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FluentCRM | Objectives & Vision

If you’re looking to maximize your business’s potential with a WordPress CRM and email marketing plugin, look no further than FluentCRM. Why? With this brand new CRM solution for WordPress, you’ll get a centralized contact database with incredible marketing automation features that are also backed by excellent in-depth analytics! Whether you’re a digital marketer, agency […]

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Thousands of people around the globe left their desk job and engaged themselves in Amazon affiliate marketing. Either they chose to be a full-time affiliate marketer or took this opportunity as a passive income source. If you want to join them, this article welcomes you. To make a success with this industry, the thing that […]

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Twitter Marketing 2022: How & Why

Maybe to some of you, Twitter suddenly became more exciting after Elon Musk made a move on this social app. But Twitter has been popular forever. Twitter for marketing, socializing, or raising your voice against something; It’s nothing new. The little bird app, Twitter, is simple to use, and the whole concept of hashtags most […]

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Fundraising Secrets No One Tells You

Raising money for charity shouldn’t make you scratch your head. But unfortunately, charity and fundraising can be quite challenging. When nobody tells you the nonprofit fundraising secrets, it’s a challenging arena to tap into! Fundraising is hard. You must already know this, even if no one tells you. However, you only need some tricks for […]

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WPManageNinja Turns 6 Years Today!

Today is the 5th of April which means we are 6 years old – feels unreal to type this as we have turned into a team of 70+ members in just 6 years! As a customer-centric company, we are always open to listening to our users. However, we don’t share our stories that often. So […]

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Bite-sized Content Is The Future!

Pretty sure you prefer content that grasps your attention quickly and isn’t long or boring. The world of content marketing changes fast, and now we are at a point where the audience will consume your content if it’s short form content and takes 8-10 seconds only! More like, it’s the only few seconds they can […]

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Interactive Content Trends to Look Out For in 2022!

It’s no wonder that content marketing is becoming more competitive as the average attention span of people is something around 10 seconds now! The quicker a content captures the viewers’ attention, the better. So, creating interactive content with catchy features is one of the best choices. Interactive content trends tell us how fast this marketing […]

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How to Create a Donation Form in WordPress

Any small business, free service provider, or non-profit organization needs helping hands to do what they are doing. Nothing comes for free, or nothing runs solely without help, where creating a donation form might be the best way to run it smoothly. Imagine putting your time and efforts into something, fighting the good fight for […]

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How to optimize your WooCommerce store for Christmas

It’s Christmas already and it’s the best time of the year for shopping! Stores are decorated with lights, snowman, baubles, and everything that carries the Christmas vibes. Likewise, WooCommerce online stores in Christmas increase sales by influencing buyers with Christmas aesthetics. The holiday spirit makes people very generous during Christmas. They buy lots of presents […]

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