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  • WP Social Ninja platforms and features
  • LTD overview
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Unmissable WP Social Ninja lifetime deal

It’s here! The WPManageNinja team proudly presents another unmissable plugin with an amazing discount deal. The WP Social Ninja lifetime deal is the hottest topic in WordPress right now and it’s officially up for grabs!

Ninjas are giving you the most lightweight and compact social plugin, a solution to manage user reviews, social feeds, and chat on your WordPress websites. A lifetime solution to all your social media marketing needs!

WP Social Ninja Pro lets you integrate all of these automatically. If you want your audience to trust your website, it’s the one social media tool you need. And we are offering a LIFETIME DEAL with all the features!

From collecting reviews to social chat, this plugin has everything you need to establish your business and website as relevant and trustworthy. You can sign up for the lifetime deal right now and see how it works.

No worries. We got all the spicy facts you should know.

Hold on tight for this ride!

What to look for in a social media plugin

Social media presence leaves a massive impact on a business, brand, or company. It’s not just about tweeting or posting about your products from time to time. You need something more.

And as for WordPress businesses, there’s a whole line-up of plugins dedicated to different social media aspects. For example, social feed wordpress plugin, Facebook reviews WordPress plugin, WP business reviews plugin, WP customer reviews plugin, etc.

Clearly, you can’t cram your dashboard with so many plugins! Why not just get the perfect one that comes with everything?

Here’s what the plugin should be like.

  • Customizable
  • Stylish and user-friendly layout
  • Secure
  • SEO-optimized
  • Multiple third-party integrations
  • Color palettes
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Hands-on support team

WordPress plugins for social media work like magic in terms of convenience and building trust.

If you want to make the best of your social media marketing efforts without slowing down your WordPress website, WP Social Ninja is the ultimate solution for you. So grabbing the lifetime deal is only the smartest thing to do right now!

Keep reading to see all of its features and the LTD details. 

WP Social Ninja platforms and features

Here’s why we call this plugin an all-rounder.

Including three basic platforms, this plugin literally adds all the stuff your WordPress business can thrive with. It’s currently the most efficient social media tool and the users can’t get enough of it!

No need to install three different tools for three different purposes. Bring the reviews, feeds, and chats using one plugin only!


WP Social Ninja platforms

Try roaming around the Platforms menu first and see all those you’ll be getting.

Social Reviews

This is where you get to showcase the social proofs on your website. If the proofs or testimonials are visible to the audience, you can build trust.

Social Feeds

Fetch multiple social media feeds directly and display them on your website. As of now, WP Social Ninja integration works with Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram feeds. More platforms will join soon, including Facebook!

best social media tool in WordPress

Social Chat

Chat widgets are a must for WordPress websites these days!

WP Social Ninja lets you interact with your customers and provide their needs right on time.

Look at all these channels!

social chat plugin

Displaying social media feed in real-time on your website, bringing social proofs and reviews from multiple sources, and staying connected to customers using 14+ chat widgets- This is what WP Social Ninja can do for you without making you install any other plugin!

The WP Social Ninja lifetime deal sounds more appealing now, doesn’t it?


Apart from having social reviews, social feeds. and social chat, WP Social Ninja includes more enticing features you can’t miss.

Now, let’s see what the best WordPress social media plugin offers.

  • Easy configuration with social sites
  • Header & pagination settings
  • Multiple feeds and user accounts
  • Customize ratings
  • Show or hide posts with search terms or hashtags
  • Control the visibility of reviewer identity
  • Third-party integration
  • Styling options and templates
  • Color customization
  • Shortcode
  • SEO-friendly
  • Premium support
  • Realtime review and feeds sync
  • Frontend customization
  • Social chat on any page
  • Time schedule
  • Show online/offline
  • All page builders & WordPress themes supported
  • API integration
  • Advanced settings
  • Custom CSS and more!

WP Social Ninja lifetime deal (LTD) overview

Now that you have seen what this plugin offers, how about checking out the WP Social Ninja LTD?

Single siteAgencyUnlimited
1 site20 sitesUnlimited sites
Lifetime Plugin UpdateLifetime Plugin UpdateLifetime Plugin Update
Lifetime Priority SupportLifetime Priority SupportLifetime Priority Support
All Features IncludedAll Features IncludedAll Features Included

Most social media plugins only work for a specific feature. It’s hard to find one plugin that comes with reviews, feeds, and chats options at the same time!

Thanks to WP Social Ninja, you’ll get all of it at a reasonable price. It’s an all-in-one plugin with multiple facilities and is currently up for grabs at 50% off.

As the first launch of 2021 by WPManageNinja, it definitely has the best of the team effort!

Now, here’s a warning!

This LTD is only available till 7th October 2021!

So, hurry up before it ends.


It all comes down to one thing- WP Social Ninja is the only plugin you will need for your WordPress website as a social media tool.

We aren’t even exaggerating since the pricing and the features are literally an unbeatable combination that there never was before!

Sign up for the WP Social Ninja lifetime deal (LTD) as soon as you can and see your business fly high with better traffic, engagement, and sales!

This plugin has 26+ platforms, is user-friendly, and saves you time, money, and effort. So, download WP Social Ninja Pro and boost your website.

The clock is ticking! Make sure to grab the LTD while it’s still available.

Here’s the documentation you can have a go at.

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