Affiliate Marketing Reimagined – How AzonPress Changed The Game

  • Features of AzonPress
  • Intuitive UI
  • Easy link management
  • Product comparison table
  • Advance reporting

Imagine you’re making money online through your website, but you don’t own any products or services! 

Sounds good? Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing.

With endless opportunities, this sector lets anyone make money by promoting others’ products. People spend $8.2 billion in the USA on affiliate marketing, and the industry will continue to grow. So it’s high time to join the game of affiliate marketing.

These days affiliate marketing is getting competitive, to ensure a higher conversion rate you need to present your website better both visually and content-wise. Here comes the necessity of an affiliate marketing plugin such as – AzonPress, the ultimate game changer.

Today, we will show you how AzonPress can help you stand out in this competition.

AzonPress the best affiliate plugin for WordPress

AzonPress is the most powerful and smartest affiliate management plugin, built for people who want to save time and effort and achieve the desired success. From quick installation to outstanding product presentation, AzonPress is able to give you a smoother user experience. 

The best part of AzonPress is, that it lets you work with any affiliate platform of your choice without API credentials. To showcase your affiliate products, the plugin offers features like a comparison table, product table, custom product table, and also multiple layouts. On top of that, with its advanced reporting dashboard, you can get all the nitty-gritty details of your campaign. 

We also like to mention the pricing plan of this plugin. Where other plugin charges for additional add-ons along with basic plugin charges, AzonPress let you enjoy all the premium features at its every pricing plan, even with a cheaper rate.

Now let’s explore the core features of AzonPress, that are needed to run a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Features of AzonPress – at a glance 

Every affiliate plugin must have some basic features to leverage the whole affiliation process. Let’s take a closer look at what AzonPress offers to power up your affiliate marketing approach. Some of its crucial features include:

  • Easy integration
  • Interactive UI
  • Link management
  • Custom product with zero API
  • Product comparison table
  • Advance report dashboard
  • All feature in any plan

Easy integration

The affiliate marketing field is quite competitive and to stand out in this competition, user-friendliness matters. Each affiliate plugin should have a friendly way to integrate with any marketplace. 

Thousands of platforms are out there, just waiting for you to affiliate with. AzonPress lets you easily integrate with any platform of your choice, just simply paste the URL of your products and filing details manually.

Interactive UI

People spend a good amount of time on software interfaces. To provide a smooth user experience, it’s important to make sure the software UI is not bothering users. 

AzonPress offers a high-performing UI for you! You don’t need to click-click and go around the plugin to find features, AzonPress provides a crystal-clear dashboard that specifically shows you the important bits – affiliates stats, click tracking report, and the location where you can build product table, comparison table, and custom product tables. So no headache to find features. Simply do the job easily.

Link management

Link management is the most crucial feature of an affiliate plugin, that’s why AzonPress is designed to simplify the management of your affiliates’ links. From automatic product description updates to ensuring privacy to easy link insertion, link cloaking, and link shortening, AzonPress has everything that you can expect inside a WordPress link management plugin.

Custom product with zero API

Why let API stop your revenue? Affiliate marketers always look for a fresh opportunity to grow revenue but get stuck because of API credentials. 

Working with any affiliate platform without API credentials is only possible in AzonPress! The plugin lets you fetch products from any affiliate platform like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, and more simply by putting product links. You can add a single product or multiple products as per your wish.

Product comparison table

It’s a well-known affiliate secret that the better you showcase your affiliate products, the more you can increase the sales rate. To give your visitors a better buying experience, all you need is a well-arranged product table. 

When it comes to the presentation of affiliate products, nothing can beat AzonPress, its product showcasing is one of the best compared to other affiliate plugins. The plugin lets you get creative while creating a product table and comparison table. You can easily add, swap, or delete any rows anytime.

Advance report dashboard

Without a neat dashboard, how you can manage your affiliate links? To run a successful affiliate marketing campaign, you must keep your eye on every single thing. 

AzonPress with its advanced reporting dashboard provides all the nuts and bolts details of an affiliate marketing campaign. You can get a complete overview of your campaign such as how many visitors come, total clicks, unique clicks, country, and click tracking report. 

The most amazing part of this feature is, that it presents visually appealing charts and graphs to make it easier to track the performance of your affiliate links and opportunities for improvements.

All feature in any plan

Now comes the most awaited part, pricing and features offered! Many affiliate plugins you may find there, but none can give you this bunch of facilities within your budget. On top of that, you will find these plugins don’t offer all the features in every pricing plan.

AzonPress is one of the most pocket-friendly plugins compared to others in this market. Its pricing plan starts from $39/year, and the plugin also offers all features at its every pricing plan. 

Ready to start your affiliate marketing journey with AzonPress?

Affiliate marketing is a competitive space for any marketer, to stand out in this competition you must walk through the right path. AzonPress would be a great weapon for you if you wish to increase your affiliate commission and speed up product sales.

If you are new to this affiliate marketing world and looking for an affiliate plugin, our suggestion would be to try AzonPress today. We are confident that you will definitely enjoy what the plugin offers.

Best of luck and have a nice day.


WPManageNinja Editorial Team

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