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Top 7 video marketing examples

You are either doing marketing the right way, or you’re not! And the right way includes video marketing along with so many other important ways. But how do you know what works? To clear your confusion, we have some successful video marketing examples here.

No matter the size of your business or the niche, using videos is the smartest thing to do in this digital world.

Your customers are all stuck to their phone screens all the time, sometimes regardless of their age or interest. Besides, the pandemic has made everyone more dependent on social media. Videos were the best way to garner attention from people of all ages, races, and professions.

Here’s a quick look at the topics we’ll discuss today-

Obviously, marketing videos can be on social media, digital billboards, or even on television. But here, we will be discussing the most successful ones in their respective market.

During the pandemic, 91% of marketers realized the importance of videos in marketing, and 96% of consumers agreed that they had watched more videos than before. (Wyzowl)

This list of video marketing trends could go on once we start. But here’s a handful of unique ones-

  • Live streaming became more popular than it already was.
  • Bitesize videos started taking the spotlight because the audience’s attention span kept decreasing.
  • UGC or user-generated content gets customers or followers involved. Visitors in eCommerce sites purchase 184% more because of UGC.
  • Educational or DIY clips are more popular on social media. Cooking, home workouts, or how-to, etc.
  • Interactive videos or AR/VR market is projected to hit nearly 6 times more in billions of dollars by 2024!
  • Shoppable videos are another part of interactive videos where shoppers can simply click on the product in the video and get redirected to the online shop’s landing page.
  • Vlogging isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

All video production trends of 2021 will only keep gaining popularity in 2022. We may even witness some new trends.

Video marketing examples and success so far

It’s already telling how videos help increase brand awareness, social media presence and strengthen relationships with users or customers.

Our previous two articles on video marketing mentioned the video marketing strategies (part 1) and 9 types of videos that actually work (part 2).

In part 3 here, the last part of this series, we have brought some video marketing examples-

It won’t take much time to understand these if you have already checked out the previous parts.

So, let’s see how videos were being successful and what they did right.

Dollar Shave Club

Humor in video marketing or advertising is essential. And to be honest, nobody wants to watch a video that doesn’t make them laugh, think, or feel something.

Even a video of a sleeping kitten or puppy could go viral just because it’s cute! Bottom line is, the video must have something to draw the viewers’ interest.

And what’s more interesting than tongue-in-cheek humor in this decade? This is what Dollar Shave Club did.

This video is almost 10 years old now, but it’s still just as fun. The company brilliantly used humor to explain why a shaving razor should only cost a dollar for a monthly supply.

The best thing about this video was that rather than a celebrity or influencer, the founder himself was in it! A sudden appearance of the toddler to explain that the razors are too easy to use, or how you don’t need multiple blades or a back-scratcher in a razor blade was funny and practical.

They spent only $4500 in making it and received 12,000 new orders within 48 hours!

You could say the marketing team of Dollar Shave Club deserved a “raze” for it, right?


Again, using practical references and humor made PooPourri’s advertisement go viral. Plus, the intentional pun on the product name was a great touch!

This company used a gorgeous lady as the narrator, real-life backgrounds and examples, and hit the pain point- The annoying idea of “ladies don’t poop”.

PooPourri is a sprayer to use before using the restroom so that you can get rid of the odor. They also showed how all the other ways to deodorize the toilet are pretty much useless or harmful.

The narrator speaks in a sarcastic tone but also not! It was interesting to watch indeed.

This promotion was a success, but it didn’t stop there!


We don’t have any cute cat video as an example here, but we do have a video of a fireman saving a kitten.

GoPro Hero’s “Be A Hero” campaign was a success, and this fireman is only one of many examples. It’s a user-generated video that GoPro used to set an example and promote their product simultaneously.

Warning: You might need tissues to watch it!

They made sure the kitten survived and kept it warm till it felt better.

If your company produces something that can capture these moments or help make a difference, use your customers to spread it.

Google Android

Yes. We get it. Animals in videos might be more interesting than a video talking about poop!

So, Google Android’s ad “Friends Furever” showcasing unlikely friendships between animals became one of the most shared videos. This video used a soothing vintage song as background music and clips from the wildlife.

A dog and an elephant, an elephant and a lamb, a lion cub and a dog, a tiger and a bear, etc., playing around and cuddling must be the best thing to watch. Is it too obvious that dogs become best friends with everyone ‘cause most pairs have a dog in them!

This ad campaign kept the branding minimal, and the name didn’t appear until the very end. The company’s message “Be together. Not the same.” was conveyed perfectly by showing these animal friendships.


Ice hockey in Africa sounds impossible for obvious reasons. But this Alibaba Olympic ad took an inspirational turn by showing a kid from Kenya dreaming big and wishing to become an ice hockey player.

As you can see by the end, it says, “Alibaba empowers small businesses and young people around the world”.

Consumers love brands that stand up for a cause and spread hopes and positivity. Striking through all the categories that sit well with the audience, aspiring little boy, humble background, struggles, and the journey to success, Alibaba’s “Big dreams start small” message was spread just right!

The eCommerce giant became an even hotter topic after this.


It might sound creepy, but for some reason, people tend to like videos of inanimate objects getting destroyed! And Blendtec blender’s “Will It Blend?” videos are there for that.

This example is the most recent one (2020) we’re showing. But Tom has been blending expensive stuff since long before. This time he blended his podcast microphone in his Blendtec blender.

Tom’s dry humor and the audience’s interest in watching stuff getting blended (Yes, it does sound creepy!) still leaves an impact.

Blendtec blender company shows that their blenders can blend everything. Tom also blended a Stormtrooper figurine last time when Mandalorian season 2 was trending. It was the perfect time to promote the product.


Finally, we have an online organizing tool using the “Product Demo Video” type.

This short clip quickly demonstrates how Airtable helps you keep your projects, ideas, customers, or plans organized as simply as in a spreadsheet.

The animation is attractive, and so is the narration. This video shows multiple use cases in a much easier way.

Benefits, strategies, and types

“Are videos good for marketing?”- If you’re still asking this question now, you haven’t been paying attention to the marketing trends.

Benefits of video marketing

  • Videos can explain products better
  • More ROI
  • Videos on social media sites are watched and shared more
  • People love watching videos than reading
  • It’s good for SEO


From part 1 of this article series-

  • Set goals
  • Know your target audience
  • Get creative
  • Select a story and quality thumbnail
  • SEO & social media
  • Hook them in the first few seconds
  • Collaborate


And from part 2 of the series-

  • Demo or tutorials
  • Vlogs
  • Interviews and educational
  • Animation or explainer
  • Livestream
  • Teasers
  • User-generated videos
  • 360°
  • Digital billboards


Now that we have discussed our top 7 video marketing examples, you must be wondering what about TikTok?

YouTube is obviously the mass platform for videos, but TikTok has been the most popular ever since the pandemic. Likewise, any other social media site can be an example. But it’s all about the message, creation, and success.

Your video on TikTok or Instagram can get millions of likes, shares, or views, but the brands using their unique technique to promote their product or business are different.

For example, Dollar Shave Club really got a boost in their sales after that humorous marketing video! Brands using other platforms can use the same or better ideas as well.

How do businesses use video marketing?- Finding an answer to this question can make you a successful video marketer. Keep looking for ideas from brands and companies that do video marketing the correct way and start yours.

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