Video Marketing 2021

Videos are the most popular form of content right now. Marketing strategies change depending on the audience preference, and everyone wants to watch videos instead of reading a fat block of text! So, using video for marketing is an effective way to keep your audience engaged. 2020 was a year of pandemic, and all of […]

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Top Social Media Moments in 2020

We are already in 2021 and still can’t process all that happened in 2020! It was a chaotic year with the pandemic taking over. We got to see lots of fun and intriguing social media moments since people were confined in their homes to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. After all, social media was the […]

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Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies in 2021

People often have the misconception that word of mouth marketing is just a simple term that only focuses on consumers talking about your brand. Whereas, WOM marketing strategy is real-life customers who are taking your business seriously and becoming a loyal one. For an in-depth understanding, let’s discuss a prominent brand’s word of mouth marketing […]

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Should You Get a Pro Product Under GNU GPL?

GNU GPL is a popular license for open-source and free software. The movement began with a view of giving users more freedom regarding the operation and distribution of a tool. However, we can see some deviation of the standard in some cases while applying the rules. Although the license is meant for free software and […]

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10 Best Affiliate Programs in 2021

Affiliate marketing can make you wealthy; there’s no doubt about it. But it takes time, knowledge, experience, plan, marketing, right decisions, and the correct affiliate marketing programs. Any affiliate marketing effort will eventually end up in failure if you lack one of these.  Affiliate marketing is a huge industry worth $12 billion. But only 5-10% […]

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