, and element in almost every content
  • Mass production of content on the same or multiple topics within a short span
  • Contents with little to no value to users whether they’re human or auto-generated

Time to Focus on People-First Quality Content

Here we are at the end of March, and Google’s March 2024 core update has already started making an impact.

If your site’s already taken a hit, you might be scrambling for a solution, and if it hasn’t yet then do you still have it to panic?

We think it’s better to stay calm and focus on mending your way of working. Here’s how:

  • Produce high-value people’s first original content that fulfills user search intent
  • Avoid keyword stuffing, jargon, and mass production of content to rank
  • Apply the E-E-A-T concept to create helpful, reliable, and interactive content
  • Repurpose your content carefully – add fresh insights while updating contents
  • Demonstrate authoritativeness on a single niche rather than writing to and fro
  • Don’t publish hundreds of pages on the same content, it’ll kill your site
  • Rather than developing full content, use AI as a drafting, editing, and updating tool

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Still have thoughts in your head. We’ll answer some for you:

Why Does Google Update Its Algorithm?

Google periodically updates its search algorithm to show the most relevant and authoritative content on the search result. Their goal is to provide relevancy, and quality when users search on Google.

What does Google’s March 2024 Core Update mean for SEO?

From an SEO perspective, these advancements in Google’s search algorithm emphasize quality contents that add value to the users.

How does Google’s March 2024 Core Update aim to enhance search result quality?

The March 2024 Core Update aims to enhance search query results by:

  • Fine-tuning Google’s core system
  • Putting a significant focus on quality content
  • By reducing low-quality, unoriginal content by 40%

How to Identify if Your Website Got Hit After the Post-update?

Monitor your website’s traffic growth and pay attention to any fluctuation using the Google search console.

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