Free Influencer Marketing Tools

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Free influencer marketing tools

Influencer marketing is the hot cake now with so many possibilities for digital entrepreneurs. If you’re active on social media and engaged with your niche, then you’ll probably know about who are the popular faces in your niche.

But that’s not always the case. Sometimes you need to find out the top influencers to work with. That’s when the influencer marketing tools come to save you. By the way, these tools are costly although they serve a good amount of facilities. 

As a beginner business owner, you may not in your flexibility to spend a big chunk of money. That’s when you look for free influencer marketing tools, and I’m here with the right solution. You may find many listicles on the internet but they provide a mix of tools that provide both free and paid.

But I intend to create a list where you can get all the free tools. Maybe they’re solely free or they have some parts free of cost. I hope that helps you.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is where you leverage popular social media personalities in favor of your brands. Influencers build their popularity within their realm and you’ll use that to make your brand familiar in front of the followers of that influencer.

Not only for the familiarity, but sometimes influencer marketing works as an endorsement to your brand. You’ve worked with a powerful influencer means you haul a great brand that can be trusted. So influencer marketing is really big. 

Why influencer marketing?

If you already know about influencer marketing, then you know its benefits, I guess. Let’s talk about the reasons to choose influencer marketing as part of your marketing endeavors.

  1. Influencer marketing is cost-effective, first of all. When you contact an influencer you know their worth by calculating the cost or by talking to their agents. Then you can decide whether it would bring value to your brand or not.
  2. Another benefit is influencer marketing is niche-specific. You’ll choose an influencer who is from your niche or who has some influence in your niche. That is when you research you should opt for an influencer who’s popular in your industry.
  3. If you want to get instant traction, then nothing works better than influencer marketing.
  4. Working with influencer marketing has many benefits. A popular influencer supports you meaning your brand is recognized. The endorsement helps uplift your brand’s reputation if it’s promoted by a well-known influencer.
  5. When you select an influencer, they have followers. If you work with them, your brand will simply get noticed by their followers as well. You might get some new followers or at least their followers know about your brand.

Free influencer marketing tools

As I mentioned once there are tons of influencer research tools out there, but not all of them offer free service. I’m creating this list while considering one major point which is free of cost.


Among many high-end influencer marketing tools I chose Shoutcart not for of its free option, but because it really has some amazing features. You can find top influencers from the list, and Shoutcart checks accuracy with their internal scoring system. So only authentic influencers are available on this platform.

Shoutcart - Free influencer marketing tool

Another great thing is Shoutcart is safe and secure. The moment you pay the money, the influencer will not get it right away. To release the funds they have to complete the work first. And you have the opportunity to be satisfied with the influencer’s work. Pretty fair. Right? 

Beating around the bush is not a smart play with influencer marketing. Shoutcart knows that and comes with reliable metrics and stats for each collaboration you make. Thus you’ll be aware of what works for your niche and what to do for betterment.

You can search influencers by keyword or find them from the big database. Shoutcart is best for getting influencers from TikTok and YouTube. Registration for this platform is free. Besides the free pricing option comes with some limitations, but you can work it out as a beginner.

For instance, the free version charges for marketplace buyer fee of 10% or $10. You can unlock 3 credits with the free option and get three influencers’ usernames with those credits.

If you want to find your favorite influencers and maintain a long-term relationship, is a promising platform you’re looking for. The platform itself works like a social media channel where you get a large number of members comprised of influencers and businesses.

Besides helping build long-term relationships, provides demographic insights of influencers. It also allows you to manage conversations within the platform. One other thing that amuses my mind is this platform helps influencers find you. - Free influencer marketing tool

They have a free Chrome extension to analyze influencers. is compatible with a lot of social platforms including YouTube, Instagram, X, TikTok, and more. For influencer discovery, you can use their advanced search that has filters ranging from age to gender, and category to follower count. has two pricing plans. The premium one charges $600 per month. Then there’s the free option. You can do basic search and messaging with the free version along with joining the community.

The basic plan covers 3 Influencer Lists, 25 Conversations per month, and 50 Results per search. I think this is a good starting point and you can begin with the fundamental features.

Shopify Collabs

For Shopify users, Shopify Collabs is a real gem. Shopify merchants can install this tool free and it helps you do many things like recruiting and managing influencers. Now you can understand that this tool works for eCommerce store owners although others can utilize it as well.

Not only you can install it free on Shopify, but you can also use the discovery function free of cost. Payments are based on commission. You can directly send invitations to influencers and affiliates from your acquaintances.

Shopify Collab - Free influencer marketing tool

You can create a dedicated page on your website for affiliates. However, the app allows you to send samples and gifts, create affiliate links, and pay their commissions automatically. So, you can manage everything from one place.

Shopify Collabs comes with a bunch of benefits. For example, it can help you find your creators from millions of them. You can automate monotonous tasks with prebuilt templates. And it lets you manage the affiliate program seamlessly.

The platform is compatible with Shopify, Instagram, and YouTube. So find out where your influencers are and collab with them. I also like their search and filter functionality. It’s extensive. You can search and filter by keyword, follower, platform, username, and more.

This app has no paid option, that allows you to use it for free. But you need to have a merchant account on Shopify, which simply means this app works best for Shopify users.


HypeAuditor - Free influencer marketing tool

HypeAuditor comes with niche rankings of influencers based on engaged followers. Thus you can determine the top influencers in your niche and decide whom to choose for your brand promotion.

I also like how their AI helps you analyze influencers and provides you with the ranking and authenticity of a particular influencer. This platform collects raw data and processes it with their algorithm, and then, gives you reports on how an influencer performs.

Keep in mind that, Hype Auditor only works with influencers who have real followers. The system ranks influencers in order to make a list of global influencers. They cover multiple social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and some more.

HypeAuditor also allows you to choose influencers from the top list or by category, whichever comforts you. You can get all the details about the influencer like their current ranking, username, followers, niche, and authentic engagement.

With the free version, you will only get three influencers per search. Okay, this is not enough if you want to make a large influencer marketing campaign. You cannot use the three searches in one discovery tool, rather you have to use them separately.


If you want to segment your audience and know more about them, Audiense is a powerful tool out there. Well, it’s not totally free at all. Audience intelligence is really expensive. But, I mentioned the tool here because it has a Twitter marketing plan that has some free options. 

But the tool itself is a comprehensive option to get demographic data that encompasses occupations, locations, hobbies, etc. That’s how you can make informed decisions and refine your strategy with valuable insights.

Audiense - Free influencer marketing tool

Let’s see how the platform works. It provides two base services. One under Audiense Insights and another under Audiense Connect. The first one, Audiense Insights gives you information on various parameters. To identify the right influencers and choose niche markets, the Insights can help you a lot.

Next, the Audiense Connect comes with Twitter research where inactive accounts and accounts with fake followers are filtered out. Additionally, you can manage your follow-to-follower ratio and target audience for LinkedIn advertising.


Let’s be clear about Klear. It’s a fantastic tool with so many options. The pricing requires you to ask for a demo and contact their team. However, They have some free tools and I mainly want to talk about them.

They have a calculator to calculate the pricing for an Instagram influencer. The next tool is Twitter analysis where you can search with a user’s name. Another interesting tool is finding influencers based on location. You can also search for Twitter influencers with the dedicated tool.

Klear - Free influencer marketing tool

You can track Instagram stories and get a combined campaign report by using their tool. They claim to be the one-stop solution for Instagram influencer marketing campaigns, and that happens to be true in my view.

Their built-in CRM, Klear Connect, will help you manage relationships, and it can be considered a junction for campaign-based communication. You can do a lot of things here, from sharing your briefs and hashtags to approving content that’s ready to publish.

The in-app messaging tool allows you to directly send messages and all the messages are saved in a chat feed. I also the campaign measurement tools where you can analyze campaign content. There you’ll find important insights and get a closer overview of a specific influencer.


With a large database, fake follower checks, and instant outreach, trendHERO is a brilliant tool for finding followers on Instagram. You can initiate influencer marketing campaigns by finding and tracking influencers using advanced search filters. You can analyze performance with in-depth reports.

trendHERO - Free influencer marketing tool

trendHERO is a tool for Instagram where you can find the audience authenticity score of any influencer. Moreover, competitor analysis and monitoring help you get essential information about competitors, ad buys, or follower growth history.

If you’re serious about Instagram marketing, you can choose trendHERO. What you can do further is export contacts, niche monitoring, and track clients. The advanced search is also really helpful and allows you to search by demographic, follower count, engagement, and active accounts.

Wouldn’t it be more helpful if you could monitor influencer ad posts? With trendHERO, you can get information about how your competitors promote brands as well as the frequency of the collaboration. This tool also allows you to search influencers from various categories such as nano, micro, and macro.

Hunter is a popular Chrome extension tool to outreach your favorite influencer. You can search for people with their names and company and get their email address. Also, you can get some information on whether the email address is verified by Hunter or not.

With their domain search, you can find the right person to contact. That may come from a company or website. On the other side, you can use the email finder feature where you type a name and get the verified email address. 

Hunter - Free influencer marketing tool

Hunter has a vast number of integrations that range from CRM to spreadsheets. By connecting the right tool, you can extend the power of this email exploring tool. The integration list includes but is not limited to HubSpot, Salesforce, Gmail, Google Sheets, and more.

Cold emailing is a challenging task and Hunter makes it easy with their campaigns. You can compose the email and schedule follow-ups. Later, you can receive reports of email campaigns. That’s how Hunter helps you build the right cold emailing campaigns.

Hunter has various pricing plans. The free version includes 25 monthly searches and 50 email verifications. Almost all other features are limited, but you can accomplish your basic email hunting with the tool.


Now you have some idea about free influencer marketing tools. I hope by now you’ve decided on your favorite tool. Anyway, there are some key points to identify from my writing:

  1. Influencer marketing is a big part of online marketing now. You can leverage the power of influencer marketing and take your brand to a new audience.
  2. Influencer marketing is expensive. It’s hard to win here without breaking the bank. With a smaller budget, you can start but you need to have a large amount of money at the end.
  3. With free options, you can complete limited tasks, that may or may not be beneficial for you. But, I suggest you give it a try. It might bring you some initial limelight.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading. You may want to stay connected with our socials to get fresh updates on what we’re doing.

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