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12 Features You Must Consider For Having a Proper Blog Site

  • Contemporary design pattern
  • Dynamic presentation
  • Typography
  • Easy navigation
  • Email subscription
  • Social media involvement
  • Numerous posting formats
  • Commenting option
  • Security
proper blog site features wpmanageninja

From my experience, I can tell you, it’s too tough, almost impossible to succeed in internet marketing without having a solid amount of content. The blog can be a great source of quality content.

The blog can act as a funnel that plays an important role in making a conversion. But to have a perfect blog, you need to focus on some important aspects that can make your content more impressive and creative, creating a legit platform.

The prime concern of a blog is usually to have as many visitors as possible. This is not so easy to create such flow through blogs as it’s a challenge. Besides having quality content, there are few things that add value to a blog site.

Though your blog is full of rich content, it’s not always possible to grab visitors’ attention if not presented in a proper way. Hence, comes the subject of appearance as it is correlated with the looks and functionalities of your blog which can ultimately turn your visitors into a productive client.

In this case, WordPress is truly synonymous to blog. Alongside WordPress is being widely used for building websites of all categories. This is pretty cool to have such wonderful versatility of WordPress.

Must-have features of a blog site

Now, I am going to demonstrate the 12 important features of a blog that a platform must-have for gaining a rich amount of audience. You could have your own choice but there are some crucial aspects you must assure on your site. Before jumping into details, let’s have an overview of the must-have features of a blog site must ensure:

  1. Contemporary Design Pattern
  2. Dynamic Presentation
  3. Typography
  4. Easy Navigation
  5. Email Subscription
  6. Social Media Involvement
  7. Numerous Posting Formats
  8. Structural Design
  9. Commenting Option
  10. Security
  11. SEO
  12. Anti-Spamming

Now, let’s jump into the detailed discussion.

Contemporary design pattern

You have tons of information and tools on your site. But the thing is, how easily these resources can reach the target audience when they search for anything on your site will define your success rate. A contemporary blog design must be user-friendly in nature across all the pages. The design which demonstrates the most amount of resources at a glance seems more likely to increase the traffic on the site.

Dynamic presentation

A blog page should be dynamic in type. Here being dynamic represents the interactiveness. The prime aim of a blog is to grab attention by making the visitors more engaged. Hence, the blog page does need that type of presentation which should be dynamic by nature. Blogs are not static like websites are, rather it should be dynamic.


Fonts are the primary building blocks of website contents. Choosing the right fonts for blogs is a crucial issue. The main aim of the blogs is to display the contents to the visitors and appropriate fonts can make them look lucrative and professional to its visitors. Here typography works for sticking the visitors to your website.

Make your blog site really resourceful by creating rich content and make them navigate easily through the friendly navigation bar. In this case, highly rich navigable menus are a must on your site.

Email subscription

Email is one of the major parts of marketing. On your blog site, you must have an option for an Email Subscription. Email address collection makes marketing much easier, ensures recurring visitors, and directly increase your brand authority and impact on the market.

According to statistics, maximum conversion happens through mail marketing. So every blog site should have a subscription option for collecting email addresses.

Social media involvement

Today’s world is the world of the internet and social media. And to a whole lot of people, SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE INTERNET! In 2017, statistics from TechnologyReview revealed that on average, people spend 205 minutes daily on the internet, and 135 minutes (65% of the time) is spent on social media on average.

Most of the blogs nowadays link to social media platforms and have their appearance on different social networks. This involvement with social media makes blogs more engaging that eases traffic entry into the conversion funnel.

Numerous posting formats

Posting is the way of publishing the blog on the website. In your blog site let the posting format more versatile. It shouldn’t be limited to a specific format, rather you can have different posting options like video posting and image posting. Having video and image contents on your blog posts add more value to your site. Content with only simple text could be the boring thing to the visitors.

You can have links and different quotes for making the blog more efficient. So make sure that your blog design allows posting in multiple formats for achieving a better output.

Structured design

Make an efficient structural design that makes your blogs more impactful to the audience. You just put the article into the given shape, then everything will be ok with the structured pattern. Make sure that your blog bears such a structure that fits a standard level of satisfaction. Usually, a good structural design helps make users culminate into conversion more efficiently.

Commenting option

By default, WordPress has a single commenting option for its users. But you can set your blog site with multiple commenting options. You can deploy social network commenting into WordPress as well to make the engagements smoother.


Your blog site should be secured. Along with the help of some plugins like Sucuri and Wordfence, there are some manual techniques to secure your blog site from different kinds of threats. You can also have a spam protection facility for your blog. In this case, you can use the Akismet anti-spam plugin. So make sure that your site is totally free of threats and spamming.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

This is the most crucial and effective element for all types of articles and blogs. This is the key thing you must do to get targeted traffic. This is the technical ability that will make your website rank higher at the top of the search engine result pages. For your blog page, you have lots of option to make your site SEO friendly. In this case, you can use a WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO or All in one SEO to optimize your web pages.


Every blog should have an anti-spamming facility. As a blog owner, it’s very usual to have spam anytime, so you can protect your blog site using some anti-spamming plugins in your site like Akismet, Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk and so on. Most of these spammers are automated spamming bots.

Bonus: Instructional

A blog site contains necessary instructions for its users which ensures the user-friendliness of a site. In addition to this if it’s possible then make sure to have a forum for your blog site. It makes the users more engaged and involved in different discussions and queries.

In conclusion, I would say that for having a beautiful blog site, you must have these above-mentioned features on your site to create the best impact. I hope this article helped you much that fills your specific criterion regarding creating a blog site.

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