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What’s New With Ninja Tables?

Online data table creation has become more fun since Ninja Tables was upgraded! The newest tweak in this WordPress table plugin adds a simple table creation option alongside the advanced one. It’s like a table builder inside a table builder! But what is it, and how does it work? We’ll discuss the tweaks and tricks […]

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WPPayForm is now Paymattic

The Stripe Payment Form Plugin for WordPress – WPPayForm becomes Paymattic. We know it’s a surprise to you, but don’t be alarmed. This may be just the thing you have been wishing for. So bear with us, as we break into the details. Why Paymattic? As a user-centric company, our aim is to always deliver […]

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The Right Tools To Boost WooCommerce Sales

Everyone has an online shop these days, but not everyone knows how to maintain it. Trying to boost sales can drive a newbie crazy! The summer shopping madness is about to blow up, and we got you some practical ideas to increase WooCommerce sales. Of course, you don’t need to know coding for your WooCommerce […]

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Twitter Marketing 2022: How & Why

Maybe to some of you, Twitter suddenly became more exciting after Elon Musk made a move on this social app. But Twitter has been popular forever. Twitter for marketing, socializing, or raising your voice against something; It’s nothing new. The little bird app, Twitter, is simple to use, and the whole concept of hashtags most […]

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Fundraising Secrets No One Tells You

Raising money for charity shouldn’t make you scratch your head. But unfortunately, charity and fundraising can be quite challenging. When nobody tells you the nonprofit fundraising secrets, it’s a challenging arena to tap into! Fundraising is hard. You must already know this, even if no one tells you. However, you only need some tricks for […]

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WPManageNinja Turns 6 Years Today!

Today is the 5th of April which means we are 6 years old – feels unreal to type this as we have turned into a team of 70+ members in just 6 years! As a customer-centric company, we are always open to listening to our users. However, we don’t share our stories that often. So […]

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Bite-sized Content Is The Future!

Pretty sure you prefer content that grasps your attention quickly and isn’t long or boring. The world of content marketing changes fast, and now we are at a point where the audience will consume your content if it’s short form content and takes 8-10 seconds only! More like, it’s the only few seconds they can […]

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