Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder

  • User-friendliness
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Integrations
  • Customization
  • Core features compared
  • Pricing
Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder

Your WordPress-powered website needs a table plugin to display all kinds of data in an organized way. However, it’s hard to pick one since there are so many! So, we have narrowed it down to two plugins for now. This article is on Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder, and we will present a comparative study of the two.

Of course, our article will cover whatever you need to know. We suggest you get first-hand experience in using Ninja Tables and WP Table Builder right after you’re done navigating this article-

Let’s get to it.

Two top table plugins compared- Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder

With the best table plugin, you can make your website look a lot less messy! Ninja Tables Freemium and WP Table Builder have unique features and are very user-friendly in every way.

If you are keeping up with us, then you must have taken your time for wpDataTables Vs Ninja Tables. We are going with a similar approach this time as well.

So, here’s what we’ll be going through for Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder comparison.

By the end of the article, you will know which one to go for. We will also mention some alternative table plugins so that you can explore a bit more.

1. User-friendliness

No matter whether you’re a new user or already a WordPress buff, these two plugins won’t be any trouble for you! For example, choose either when you just need a basic table or maybe want a fully customized data table.

WP Table Builder user-friendliness

Firstly, it’s a drag and drop table builder plugin and is extremely easy to use! It comes with seven elements on the side menu. From here, you can select the cell’s format- text, image, button, list, star rating, custom HTML, and shortcode.

Each of these elements can be customized further, depending on the kind of table you want. Bloggers, affiliate marketers, startups, and site owners can use this simple table builder to create data tables.

Ninja Tables user-friendliness

Using this plugin, you can get very creative with almost everything! It’s convenient for newbies and also for WordPress nerds. The high volume of key features is easy to use and necessary for tables in your website.

It’s a Freemium plugin, and, of course, the paid version has more features to help you create highly interactive data tables. Features include- custom color options, conditional column formatting, value transformation, WooCommerce integration, and many more.

Ninja TablesFree and Pro featuresMultiple data formats for column, 10+ elements9 kinds of table creation, including integrationsPro version fully customizableFor dynamic tables
WP Table BuilderFree (excluding Pro Addons)7 elementsBasic kindCustomizableFor basic tables

2. Ratings and reviews

These days, users tend to look up the ratings or reviews before downloading a plugin. Since you’re here to compare between the two, let’s show you what the users think about them.

WP Table Builder ratings and reviews

Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder features

From, you can see that users are quite satisfied with WP Table Builder. There are over 200 reviews, and the plugin has a 4.9/5 star rating.

If you’re worried about authenticity, here are some real users’ reviews.

feature comparison of Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder

Of course, there are some drawbacks to everything as it is for this plugin. It’s very useful to create simple and basic data tables. But some users have complaints about limited customization and features.

Ninja Tables ratings and reviews

Ninja Tables has a 4.6/5 star rating for now. The features, customization, and configuration are definitely of higher quality in Ninja Tables.

what table plugin is the best Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder

Then again, some users get a bit confused because many features have advanced functionalities that aren’t on the Ninja Tables documentation or aren’t free!

In case you want an advanced data table and not a basic one, Pro is what you go for. Here are some recent comments from users.

how to use Ninja Tables

The star ratings may be different, but in terms of usability, extended features, and customization, Ninja Tables wins without a doubt!

3. Responsiveness

When it comes to responsiveness, both plugins have mastered it! They have a responsive layout that fits all devices. But they also vary in some ways.

WP Table Builder responsiveness

The thing with this plugin is that you can specify the table to fit mobile, tablet, desktop, or all devices just by selecting it from the “Responsive” panel. It’s convenient for mobile or tablet users because they can scroll table data while commuting.

Ninja Tables responsiveness

As usual, being one of the best, Ninja Tables takes responsiveness to another level. Besides saving the table to fit mobile, tablet, and desktop screens from Table Design, you can also select responsive breakpoints for specific columns in Basic Settings.

Another striking feature is the stackable table configuration, where a table displays the total amount of data broken into sub-amount, stacked vertically/horizontally. After users enable it and select the target devices, the preview window will show how the table cells are stacked.

Which one do you think wins here?

Ninja TablesResponsive for all devicesResponsive breakpoints for columnsStackable table configuration
WP Table BuilderResponsive for all devices__

4. Integrations

Third-party plugin integrations are something table plugins can stand out for. As for integrations, one of these two falls behind for sure.

WP Table Builder integrations

Unfortunately, other than importing tables from the TablePress plugin (CSV or XML files), WP Table Builder has no other integration. Still, this plugin is a good option if your website only needs a simple data table. Moreover, the auto-generated table shortcode can be used on WordPress Posts and pages.

Ninja Tables integrations

Integrations are where Ninja Tables wins this argument. It’s an advanced Pro addon and ensures it’s the only tool you need!

Ninja Tables integrates with-

  • Fluent Forms
  • WP Posts and Pages
  • WooCommerce
  • Google Sheets
  • Custom SQL

That’s not all. The brand-new upgrade also allows you to create beautiful charts with the Ninja Charts plugin by retrieving table data.

Ninja TablesExternal CSV and JSON filesFluent Forms
Google Sheets
Ninja Charts
WP Posts/Pages
WP Table BuilderImport from TablePress_

5. Customization

Even if we ignore all the features, there’s no way we can get past customizing comfort. One of the many qualities of a dynamic table plugin is its customizable design. Some of it can be limited due to the difference between free and Pro versions.

Customizing WP Table Builder

It’s a free table plugin that allows users to customize as much as possible! The seven elements can all be designed the way you want. For instance, you can change the colors of texts, borders, and cells. Also, change the table position, size, cell padding, insert links (nofollow/dofollow), image alt text, etc.

Customizing Ninja Tables

This plugin lets users get creative in designing and configuring the data table. Because of the huge range of features, customization is possible in every wing of Ninja Tables.

From the Table Design panel, you can color the table as you like. But the custom and predefined color scheme are only for the Pro version. If you want your table to attract website visitors, use the Pro version, and customize.

Moreover, Conditional Formatting lets you highlight table cells based on the cell value! And the Transform Value feature can turn plain text into hyperlinks. These Pro features have some extensive use cases too.

Ninja TablesCustom Table DesignConditional Column FormattingConfigure and make changes to a particular columnValue transformation
WP Table BuilderDesigning for all table elements ___

6. Core features Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder

This section is going to clear your doubts if you have any. We have already mentioned how rich Ninja Tables is in terms of features and functionalities. It’s also a Freemium table plugin. But, WP Table Builder is free, except for the Pro addons. As a result, features are bound to vary.

Here’s a table comparing Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder features.

FeatureNinja TablesWP Table Builder
Media & chartsMultimedia
Interactive charts in Ninja Charts with table data
Only image
Google Sheets
Fluent Forms
WP Posts/pages
Custom SQL
Table designCustom text, header, footer, border, cell color
Hover animation
Stackable table
Colors text, link, header, and border
Cell padding
Drag and DropQuick table creation with drag-and-dropDrag & Drop table
Table StylesThree table styles-Semantic UI, Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap 3Basic style with seven elements
Row Hover AnimationHover over rows to highlight_
DuplicateDuplicates row/entire tableDuplicates cell content, table. row/column
Text AlignmentHeader and row contentHeader and row content
Row and Column WidthCustomizableCustomizable
Conditional Column FormattingSet condition based on cell value_
Export-ImportCSV and JSON files
Import from TablePress, Data Tables Generator by Supsystic, Ultimate Table
CSV or XML files
Import from TablePress
Filter dataFilter permission
Default data filtering
Custom filter
Ribbon, Text icon, Circle rating, styled list_Pro elements
SortingSorting method and type_
Frontend editingEditable at the frontend_
Button and Star ratingButton/link data type
Button, star rating, ribbon element
Button, star rating, ribbon
List in cellList element (drag-and-drop)List element
Transform valueHTML code to turn texts into hyperlinksLink only on texts
Cell merging and calculationMerge multiple small cells into a large one
Row/column calculation
Merges cells
Data volumeUnlimited rows and columnsTends to freeze
Custom user permissionUser role permission to edit_

WP Table builder is free, but you need the premium version to use some Pro configurations and elements.

NOTE: The comparison table can become outdated as plugins get updated. Please contact us if in doubt.

Pro configurations

  • Making a cell empty
  • Duplicating row/column
  • Reordering
  • Prebuilt table
  • Single-cell background color
  • Spacing

Pro table elements

  • Ribbon
  • Circle rating
  • Text icon
  • Styled list

7. Support and documentation

Ninja Tables and WP Table Builder have active support teams always ready to help users. They also have all necessary details explained in the documentation.

WP Table Builder documentation and user review on support

Docs panel in the official site has three segments- Getting Started, Configuration, and Elements. Each has details and examples on how to use this plugin.

Comparing Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder

It’s an unbiased review from a user, and he does seem satisfied!

Ninja Tables documentation and user review on support

As for the documentation, it’s huge! It’s solely because Ninja Tables has a lot of features and hidden tricks for users.

The most recent reviews have praised the support team.

Ninja Tables WordPress table plugin

8. Pricing

This is where you need to settle for the best if you want your data table to stand out. Choosing a free table plugin might sound alright for a basic data table. On the contrary, a Freemium plugin with tons of Premium features can make things far better!

Since WP Table Builder is basically free, you can just download>>install>>activate it. But for extra features in the premium version, you can go Pro.

1 site: $39.99/yr1000 sites: $99.99/yrUnlimited sites: $299.99/yr

But as for Ninja Tables, this freemium table plugin has both “Annual” and “Lifetime” price plans.

Price planSingle siteAgencyUnlimited sites
Annual$49$99 (Upto 20 websites)$199
Lifetime$249$399 (20 sites)$599

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Additional facts

So far, the discussion has focused on how WP Table Builder and Ninja Tables resemble and vary.

Finally, let’s note down some more.

WP Table Builder

  • Text strikethrough option right at the top so that users can add a sale price for products
  • Simple undo button
  • Table container width
  • Amazon affiliate product table, food menu, or service specifications table
  • 50,000+ active installations

Ninja Tables

  • Amazon Product Listing, product specification table, league points table, cryptocurrency table, IMDB top chart table. Check out Demo Tables
  • Because of Fluent Forms integration, the Transform Value feature has some extra facilities. For instance, one-click form
  • Custom post type 
  • Frequent updates
  • 80,000+ active installations


In case you want to try out some more table plugins, here’s a shortlist.

  • WPDataTables
  • TablePress
  • Visualizer


We have added everything you need to know about Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder.  Currently, these two are the top favorites for WordPress users. They do vary in the quality of features, but both are racing neck-to-neck because of some pro features and usability.

This comparison was to give you an insight on which table plugin to go for. You can now make your own decision after judging their user-friendliness, responsiveness, integrations, configuration and customization, prices, and core features.

Ninja Tables sure gives a tough competition to other WordPress table plugins! So, here’s another article on TablePress Vs Ninja Tables.

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