Why is it important to send users confirmation email when they fill out an online form?

A confirmation email is a different type of email that is sent to subscribers, consumers, or targeted audiences in order to ascertain their online form submission. It is an essential segment of email marketing too.

Since in this dynamic time, an online form has conquered much popularity due to ease of use. Thereby confirmation email has also become crucial as you have diverse opportunities to manage entries according to their segments. 

An engaging confirmation email could create more loyal followers either for your company or the website. 

This article will help you to know why confirmation email is indispensable for your users. For your convenience, I will create an index blow that will assist you to know the importance of email confirmation from various aspects. 

Contact Confirmation

confirmation email

Confirmation email can work as an indicator of successful contact. One of your users may send you a message using the online form. However, if you could respond to them instantly, he might be confused that have you received his message or not.

In that case, email confirmation could work directly. If you could send a confirmation message after getting his message, it could ascertain him. eventually, it will create a strong faith regarding your website too.


confirmation email - marketing

Marketing is the paramount branch of any company. You can not expect a top-notch outcome without setting up bold marketing strategies. 

Moreover, since maximum companies are visible Online, so, you have to follow the smart way to compete with your rivals. However, a Confirmation email is undoubtedly indispensable for business.

Suppose, you are a marketer and very soon you are going to launch a feedback survey for your new arrival product. Whatever if you have already created an engaging feedback survey form. But, if you forget to create an attractive feedback email that you will send after online form submission, it would be much fruitful.

Online Store

confirmation email - online stores

The confirmation email is inextricably concomitant with online stores. Customer Inquiry is the most crucial segment related to online stores. As you are sealing products online, so your customer may ask manifold questions from their curious minds. However, you have to give a reply appropriately and instantaneously to eliminate confusion.

It will not only help to buy your product at one time. Ultimately, this achieved trust will fetch more customers. Moreover, it will give a good impression on your business.

But the question is- 

How does it work?

It is very straightforward. Suppose, one of your new customers purchased a product in deals. After completing payment procedures, he did not get any confirmation email acknowledging his successful purchase. In this scenario, he could not decide whether he would buy again or left the deals.

Irrefutably, he would not dare to come to your website for the second time as you are unable to give any assurance. Lack of your confirmation email could frustrate customers entirely which would eventually fetch negative impressions. 

In the same way, you can envisage the usual scenario. Suppose, you have purchased a product from a website. But the store did not send you any confirmation email by illustrating how many days it may take to ship or in which address they are going to send.

In this circumstance, you will be confused, and it is normal. Thereby, to avoid this inconvenience situation, you should create a confirmation email so that your customer could conceive that you are concern about them.

Online Job Application

In this dynamic time, the online job application is very popular or any company. Why not? The HR department could arrange the whole process with a few simple steps.

Whether, in the preceding time, it was quite difficult to hire new human resources for a company since it was exhaustively a time-consuming factor. However, now it has become the most accessible work for the boon of the online form.

Suppose, you want to hire more than 100 employees for a new project. In that case, you have decided you will take fifty freshers and fifty experienced people. But, it will be difficult as well as time-consuming issue if you could not diverge all applicants into two segments.

It is the best way to make simple of the hiring process. It is not cessation. You could get more opportunities by using this confirmation message.

Imagine that you want to hire employees for three different departments as Marketing, Finance, and Accounting. But, you want to give potential employees evaluation power to the heads of these three departments. This means, when an employee will apply for the marketing post, the application will go straightway towards the head of the marketing.

As a result, the overall hiring process would be faster, and you have the opportunity to find out the best employees for your company.

The Ultimate Benefits

confirmation email - ultimate benefits

What are the immediate benefits of using confirmation email? It has absolute magnitudes for your company. What is more, in long-term return, you would be able to make enormous permanent customers.

It is very vital that, when a visitor gets your response from you, surely he will start to trust you. As a result, you can get avails for this courtesy.

The confirmation email is not only crucial for the revenue of your company but, it can also give you some fixed assets that would help to sustain in the market overwhelmingly. Those assets are-

  • Values
  • Respect
  • Trust.


confirmation email - increases customer satisfaction

You can quickly achieve values by providing the best services to your customers, and amid all of the services, it is crucial to ensure your customers that he is on the right track. Thereby, it is vital to creating a communication bridge between you and your potential consumers.

Suppose, one of the visitors subscribes to your website. So, if you can send a welcome email to his email address, undoubtedly he would be gratified, and ultimately it will create value for your business website.

Creating values is truly arduous since it depends on numerous factors and it is not so easy also. However, a feedback email could help you to develop values for your company.


It is very normal that sometimes sinister situations may come for your business and though it is not expected, however, you can not just leave the hope to overcome that impediment.  

Because it is likely to, but the solution is to find out the best way that will navigate you to get rid of your business from that adverse situation. In that hostile situation, you can get good support from your loyal visitors or consumers.

But the question is- “Is it an easy procedure to make your consumers loyal unto you?

Not at all. It also depends on your responses and services. This means, you may have a blog site, business site, but the thing is that, if you could make a good communication to your customers or visitors and maintain it properly, as a return on investment, you will get respect from your customers.


Trust is the most precious asset as well as it is a time-consuming factor. You could not achieve it within a short time. But, your feedback email could help your consumer to trust you. It is likely, suppose you visited a website and subscribed to your email, and after that, you did not get any response from the admin. So, undoubtedly you won’t try to go there because you have already realized that it is not worth it for you.

Do’s and Don’ts 

During writing a confirmation email, you should maintain some procedures your erroneous confirmation email could create a wrong realization in the customer’s mind.

Maximum time, most of the confirmation emails convey a conventional structure, and that is why visitors ignore those messages. However, the smartest way is, make a compelling email for your visitors. If you have a logo, use it on the confirmation email. Write appropriately related to your website. And lastly, use the same color as your website so that users could identify your email efficiently. It increases your brand awareness through the confirmation email.

The thing you should avoid while creating a confirmation email is, never use any “no-reply” email address because it frustrates users exhaustively. Maximum time, so many admins those emails but it should not be. Your users may communicate with you. So, you have to consider this factor seriously. Moreover, never send a confirmation email directly to users. Before submitting a new confirmation message, test it from various devices so that users can read your email conveniently.

At length, it can be said that a confirmation email is undoubtedly crucial for your users. In this dynamic time, it is quite hard to attract users to any product or service. However, still, it is possible if you follow some smart strategies. And in the long run, you can sustain in the competition for a long time.

I know that you are ready to set the confirmation email for your users. But, my advice is, before doing anything, you should install a potent form builder plugin in your WordPress. You can check the Fluent Form plugin that could assist you to perform your work smartly. Moreover, its extensive fields and features could help you to manage everything in one place.

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