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12 Best WordPress User Registration Plugins You Should Know About

  • Features to look for in a registration plugin
  • 12 best user registration plugins
  • Find the best registration plugin for your site
  • How a registration plugin helps?

Creating a custom WordPress user registration form is essential for every website whether the site is an eCommerce, blog, or software-based website. Though WordPress provides an option for users to register manually, the way is not productive for website owners. Using a WordPress user registration plugin allows you to register users on your site efficiently and systematically. 

Firstly, you can customize your registration form as you want. You can even customize the form fields in accordance with your requirements. Furthermore, through the registration forms, you can assign the user roles automatically, which will save you a lot of time. So, why miss out on a plugin for the WordPress user registration form?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly plugin, there’s no need to worry. There are varieties of user registration plugins for WordPress that will help you add a form on your site without any hassle. In this article, I have listed twelve best WordPress user registration plugins from among the hundreds of options. But first, let’s see what features make a registration plugin best.

What features should you look for in a WordPress user registration plugin?

user registration form, WordPress user registration
Features that should be available in a WordPress user registration plugin

All WordPress user registration plugins are not made the same. Yet, you should keep your eyes out for some features that are needed for your registration form. 

  • Creates unlimited forms
  • Supports payment tools to collect payment from clients, such as Paypal, Stripe or credit cards
  • Ability to protect your form from some specific users
  • Gives multiple memberships
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Huge collections of custom fields
  • Provide social login button for quick access
  • Attractive templates of forms
  • Supports profiles with avatars, bios, or social links

This isn’t a full list of features that you will need. So, make an account of what your company needs. This article tries to give you an idea about the best features you can find in the market. Now, let’s move on to our main topic, which is the 12 best plugins for making user registration forms.

12 best WordPress user registration plugins

WordPress event registration plugin, user registration
Best WordPress user registration plugins

There are many plugins in WordPress. But, among the pool of options finding the best one for your website may be time-consuming. So, we have carefully reviewed the best WordPress user registration plugins for your convenience. Here a quick list of the 12 best registration form plugin’s.

  1. WP Fluent Forms
  2. WPForms
  3. User Registration
  4. Ultimate Member
  5. Profile Builder
  6. WP User Frontend
  7. Ninja Forms
  8. Easy Registration Forms
  9. RegistrationMagic
  10. Formidable Forms
  11. ProfilePress
  12. Pie Register

Now, let’s see the detailed discussion on each plugin.

WP Fluent Forms

WordPress user registration plugin, WordPress event registration plugin

WP Fluent Forms is a powerful WordPress form builder plugin. You can install it free from the WordPress directory. Using the plugin, you can create any kind of form for your website named, contact forms, subscription forms, sign-in forms, registration forms, etc. An excellent upside is that if you use or buy the plugin, you don’t need to pay for any extra addons or integrations or other plugins for your site. WP Fluent Forms is also GDPR friendly so the security of your website is ensured. You will quickly understand the interface of the plugin because it’s very amicable to cope. Some core features of the tool are:


  • Drag and drop
  • 60+ Pre-built templates
  • Conditional logic
  • SMS notification
  • Email notification
  • File and image uploads
  • Supports reCAPTCHA
  • Advanced calculation
  • 15+ integration of third-parties

You can use the plugin for your WordPress user registration form. Additionally, WP Fluent Forms pro is integrated with many more addons like Zapier, CampaignMonitor, ConstantContact, Trello, Hubspot, iContact, SendinBlue, Active Campaign, etc. In version 3.0.0, you will get an exciting feature that no other plugin has that is the data visualization tool. Besides, the plugin is updating its features every two or three months. They have updated the tool recently and came up with a new version 3.5.1. 


Compared to other plugins in the market, WP Fluent Forms is very cost-effective. You can install it free from WordPress, but if you want to move on to the premium features, then you can buy it. You can buy it for $49 for a single site license. For five site licenses, you need to pay $89 yearly. Last but not the least, the Unlimited lifetime site licenses come in the package of $399.


WPForms plugin

WPForms is one of the top-rated WordPress form builder plugins. It’s an excellent tool that lets you create different types of forms on your website. Moreover, its pre-built templates make it easier for you to personalize your form. The amazing fact about the plugin is it allows users to design registration forms for their site in a few clicks. Let’s find out about some main features of the plugin. 


  • Drag and drop 
  • Pre-built templates
  • Instant notifications
  • Conditional logic
  • Spam protection

Your users can easily make their payments of registration through the WPForms. The tool makes it easy to embed posts and integrate with other plugins, such as email marketing services and payment options.


WPForms offers four pricing bundles to its users. Price starts from $79-$599 for the Basic, Plus, Pro, and Elite plans. The basic and the Plus version is available at $79 and $199 yearly, respectively. The only difference is that the basic plan gives a single site license, plus permits the use of three sites. The other two, the Pro and the Elite bundles charge $399 (five sites) and $599 (unlimited sites) yearly, respectively. 

User Registration

user registration form

User Registration plugin lets you create a simple, yet successful, fronted registration component. It’s a registration plugin of WPEverest. The drag and drop builder enhances your design process and removes the need for the complicated coding system. This is one of the best lightweight user registration form plugins, and most of the features are bundled into the free plugin. Let’s see some core features of the plugin.


  • Drag and drop
  • Unlimited registration forms
  • Multiple columns
  • Supports shortcode
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Email notifications
  • Image upload
  • Export CSV data
  • Translation

The free version of the plugin is suitable for any business. However, if you want advanced addons like invite codes, LearnDash support, field visibility, and more, you have to switch to the premium version. Let’s see the pricing policy of the plugin. 


If you want to buy a one year license with one-year premium support, then you can try the personal package at $99. The Plus bundle will cost you $199 yearly for five site licenses. Some premium addons with unlimited site licenses are available in the professional package deal. You have to pay $299 annually from your pocket for that.

Ultimate Member

plugin, user registration tool

The Ultimate Member WordPress plugin contains a high download rate and excellent ratings. It offers to make frontend user profiles, registration forms, and providing login options. The drag and drop option helps to improve the user experience in designing the form. You can customize your fields as you want the custom form fields. 

The basic plugin is free and comes with amazing features, such as user account pages, conditional logic, and member directories. Beginners and small business owners can operate smoothly with the free version of the tool. Users can upgrade their plugin by paying for individual extensions. If they want, clients can buy all of the extensions with a year’s license. Let’s see some core features of the WordPress user registration plugin. 


  • Front-end user registration
  • Custom form fields
  • Drag and drop
  • Conditional logic
  • Content restriction
  • Upload photos
  • Instagram integration
  • Real-time notifications
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Mailchimp

Additionally, the tool also lets you add the rate and review system for your users, so that they can rate or review each other by a five-star review/rating system. Using the plugin permits your users to log in to your site via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Let’s find out the pricing policy of the user registration form plugin.


The extensions for the tool vary in cost, but the maximum from them costs $40 for one site. The Extension Pass comes with all the present and future extensions, and unlimited licenses at $249 per year. If you get the (Extension + Theme) pass, which comes with all the features of the Extension Pass package and unlimited member theme, you’ll be paying $299 yearly.

Profile Builder

registration form builder

Also known as the User Registration and User Profile, the Profile Builder plugin comes compact with all user registration and profile manager for WordPress. Its free version comes with a long list of free features, such as drag and drop builder, and a module for creating a custom user login widget. Some main features of the plugin are:


  • Drag and drop
  • Email notification
  • Supports shortcode
  • reCAPTCHA 
  • Content restriction
  • Conditional fields
  • Custom CSS
  • Multiple registrations forms

Like all other significant registration plugins, Profile Builder looks fantastic on the frontend and backend. The conditional logic of the WordPress user registration form plugin ensures the complete customization of the fields. Furthermore, importing and exporting helps in managing users in a more organized way.


You can get the premium version of the plugin in two excellent bundles. One is the Hobbyist, which comes with one site license, and costs $69 yearly. Another one is the Pro Version. You can upgrade to this package by paying $149 per year and get unlimited site licenses.

WP User Frontend


WP User Frontend is a versatile, multi-functional WordPress user registration form plugin. The tool offers way beyond creating simple registration forms. You can use it for making content submission forms, subscriptions, frontend user profiles, memberships, and many more. Sometimes you can create various elements and sections to add your website only by one component of it. Some core features of the plugin are given below.


  • Drag and drop
  • Upload files
  • Frontend profile update
  • Use shortcodes
  • Supports custom posts
  • Advanced custom fields integration

Nowadays, know the programming is not necessary to build your desired form. The drag and drop feature of the plugin allows everyone to craft a customized registration form. Once you have made the form, you can share it on your page through shortcodes. 


WP User Frontend comes with three incredible bundles for its users. The first one is the personal package, which provides two premium modules, and one site license only at $49 yearly, including other features. The professional bundle costs $89 annually for 13 premium modules and five sites license. Finally, the business bundle comes with 18 premium modules and 15 site licenses for $159 yearly. 

Ninja Forms

Form builder, plugin

Ninja Forms is a straightforward and flexible online form builder. Beginners can use this smoothly. The plugin comes with more dynamic features, which make the form builder better than most others. You can create your WordPress registration form easily with Ninja Forms. Though the tool doesn’t support conditional logic, you can add essential fields by using addons. Let’s have a look at its features.


  • 40+ add-ons
  • 16+ language translated
  • Easy payment method
  • Spam protection
  • Endless form submissions

Ninja Forms is also a GDPR compliance plugin. Using the tool lets you personalize any kind forms easily with these outstanding features. Additionally, varieties of extensions in the plugin makes things easier for you.


The plugin is free in the WordPress directory. If you want 40 more extensions, the price range is within $29-$129. Committed bundle prices start from $99 and go up to$499.

Easy Registration Forms

WordPress user registration

If we talk about the user interface of the WordPress user registration plugins, the developers are competing to make the interfaces as intuitive as possible. Easy Registration Forms plugin is one of them. The tool comes with a handful of shortcodes and drag and drops options for making a registration form smoothly. The unique thing about the plugin is it is not only a registration form builder plugin but also a contact form plugin as well. Have a look at the features of the plugin.


  • Drag and drop
  • Unlimited user registration forms
  • Create registration and contact forms
  • Multi-column layout
  • User registration notification
  • reCAPTCHA configuration

Most of the primary features are given to users for free. For example, the plugin provides all the standard fields, and you can create your membership plans without paying for any addon. The Easy Registration Forms plugin lets you create forms perfectly matching the design in your mind. Besides, companies can take advantage of the packages of the plugin that come with amazing features at a minimum cost. 


You can buy eight different addons for the plugin from $20 to $80. Some of them include Paypal integration, submission importer, and submission views. The plugin comes with three different packages named Personal, Professional, and Business and costs $59, $119, and $189 respectively. 


WordPress event registration plugin

RegistrationMagic offers powerful registration tools to have complete control over how user registrations are done and how you manage them. The vital part of the plugin is that it permits you to create multiple registration pages for distinct users. This way, users could see alternative fields for them compared to others.

The plugin provides a wide variety of features, such as you can accept files from users through your registration form. You can even collect payments from new users. Every registration is monitored on the dashboard. Furthermore, you will be able to work with visual form builders rather than messing with code. RegistrationMagic gives autoresponders for notifying users, and its Mailchimp registration can help you create your email list. Let’s see some essential features of the user registration form plugin.


  • User registration forms manager
  • Unlimited registration forms
  • Supports shortcode
  • Multiple layouts
  • Supports reCAPTCHA
  • Email notification
  • Payment integrations

The free plugin comes with features that are sufficient for any business. The tool also includes extensions like the export/import, magic popup, and visual form editor extensions.


The premium plan of the tool starts at $89 for one site license. It includes features like a token system, manual approvals, PDF branding, and other unique functionalities. If you want the license for unlimited sites, then you need to buy the Premium+ package that will cost $189.

Formidable Forms

form builder, WordPress tool

Once you use the right tools, building a WordPress user registration form is not to be a big deal for you. Formidable Forms is an elegant and straightforward plugin in the WordPress directory. Anyone can set up a user registration form with the tool. The plugin is also considered among the popular form builder plugins in the WordPress community. You can create responsive contact forms with Formidable Forms. Let’s look at some excellent features of the plugin.


  • Drag and drop
  • Visual styler
  • Email notifications
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Multi-step forms
  • Conditional logic
  • PayPal and Stripe integration

Last but not least, Formidable Forms is so responsive that you don’t need to do any hitch on both handheld and desktop devices. On top of that, the plugin will not slow down your website performance.


Formidable Forms comes in three yearly plans. Packages are known as the Basic, Business, and Elite. The Basic plan will cost $149 yearly for one site license. If you want Zapier and Paypal integration, then you need to buy the Business plan which will cost you $299 annually. Lastly, for Elite support, you have to pay $599 yearly.


WordPress user registration

ProfilePress offers tools for frontend logins and user registration. The plugin goes along with any WordPress theme smoothly. But the catch is you must know how to code with HTML and CSS to set up a professional-looking form. It is also said that the developers of the tool also sell form themes that provide commonly used fields so that you can get away with not knowing how to code. Let’s see some features of the plugin.


  • Unlimited frontend login forms
  • Unlimited WordPress registration forms
  • Ajax-based
  • Multi-step forms
  • Customize email
  • Mailchimp, Akismet integration
  • Email notification

Though the plugin is full of features, you have to buy the addons to get the functions every time. Themes of the plugin look clean and modern, but they are mostly listed at high prices, such as $599. Well, users usually don’t feel inclined to spend that much money on features that are available in other plugins. There are also less expensive packages of this tool. So, let’s check the pricing of the bundles.


ProfilePress comes with four packages named Personal, Business, Developer, and the Ultimate bundle. Among them, the developer bundle is most popular. It costs $199 per year and gives license for unlimited sites. Other packs are charging $69, $99, and $599 respectively for personal, business, and ultimate bundles. The personal package gives a single site license, business one offers three sites license, and the ultimate provides an unlimited license for its users.

Pie Register

WP Forms plugin

Pie Register is a WordPress user registration plugin that will help you to add registration forms on your website easily. You will get some excellent functionalities in this plugin, such as membership fees, two-step authentication, block users, and role-based redirection. All of these attributes can be useful for your registration form. Let’s see some more features of the tool.


  • Drag and drop
  • Supports shortcode
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Email notification
  • Conditional logic
  • PayPal standard

The drag and drop interface of the plugin makes it very easy to customize the fields of your registration form. Furthermore, Pie Register has an invitation-only registration feature, that lets users register, only if you send them an invitation.


Pie Register has only two plans for its users. One is the Advanced package that costs $34.99 yearly for one site license. Another one is the Professional bundle, for which you have to pay $59.99 annually for one site license. The difference between the two packages is that they vary in integrations and add-ons.

Select the best WordPress user registration plugin for your site

WordPress user registration
Choose the best WordPress user registration tool for your website

Well, choosing the best one is tough. Here I have tried to recommend some plugins from the twelve WordPress user registration form plugins.

  1. WP Fluent Forms: WP Fluent Forms is a very cost-effective plugin for creating any kind of form on your website. So, you can consider the tool a wholesome solution for your website.
  2. User Registration: This one is great if you want to create simple forms for your website.
  3. Ultimate Member: You can use Ultimate Member if you want unique addons and options for extendability.
  4. Registration Magic: Deal with this for the best all-around user registration form solution.
  5. ProfilPress: ProfilePress is a perfect solution for developers who want to add their registration forms with coding.

Now, grab the suitable one for your website. Are you thinking how a WordPress user registration plugin will help in my business? Well, let’s discuss that too.

How does a WordPress user registration plugin help?

user registration form
Benefits of using user registration plugins

Well, a user registration form plugin can help you in many ways. We would like to discuss three significant benefits of using a registration plugin on your website. Let’s dive in!

  1. Engaging registration forms help to expand your email list: WordPress user registration form helps you to attract your visitors so visitors are likely to subscribe. This will let you grow your email list, and you can contact users quickly via email. You can send any promotional content, the update of products, and discount offers, etc. anytime to your subscribed users. 
  1. A perfect way to control new users: With the help of a registration plugin, you can properly allocate the users on your site. Users can give any added information by creating custom fields to your form. But the default WordPress registration forms just let you collect the usernames and emails. Besides, registration of a WordPress event registration plugin makes the registration process secure as you can add the verification links to the forms, such as reCAPTCHA.
  1. Suitable for guest blogging: A user registration form plugin can help you a great deal in terms of accepting guest posts on your WordPress website. If you enable the role of “Contributor,” it will allow users to create posts on their own and submit them. 

Wrapping Up

We have carefully picked these plugins from a vast collection of WordPress user registration form plugins. We hope you can choose a plugin from the list that will cater to the needs of your web page. In case, you have already used any of the tools from our list, you now have more detailed information about that. 

1 new NT BG

WP Fluent Forms Pro

The Fastest WordPress Form Builder Now Comes With Stripe & PayPal Payment Features

Well, all these plugins do an excellent job in terms of creating your WordPress registration form. If we had to choose from the list above, then we will probably consider the WP Fluent Forms or the Registration Magic. WP Fluent Forms is a cost-effective plugin with all solutions that are needed for a website. On the other hand, Registration Magic offers addons and extensions at a lower price.

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