11 Open Source Marketing Automation Tools for Business Success

Open Source Marketing Automation Tools

In the modern business landscape selecting the right tools and techniques for marketing is crucial since it’ll shape the future of your business. 

So, when it comes to selecting the right open-source marketing automation tool for your business, it’s a matter of automating efforts, boosting marketing efficiency, and saving time.

However, identifying the right marketing automation tool can be a tough ask since the market is abundant in alternatives.

Don’t worry! We are here to help.

In this article, we’ll discover the top open-source marketing automation software and help you select the perfect one for your business.

Let’s go!

What is open-source marketing automation?

Open-source marketing automation means automating marketing efforts and activities using various open-source software and platforms.

It helps businesses to customize their marketing efforts and reach their targeted customers in a cost-effective way.

Open-source marketing automation tools give the user the freedom and flexibility to view, modify, integrate API, or distribute the source code according to their preferences and streamline marketing efforts.

Applying these tools in your marketing endeavors will help you streamline and automate repetitive marketing activities like sending emails, posting on social media, tracking business analytics, etc.

Types of marketing automation software

On the internet, you’ll discover plenty of marketing automation tools, each with distinct features and functionalities. Each automation software will add unique value to your marketing efforts.

But the question is which one is suitable for your business that fits the sole purpose and supports the marketing tactics & strategy.

For example, one business may focus on email marketing & another may heavily depend on social media tools.

So, before kicking off you need to understand how you want to connect with your target audience and what type of message you want to deliver. 

After identifying your marketing objectives & requirements, you can go on to select the right marketing automation tool for the business.

We have enlisted different types of marketing automation tools which can be used for different marketing purposes. These are:

  • Email automation tools: Email automation tools will help you segment and personalize the email content for the recipients and run automation funnels to automate your marketing messages.

These tools help businesses to reach potential customers personally and nurture them to turn into paying customers. Also, email marketing analytics help businesses measure current efforts and improve future campaigns.

  • Social media automation tools: Social media automation tools help businesses aggregate social media channels in a single bundle, thus saving time and effort and taking their social media marketing to a new level.

With social media automation tools you can schedule and publish content on multiple channels and automate your responses. Also, you can track various metrics on your marketing efforts on different social media platforms. 

  • Drip campaign automation tools: Drip campaign automation tools are used to send a series of predefined emails over a period of time. Companies utilize drip marketing as a strategy to maintain a connection with their audience in a personalized and targeted way.

The gradual delivery of messages helps businesses to nurture leads, onboard new customers, and take specific action based on behavioral triggers.

  • Lead management automation tools: Lead management tools help businesses capture & manage their leads. Employing lead management automation aids marketers in automating the process of obtaining and assessing potential leads.

Just develop the lead qualification criteria and set triggers for specific actions. Once enabled you are ready to jump into every possible opportunity to nurture your leads into desired action.

  • CRM automation tools: CRM automation tools are handy to manage customer data and improve interaction. Integrating CRM automation with marketing automation will allow you to streamline workflows, improve lead generation, and increase conversion rate.
  • Automation analytics tools: If you want to play with data then marketing automation analytics tools are the provider! These tools help businesses track, measure, and evaluate the performance of their marketing campaigns.

The valuable insights received from these tools will surely help you to ascertain the weak points and come up with more optimal and effective marketing solutions.

Advantages of using marketing automation tools

Marketing automation isn’t just a few words it’s actually a broad concept. That means it’s not limited to email marketing rather it has a broader aspect when dug deeper. 

From lead generation to customer onboarding, marketing automation plays a significant role in determining the fate of your business. It gives marketers the flexibility to move on from repetitive tasks and utilize the power of data analytics for decision-making. 

If you become successful in implementing marketing automation throughout the marketing activity, it can generate the following benefits for your business:

  • Marketing automation develops an effective sales funnel to ensure a smooth & personalized customer journey without requiring any manual efforts
  • Cross-channel marketing automation helps businesses aggregate marketing campaigns to connect with the target audience
  • Marketing automation helps businesses to make priority-based decision making based on the performance evaluation of different marketing channels 
  • Automation software enables dynamic personalization based on a user’s behavior & characteristics thus ensuring a tailored customer journey
  • Lead generation automation helps businesses identify high-quality leads who’ll be interested in their product/service
  • It helps businesses capture, nurture, and qualify leads to improve sales conversion
  • Automation improves transparency, collaboration, and workflow between marketing and sales team 
  • Marketing automation grants businesses complete control of customer interaction and responsive customer handling
  • It also helps businesses to retain customers and increase customer loyalty by improving customer experience through automated workflows
  • The benefits mentioned above result in the significant improvement of ROI and business expansion

10 open-source marketing automation tools for your business

Since marketing plays a significant role in increasing brand awareness and generating demand for a business, the consequences of selecting the right automation tool for the right platform will be lucrative.

The right open-source automation tools will provide superior flexibility, improved scalability, and customization opportunities in marketing activities. 

So, any business would love to save its effort, time, and money by investing in the right one.

However, finding the right automation tool isn’t an easy task since it requires deep research and strategic thinking.

No worries! To make your life easier we have presented the top open source marketing automation tools which will surely revolutionize your marketing efforts.

Let’s discover each of them!


Type: Email marketing automation & CRM

FluentCRM is a complete email marketing automation & CRM solution for businesses operating within WordPress. The impressive features & integrations define it as the go-to option for email marketing and customer management.

It offers greater flexibility, customization opportunities, and smooth customer management which will ensure your marketing campaigns generate high ROI. No other email marketing automation tool is as feature-rich & reliable as FluentCRM. 

Key features: 

  • Developer documentation support to extend functionalities using custom codes
  • Lead management automation to turn leads into customer’s using funnel builder
  • Seamless integration with major tools and modification opportunity
  • Complete CRM automation solution with data-driven decision-making
  • Full Rest API support to integrate with other systems or build an API
  • Easy migration and data integration from ActiveCampaign, MailerLite, MailChimp, Drip, and ConvertKit
  • Built-in analytics and dashboard feature to track, analyze, and improve marketing efforts 


  • $103/year for 1 domain
  • $199/year for 5 domains
  • $399/year for 50 domains


Type: Marketing automation & CRM platform

HubSpot is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform that offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools which are powered by your customer data. It centralizes all of your data, tools, and teams to simplify the marketing workflow and provide a great customer experience at scale.

The platform’s intuitive interface and customizable automation features allow users of all skill levels to easily create and manage campaigns. Plus, the seamless integration with HubSpot’s CRM enhances lead management and provides a holistic view of your customer interactions.

With powerful reporting tools and extensive support resources, HubSpot enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and maximize the full potential of their marketing efforts.

Key features: 

  • Drive revenue by connecting with leads through multiple channels such as email, landing pages, forms, and more
  • Manage contacts and campaigns in one centralized location
  • Use workflows and bot builders to create automated campaigns
  • Automate routine tasks with email and form automation
  • Measure campaign success using robust reporting tools
  • Leverage CRM data for customer connection at scale
  • Extend campaigns across SMS, in-product marketing, and more


  • $0/month Free
  • $18/month Starter
  • $800/month Professional
  • $3,600/month Enterprise


Type: Open-source web analytics software platform

Matomo, formerly known as Piwik is the most powerful free & open source web analytics tool that provides analytical reports on website visitors and their behavior. It maintains GDPR compliance and reliable data privacy, ensuring a blissful customer experience.

Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo provides 100% data ownership! Because it’s installed within your server and the data is tracked inside your MySQL database. The outstanding features make Matomo a great rival to Google Analytics.

So, if you want to take full control of the data and ensure cookieless tracking then you should give it a shot.

Key features:

  • Real-time monitoring of web visitors and their interaction
  • Advanced E-commerce Analytics to understand the customers and improve business
  • Goal conversion tracking to evaluate objective completion
  • Custom dimension to track specific user action
  • Geolocation reporting on the visitor’s geographic information
  • User segmentation feature to segment the visitors based on preset/custom criteria
  • Campaign analytics tracking and performance evaluation
  • Heatmap reporting on a visitor’s web journey 
  • Real-time activities recording of a visitor using session recording
  • Powerful media analytics on how the audience listens to audio or watches video
  • Multi-channel conversion attribution to measure each marketing channel contribution
  • Useful insights on paid ads with strong privacy


  • Starts from $9/month but it’ll rise for additional features and functionalities


Type: Open-source publishing platform

If you are a new media creator and looking for an awesome open source publishing platform then Ghost can be your ally to expand talent and business.

Whether you are a content creator, publisher, developer, or businessman it offers everything you need to stand out in today’s competitive arena. All the useful features will help you to create and publish amazing content that impresses everyone.

Key features:

  • Both free & premium Ghost themes and custom design support to build a beautiful website
  • Native signup forms to turn anonymous visitors into logged-in members
  • Segment & send newsletters to the audience whenever something new arrives
  • Manage memberships and better understand the audience
  •  Engagement analytics to identify brand fans and the hot contents
  • Special offers and promotions for new subscribers
  • 100% authority and control over data


  • $9/month for 1 staff user
  • $25/month for 2 staff users
  • $50/month for 5 staff users
  • $199/month for unlimited staff users


Type: Self-hosted open-source software

Listmonk is a free and open-source software operating under the AGPLv3 license and a self-hosted newsletter and mailing list manager packed into a single library. 

It’s a high-performing and feature-rich open-source application & utilizes contemporary technologies like Go, VueJS, and PostgreSQL in its development. It provides customizable email queues with multiple threads and SMTP servers, ensuring rapid newsletter distribution with exceptional throughput.

Key features:

  • Predesigned library of email templates to design email
  • Drag & drop editor to design email elements
  • Email list management to manage subscribers and customers for targeted messaging
  •  Drip campaign automation to send specific messages on a specific time interval
  • Spam checker to check spammy content within marketing messages


  • Free


Type: Open-source headless CMS

Strapi is an open-source headless CMS platform that can be used to develop websites, eCommerce websites, mobile apps, and APIs. You can easily connect your Front end with Strapi’s backend by using API.

It supports the customization of the admin panel along with the API. Also, RESTful or GraphQL will let you consume API keys from any client such as React, Vue, and Angular.

Key features:

  • Build and edit dynamic pages without any coding skills
  • Easy customization of the website elements with drag & drop editor
  • Real-time editing during website building using WYSIWYG Editor
  • Approval process control to review errors before content publication
  • Version control system to manage source code changes over time
  • Access control gateway to restrict access to sensitive information


  • Community- Free
  • Cloud Pro- $99/month
  • Cloud Team- $499/month


Type: Open-source email marketing software 

Agnitus is an open-source email marketing automation software made and hosted in Germany. It’s a powerful software that meets GDPR compliance and ensures the quality and security of marketing emails.

If you are looking for email marketing software with a simple UI and essential features then it can be the right tool for you.

Key features:

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface to ensure user-friendliness
  • Important email marketing functionalities for sending marketing emails
  • Unlimited email-sending capability with no extra charge
  • Campaign builder for creating and automating complicated and creative campaigns
  • Offers verification SMS, print mailings, and web push notification service


  • Free but premium features should be requested to access

WP Social Ninja

Type: Social media marketing automation tool

If you need a social media marketing automation tool for your WordPress site, WP Social Ninja is the ultimate solution. In fact, it’s the best social media plugin for your business.

It’s an all-in-one social media marketing tool that’ll take your social media marketing to an inconceivable dimension since it serves the purpose of multiple social media tools in a single bundle with impressive and useful features.

Key features:

  • Real-time incorporation and display of best social feeds
  • Controlled social review exhibition on the website to build trust and credibility for the business
  • Instant communication with visitors from different social platforms
  • Integration of notification popup to catch visitor’s attention and improve brand value
  • Shoppable Instagram feeds to impress followers and improve conversion


  • $44/year for 1 domain
  • $149/year for 25 domains
  • $249/year for unlimited domains


Type: Open-source cloud ERP software

ERPNext is a free and open-source enterprise resource planning software for small to large enterprises. If you are looking for a reliable and effective ERP solution for your business then ERPNext is the option to consider.

Because it seamlessly integrates different business functions and delivers the most effective management of resources. From financial accounting to inventory management it’s packed with every useful feature required for an ERP software.

Key features:

  • Effective handling of accounts, transactions, taxes, income, expenses, notifications, and cash flow in the accounting module
  • Complete CRM solution from lead capturing to sales funnel
  • Effective utilization and management of human resources in a centralized location
  • Management of sales tasks such as material requisition, managing orders, tracking delivery, etc.
  • Efficient management of project activities such as organizing, scheduling, tracking, etc. 
  • Real-time & dynamic update of operational activities and system optimization  


  • Starts from $50/month but the price will vary with extended features

Treasure Data

Type: Cloud-based data analytics platform

If you are looking for a platform that can unite all the teams of your business then Treasure Data can be a great option to consider. It’s a cloud-based analytics platform aimed to help businesses with reliable information on customer profiles.

This valuable information & insights help businesses maintain synchronized workflow across different departments and channels and improve brand value.

Key features:

  • Easy management of data with managed analytics infrastructure
  • Central access to business data such as users, usage information, data sources, etc.
  • Automatic consolidation of data across SaaS tools with 300+ integrations to pull data into a single cloud
  • Data collection ability from vast amounts of resources, including CRM, internal apps, and mobile apps.
  • In-depth integration and analysis of data through cloud platform


  • Depends on business and preferences


Type: Open-source workflow automation

Odoo made the integration & handling of hundreds of applications easier than ever! The ecosystem will allow users to integrate their important applications just under their fingertips.

Also, it supports every aspect of a business like customer management, accounting, inventory management, eCommerce, etc. 


  • Easy segmentation of the database using behavioral & demographic criteria
  • Advanced statistics to analyze various metrics and improve efforts
  • Creating customer journeys with advanced workflows
  • Setting triggers for time-based conditions
  • Automating emails and SMS by setting time intervals
  • Integration of email marketing, CRM, SMS marketing, eCommerce, etc. for enhanced communication


  • Depends on specific criteria

Start automating your business efforts! 

Today a business can’t survive in the long run without automating its communication, efforts, and strategies. So, open-source marketing automation tools can be the next big investment for your business if you are considering becoming smarter.

We have mentioned some of the best open-source marketing automation software that every business needs. Each one differs in the use case, features, and functionalities. So, the choice is yours because you’ll select the right one for your business.

We hope you’ll find the best match for your business that helps you build a seamless connection with customers that results in higher conversion & brand advocacy.

WPManageNinja Editorial Team

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