Living through 2021 has been eventful indeed. We’re witnessing new stuff every day, and the audience keeps changing their content preferences. The marketing world is almost ruled by videos now! You can see different types of video marketing on every social media platform, created and distributed by brands, companies, or individuals.

Audience switching to a specific form of content and changing content marketing is nothing new. Since the pandemic and lockdown restrictions, people were bound to stay indoors.

However, it’s not even because of the pandemic that the audience started to prefer videos more. Video content usage has been on an upward trajectory for the past decade.

audience prefer video content more
Image: Statista 2021 (Data from the US only)

We clearly have some facts to discuss here.

What is video marketing?

If you have checked out the 1st part of our “Video Marketing” article series, you already know the strategies, statistics, and benefits. We did explain the definition of video marketing briefly. But in a broader sense, this wing of marketing is huge!

Movies or TV shows releasing trailers, brands dropping teasers of a new product, or a social media influencer posting videos are simple forms of video marketing.

Likewise, using videos to promote or market a product or business is video marketing. These videos can be on social media, YouTube, TV advertisements, or even digital billboards.

As of now, every self-aware brand has a social media profile. The same can be said about almost all the people exploring the internet. It’s one of the easiest forms of marketing to reach a bigger audience.

Video marketing survey 2021

This statistic from Wyzowl shows how 86% of brands and businesses use videos as a marketing tool in 2021. Looking at this steady growth for the past few years, it’s safe to say that the percentage will be even higher in 2022.

What are the types of video marketing?

You don’t need any high-tech equipment to create a good quality video. All you need is really good content that sells itself and a good smartphone. Depending on your business, you can create several types of videos for marketing.

What kind of videos are used for marketing purposes?

If you Google “types of marketing videos”, the results will swarm your screen!

To make things easier for you, we have a shortlist of types of video marketing you can try as a newbie.

Demo or tutorials

A brand with physical products can make short videos on how their products look or how to use them. Demo videos are nothing like promotional videos because these sorts of videos explain the features, looks, or benefits more.

This specific type of video marketing is helpful for those who are already far inside the buying cycle and are considering the purchase.

Here’s a short and cute animated product demo video by Headspace.

The best part here is the bite-size length and the colorful animations! A simple video explained how the app works.

Demo or tutorials can also be a product unboxing video for a physical product. You can find multiple channels on YouTube that unbox and test brand-new gadgets.


A blogger writes, and a vlogger records! It’s almost 2022, and the audience is mostly moved by video clips rather than a piece of writing. So, vlogging is the best possible way to garner attention.

Vloggers film their daily life or record their special occasions to show them to their viewers. At this point, vlogging isn’t restricted to YouTube uploads. You can upload the vlogs describing how your day went on any social media platform.

It doesn’t have to be a “day in the life” video. Instead, it can be by a food vlogger who reviews food from restaurants or streetside.

Rosanna Pansino uploads a new food-related video every week, and currently, she has 13m subscribers!

And if you think it’s only adults who are pro in this stuff, you need to check out Ryan’s World, or even better, KOBE EATS!

Interviews and educational videos

If you’re a brand, you can interview experts from your niche. Interview clips are more or less like influencer marketing.

Suppose your company manufactures skincare products. You can interview skincare experts and let the world know why your products are the best.

And if you’re starting as a founder of the brand, upload an interview video explaining company principles, quality, ingredients, etc.

Educational or DIY videos are one of the most popular video types of this decade. Students learn their respective courses within a 15-20min video! Likewise, cooking videos are educational too.

AsapScience explains all sorts of science-related stuff.

Animation or explainer

Pretty sure you have watched at least one 2D animation video on Facebook or Instagram. Most pages create short animations as advertisements for their product or services. These animated clips are called “Explainer” videos.

“Meet Bob.” sorts of clips explain virtual products or tell a motivational story.

But explainer videos can also be made using real people or timelapse. TripCase Travel App captivated viewers by getting to the point right from the start. The narrator definitely deserves some claps here.

Going live

Marketing techniques keep changing, and live streams have already upped the game for many. Right now, every social media platform has a “Live” option, including YouTube. So video content creators can use any platform to be all over out there.

The most useful part of social media livestreams is that you can reach your target audience easily. And for brands that are endorsed by celebrities, going live with the celebrity can gain a lot of attention on social media.

“Live From the Office Party!”- such live streams can definitely solidify the presence of your company. People will know you have fun, and whatever product or service you offer must be exciting!

Artists use the live feature on social media to show how they’re working on their art projects. Interested people or followers gather to watch and learn.


As we have mentioned earlier, movies use teasers or trailers as video promotion. The same can happen with a product-based company. It helps create hype, and interested viewers can keep following to see what comes next.

Product teasers or pre-launch campaigns reveal only a small fact or feature, but enough to draw attention.

Google Calendar teaser came out 7 years ago, but it’s still a good example. This teaser explains the app’s motive in short and teases the viewers about its advanced features.

User-generated (UGC)

Now here you can actually get your users to speak for you! GoPro contests are the best example of it.

It’s not always influencers you need to spread the word about your brand. Your general loyal customers are what you need to treasure!

Fabio Wibmer captured his crazy bike ride video with his GoPro and won the “GoPro of the World Challenge”.

Apart from what Wibmer won from this challenge, GoPro acquired priceless brand recognition value as a company.

If you have customers using your products and doing fun activities, get them intrigued to film it and send it to you.


Take the viewers for a journey with 360° videos. They can pan around using the touchscreen or mouse.

National Geographic is the perfect example of that. Click the play button and touch or click to move around and see lion cub Gibson and his mother’s struggles.

And if you love space, BBC Earth has the total solar eclipse captured for you as 360 VR.

Witness how it happens right from space!

Digital billboards

It’s only natural for billboard ads to turn digital in 2021! Brands can rent digital billboards to show videos of their products, employee interviews, endorser or expert remarks, and tutorials too.

Thanks to the huge technological advancement, we can also see the billboards using 3D animation videos!

This one is for cat lovers.

What are mistaken as marketing video types?

Just because something has a video in it, it’s not a type of video marketing. The following are what people often mistake as a video type.

  • Social media: It’s where you view a marketing video
  • Television: You watch a TV advertisement here
  • Viral videos: It’s just an outcome based on popularity
  • Smartphone/mobile: These are devices that brands may or may not target
  • Length of the video: It’s only the video duration and can’t determine the type

What makes a video successful?

You may have awesome video content to share, or at least that’s what you believe. Video marketing can only be a success as long as it satisfies the viewers in all aspects.

Just because social media users are spending a considerable chunk of their time watching clips on the platforms doesn’t mean the marketing is working.

So, what makes an effective marketing video?

  • An exciting title! The title can be funny, punny, or to the point
  • The videography, voice-over, or the topic itself should be interesting enough to watch
  • Just the right length that keeps the viewers engaged
  • Full focus on story-telling
  • Responsiveness for all devices
  • SEO-optimized
  • Educational video content that doesn’t get boring
  • UGC
  • Behind the scenes

There’s a lot more stuff that goes on for video content to be successful. You can check our blog on Strategies, Statistics & Benefits of Video Marketing.


Going viral or having millions of views doesn’t necessarily mean the video is good. Similarly, the different types of videos need different measurements of success.

Here we made a concise list explaining 9 types of video marketing that have real-life examples.

In short-

  • You can make a tutorial video to show how the product works
  • Create an animation to explain something
  • Post product teasers
  • Get video content from users (their experience, stories, testimonials, or requests)
  • Interview an expert and more!

Blogs or images are as attractive as they are, but videos make the audience more intrigued. Plus it’s fun to watch a short and catchy video clip that benefits the viewer and creator both. And as we’re heading into 2022, the demand for videos will just keep increasing.

The bottom line is, if you’re not creating video content, you are missing out on a lot!

That’s all for today. We’ll be back with some video marketing examples next. Keep up with us!

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