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wpDataTables Vs Ninja Tables – Which One Is The Best [A Comparative Study]

Adding and managing a massive count of data is frustrating. So, what do you think can be a solution for that? The easiest way to resolve the issue is to create tables, diagrams, or charts by using a table plugin in WordPress. Here, we will be showing a comparative study of Ninja Tables and wpDataTables by checking out their enticing features and functionalities in detail.

As a vast community widely uses these two plugins, the topic deserves a perfect demonstration so that new users of the table plugin can have a clear understanding while choosing the best-suited one for serving their purposes.

wpDataTables v/s Ninja Tables

If you make a list of table plugins, these two will be at the top! wpDataTables by TMS-Plugins and Ninja Tables by WPManageNinja are two competitors in the table plugin field. Both vary in some features and match in some too.

Which one do you think is dominating the WordPress sites? Let’s just say both because you might still not have a clear perspective.

Trying both plugins at a time can take up quite a considerable chunk of time. So, to make things convenient, we have all that you need to know right here! Compare and contrast now and pick the best table plugin in WordPress.

We are going to cover the points below-

Now let’s go through these parameters one by one. After going through the rest of the article, you’ll easily figure out what table plugin would be the best suited for serving your purposes.

Moreover,  you can also note down some of the alternatives we will add at the end of the article.


Top table plugin in WordPress

wpDataTables and Ninja Tables both come with lite/free and premium versions. The features confirm fantastic UX because all are easy to apply.

  • wpDataTables user-friendliness

The lite wpDataTables is for users who don’t use tables in WordPress often. But if they want to use the extensive collection of features, like adding charts, graphs, MySQL-query, Google Spreadsheet, Server-side processing, Responsive mode, table filter, and etc; the premium models are the best.

You can search for the top 5 WordPress table plugins, this one will definitely be in it.

  • Ninja Tables user-friendliness

Even the free version of the best table plugin comes quite crammed with features! The tables are interactive because of the custom color options, conditional column formatting, WooCommerce integration, Google Sheets, and many more. As a result, creating tables with the Pro version is highly magnetic.

Clearly, a user of both can confirm that Ninja Tables wins here! Check the 10 Best WordPress Table Plugins to Organize Data (Compared) and see where Ninja Tables stands.


Responsive table plugin in WordPress

wpDataTables is a bit behind in the plugin integration game. On the other hand, Ninja Tables comes with the best and the most useful integration for online stores!

  • wpDataTables integrations

It teams up with

-wpBakery Page Builder

-Gravity Forms

-Formidable Forms

-Google Spreadsheet

  • Ninja Tables integrations

This table plugin in WordPress has integration with these following

-Fluent Forms

-WP Posts


-Google Sheets

-External CSV

With WooCommerce integration, Ninja Tables runs ahead again.

Mobile responsiveness

Dynamic table plugin in WordPress

Every table plugin stands out for the responsive layout feature. Let’s see what’s the case here.

  • wpDataTables’s responsiveness

Mobile responsive functionality is only available in the premium version of this plugin. If you are using the basic version, the tables will not provide this feature, and you can’t choose which columns to show on various devices.

  • Ninja Tables responsive

Free and premium, both versions offer an actively responsive layout on any device. You can enable the “Stackable table configuration” mode to display a vast amount of data.

Do we have to spell it out, or can you realize Ninja Tables is the winner here too?

Customizable design

Create tables with table plugin in WordPress

One of the many qualities of a table plugin is the customizable design. While free versions limit customization, the pro models show advanced options.

  • Customizing wpDataTables

In the premium version, you can customize the basic column styling. It includes color picker for every column and conditional column formatting option for highlighting.

  • Customizing Ninja Tables

This table plugin in WordPress has unlimited color options (for Pro) and lets you alter the colors between rows. You can also change the text and background color. The free version has a predefined color palette.

Because of the vast color scheme, Ninja Tables wins once more.


Data tables with table plugin in WordPress

Before making a decision, modern users of the table plugin in WordPress tend to go through the ratings and reviews first. It’s the initial stage where they single out one plugin that has better reviews & ratings.

To have a clear idea about this parameter, you can see the ratings & reviews of wpDataTables and Ninja Tables from WordPress.org. Primarily this will make sense about the quality and authenticity of the plugins.

  • Ratings of wpDataTables

Here’s the rating wpDataTables received from the users.

top table plugin in wordpress
  • Ratings of Ninja Tables

From this average rating underneath, it appears that users are quite satisfied with Ninja Tables.

best table plugin in wordpress

In the review and rating section, it shows that Ninja Tables wins. Let’s have a look at the features now.

Core features comparison: wpDataTables vs Ninja Tables

Quality table plugin in WordPress

As a table plugin in WordPress, each of them is unique. Well, let’s dig into the productive features of the two plugins.

wpDataTables Features

This data table plugin comes with truckload functionalities, and all of those are easy to use in your WordPress site. Similarly, the extensive array of features is always getting regular updates.

So, if you pick it right now, you will get the current version of the plugin. Here’s a list of the basic features of wpDataTables-

  • Responsive Design

No matter what data source you are using (MySQL or Excel), this table creator allows you to choose the data presented in a mobile-friendly manner. You can adjust online tables to a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet.

  • Conditional Formatting

You can change the color, highlight cells or columns as you want in your online tables. This feature is helpful for tables with large data sets so that it gets easier to estimate.

  • Options to create

In the first step, this plugin offers five ways to create a table. You can only create a table with an existing data source with the free version. Buy the full version to use others.

  • wpDataCharts

Create a data chart by wpDataTables to make your site appear more flamboyant and active.

  • Sorting

Ordering the content of your table depends on the types and values of the column you provided. You can sort single or multiple columns and also an individual one.

  • Advanced Filter

Frontend table users can filter the values by an individual column. After enabling the advanced filter option; you can filter text, number, date, time, select, and multi-select box according to your requirements. Also, if you don’t want a user to customize the filter, you can disable filtering for a column.

  • Multiple Database

wpDataTables supports MySQL, MS SQL and PostgreSQL databases too. The recent version of wpDataTables can connect to one or more databases.

  • Row Grouping

While this feature is only available for the non-server-side, it’s helpful for users if a column has the same value for many rows.

  • Pre-filtering and calculating

Create a table and open more than one link by a unique pre-filter value. A particular URL key allows you to do that. Then, you can also calculate the total, maximum, minimum, and average number of data.

  • Layout and Word Wrap

wpDataTables lets you create dynamic tables with the “Word Wrap” option. You can use this feature by clicking on “Limit Table Width”.

  • Horizontal Scroll and Other Tools

Enable the “scrollable” button to set the horizontal scroll bar. You can drag the bar left-right as per your need. CSV, PDF, Excel files export, copying table to the clipboard, and configuring table tools are convenient options for users.

  • Integration with wpBakery Page Builder

wpBakery Page Builder allows inserting tables and charts by wpDataTables on your page.

A WordPress table by wpDataTables also offers some additional features for ensuring users’ comfort. You can select the one you want after you know all the details about Ninja Tables.

Ninja Tables features

Before we get into the depth, here’s a confirmation that it’s by far the best WordPress table plugin! The massive list of features and active installations will tell you that it’s quite user-friendly.

For instance, it has several advanced features for frontend table-styles to make your tables more appealing. All the features of this awesome data table plugin are as follows-

  • SEO Friendly

If your content is SEO friendly, then your business has better chances to grow. In this case, the Ninja Tables plugin helps you out to make your table contents optimized for search engines.

  • Media

Adding images or videos to your tables can make it appear more riveting to users. Ninja Tables allows you to have a bunch of options to add different media files into your online tables.

  • WooCommerce Integration

This is one of the most powerful features of Ninja Tables. You can create a WooCommerce product table and catalog the items easily with this plugin. In this case, the table creation mode will be based on the WooCommerce plugin.

  • Auto-sync and Connect to Google Sheets

If your data is already on Google Sheets, you can show it in a tabular format on your website using Ninja Tables without any hassle!

  • Color Options

Among all the fantastic features of Ninja Tables, the unlimited color option is one of the best options out there. You get to style and customize the color of your table by picking from the “Table Design” tab.

  • Drag and Drop

No need to go above and beyond with coding and stuff! You can drag and drop table columns and rows and arrange them the way you want.

  • Table Styles

Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Semantic UI are advanced styling libraries available for furnishing your online data tables. You can also make tables stackable by turning on the ‘Stackable Table Configuration’ option that will help you to show table data in a stacked/nested way.

  • Connect WP Fluent Forms and WP Posts

By connecting WP Fluent Forms with Ninja Tables, you can organize and display your form entries or submitted data in a tabular format on your website. Moreover, WP Posts integration will let you turn WordPress posts into tables.

  • Custom CSS and JS

Custom CSS can be used to customize your tables, and custom JS allows you to make your tables more functional according to your styles.

  • Row Hover Animation

Hovering over a row will highlight it and direct your eyes to the data you want to focus on. This is how it’s quicker to spot. Using the Ninja Tables plugin, you can make it happen smoothly.

  • Advanced Shortcode Usability

Using advanced shortcode or computed value in table cells is an enhanced feature of the latest version of Ninja Tables. WordPress allows its users to use some predefined shortcodes for serving specific purposes.

  • Text Alignment and Column Width

Set how you want to align your texts in the cell. It may be placed in the center, left, or right. You also can modify (expand or contract) the default column width using Ninja Tables.

  • Conditional Column Formatting

Set conditions and highlight cells according to your requirements. All the columns/rows/cells will be under your control because of this customizable feature. It’s one of the most advanced functionalities unavailable in many WordPress data table plugins.

  • Export-Import

Ninja Tables helps you import or export a table and its values. Frontend table exporting includes CSV, JSON, Print, PDF.

  • Custom Filter and Sorting

Users can use the custom search option that facilitates them to filter the table data in different ways. They can also create filters according to their interests. At the same time, a simple click on the “Sort Manually” option will allow admins to arrange the table manually in the admin panel.

  • VIP Support

Ninja Tables offers efficient and quick customer support to its users. As a result, you can get prompt answers and solutions when you face any problem while using the plugin.

Apart from all those premium features, the Ninja Tables plugin provides us with some additional ones too. It’s the freemium WordPress data table creator, which makes table creation fun and swift! Here’s more-

  • Merging cells feature helps if you want to join multiple small cells into a single large one.
  • Compact table tick-box makes the table data and columns pack together.
  • Unlimited rows and columns feature is a blessing for those who frequently work with a sizable amount of data.
  • Customized permission lets the admin choose the audience and user role.
  • Advanced data sorting.
  • Easy configuration and enhanced styles make a fully functional and dynamic table.

Users & community

table plugin in WordPress responive

In this section, we would like to show authentic reviews from real users from WordPress directory. Here, there is no manipulation or falsification at all.

  • User comments on wpDataTables

Let’s take a look at what the users have to say about wpDataTables.

top table plugin in wordpress

Not everyone is happy since you can see a negative review from this image below. Simultaneously, others are getting good output from this plugin.

ultimate table plugin in wordpress
  • User comments on Ninja Tables

And this is what users can tell you about Ninja Tables. Everyone voted this plugin five-star and if you still have confusion, spend a bit more time to check out their comments. No feature of this WordPress plugin is complicated or troublesome for a new site-owner.

best table plugin in wordpress
responsive table plugin in WordPress
  • Community

Even a billion reviews may not help you unless you have used a plugin yourself. Over 30,000 users are trusting wpDataTables for their commercial and personal business. Moreover, the plugin gets 163 543 total downloads so far.

On the other hand, a walloping 404,374 downloads in total and 40,000+ websites have been using the Ninja Tables so far. Most importantly, still, the number is increasing rapidly.

Documentation & dedicated support

table plugin in WordPress for data tables

If you think you have some other queries that we didn’t cover, feel free to check out wpDataTables documentations. Similarly, click Ninja Tables documentation to roam there.

On a second note, don’t hold back asking questions to the support team of both these plugins!

wpDataTables and Ninja Tables both have highly responsive and dedicated support teams. wpDataTables support team is on-toes anytime for users. The FAQ section is lively and helps with all the questions.

Ninja Tables is one step ahead in this case too. The team is always responsive and ready to answer all your queries. Although, because of the no-sweat and trouble-free directions through their detailed documentation, users don’t need to bother themselves for anything. And even if they need support using this plugin, the support team is ready to provide that both for free and premium users!

Licensing and pricing

wpDataTables table plugin in WordPress

In business, price plays a vital role in assessing any product. It often affects the final purchase decisions of users, depending on the features they are looking for in exchange for that price tags.

Not just that, it is also important for users to make a quick analysis of the comparative RoI (Return of Investment) of the available plugins.

We are giving you the price details of two WordPress table plugins in question! Get the one that’s worthwhile.

Price of wpDataTables

In this part, we’re showing what you will be getting a different price level of wpDataTables. Depending on your business needs and personal preference, go for a suitable one.

  • $59/yr subscription (Basic)

You can get the wpDataTables plugin for a single domain with this pricing plan. It also offers one-year premium support and monthly updates.

  • $109/yr subscription (Pro, best value)

This plan supports three domains with yearly premium support and monthly updates.

  • $249/yr subscription (Developer)

To get wpDataTables for unlimited domains, subscribe to this plan, and get one-year premium support and monthly updates as a bonus.

  • $589/lifetime subscription (Developer, Unlimited)

The lifetime subscription plan allows unlimited domains, lifetime premium support, and monthly updates.

Price of Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables offers cost-effective subscription plans as well as resourceful performance features. You can get more features & functions with fewer expenses and enjoy a one-year update and dedicated VIP support facilities.

  • $49/yr subscription (Single site)

This plan is for a single domain. If you are managing just one website, this one can be the better option for you.

  • $99/yr subscription (Agency)

Choosing this plan, you can deploy Ninja Tables to a maximum of 20 websites. It’s best for freelancers and agencies.

  • $399/lifetime subscription (Unlimited site and lifetime)

With this plan, Ninja Tables offers lifetime license facilities for unlimited domains.

Here you can see how much wpDataTables lifetime license price varies from Ninja Tables lifetime subscription. This difference in price plan puts Ninja Tables way ahead of wpDataTables.

Additional notes

Ninja Tables table plugin in WordPress

We listed a lot of features of wpDataTables and Ninja Tables. Apparently, it seems that the Ninja Tables plugin has more productive and friendlier features than the wpDataTables. You can make any table you want with this freemium table-builder. Data table, pricing table, affiliate, and WooCommerce product table, Comparison table, customer lists, and many more.

  • Ninja Tables plugin only lacks in charts and graphs for now. But they’re working on it and will get there in the upcoming versions.
  • Each of the table plugins has conditional formatting, but Ninja Tables is much easier to keep up with.
  • Again comparably, the Ninja Tables plugin offers the transform value feature which wpDataTables lacks.
  • The custom filter feature is not available in wpDataTables, but Ninja Tables is fluent with that. Users will get the best use of it!
  • Visual table styler by Ninja Tables is another smart feature that wpDataTables doesn’t have.
  • Also, WooCommerce integration in Ninja Tables is an easy-way for online store owners. But wpDataTables still isn’t up for it.

Honorable mentions

Just like we said earlier, here’s a list for table plugin in WordPress you try out if you want a change from Ninja Tables and wpDataTables.

Still in confusion? Hear out what we have to say.

We are positive that we didn’t miss any feature or aspect of wpDataTables and Ninja Tables. So, you have everything in your bag that you want to know about. The extensive features, reviews, and easy-to-use functionalities of both of these plugins are remarkable.

Finally, the decision is yours. You can either pick Ninja Tables as a table plugin in WordPress or try out wpDataTables.

Yet it’s apparent that the one standing out, is without a doubt, Ninja Tables! It’s not just because of the sizable amount of features but also for flexibility. A user can create their tables effortlessly with it and edit concurrently.

For further information on a table plugin in WordPress, scan through our article “WordPress Table Plugin – Our Top 5 Suggestions/Recommendations”. We listed almost all the topmost plugins with details.

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