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What’s Coming in WordPress 6.3?

It has been 20 years since WordPress started its journey as a CMS platform. In this long journey, WordPress has released many major updates to ensure freedom, flexibility, and fun for its users. Many WordPress developers are relentlessly working to improve user experience by releasing newer versions. The next major update, WordPress 6.3 is due […]

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WordPress Turns 20: The Journey to Becoming an Undisputed King of the CMS Market

A blogging platform, a web content management software, a website builder…you can call it anything, we call it WordPress! It is the platform that helped millions of people go online with their opinions, portfolios, products, businesses, and organizations. It is also the platform that connects thousands of people beyond the geographical borders. WordPress, a platform […]

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FluentCRM | Objectives & Vision

If you’re looking to maximize your business’s potential with a WordPress CRM and email marketing plugin, look no further than FluentCRM. Why? With this brand new CRM solution for WordPress, you’ll get a centralized contact database with incredible marketing automation features that are also backed by excellent in-depth analytics! Whether you’re a digital marketer, agency […]

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Thousands of people around the globe left their desk job and engaged themselves in Amazon affiliate marketing. Either they chose to be a full-time affiliate marketer or took this opportunity as a passive income source. If you want to join them, this article welcomes you. To make a success with this industry, the thing that […]

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How to Design a Sign-up Form in Elementor

You need a sign-up form to allow people to register on your website or to subscribe to your newsletter. However, designing a lucrative form may seem daunting for some business owners. I often see that people kept the form at its basic style, while there was the opportunity to make the form more appealing. In […]

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Free Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencer marketing is the hot cake now with so many possibilities for digital entrepreneurs. If you’re active on social media and engaged with your niche, then you’ll probably know about who are the popular faces in your niche. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes you need to find out the top influencers to work […]

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10 Reasons to Build Your Website With Droip

Building your own website without using code is totally possible with the tools available nowadays! But what if something allowed you to take it a few steps further? Today, we will do a deep dive into one such tool! Droip is a WordPress website builder that lets you create websites with no code but limitless […]

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How to Add Code Snippets in WordPress

If you want to add code snippets to your WordPress website, then you’ve come to the right place.  Usually, people copy codes and paste them into WordPress theme files. It’s an easy process but this process is for expert users. For beginner and intermediate users, copying and pasting may seem intimidating. That’s why I’m writing […]

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