Launch, Growth, Awards, and More – WPManageNinja in 2023

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  • Awards and recognition
WPManageNinja in 2023

2023 was a year of success, excitement, and accomplishment for WPManageNinja. As we have launched new products for our customers, we’ve updated our existing products too.

Along with making our products better with new features, improvements, and groundbreaking innovation, we also contributed heavily to the platform- WordPress. This was a year of contribution and collaboration as well as we got to attend WordPress events and meetups all around the globe. Honing our insight on what’s coming next and how to align our products and goals accordingly.

That’s the glimpse of the year. Now move on to the details.

Show me the new products you brought

In 2022, we didn’t release any new product. This year we launched FluentBooking, the perfect appointment solution for WordPress. Not to mention that the launch was a huge success.

We received tremendous love and support from the community. To keep the suspense intact, we may release one or two new products next year, but we are not going to unveil their names now.

By the way, at the end of the year, we released FluentSnippets, the high-performance code snippets plugin. This plugin stands out with its file-based system. While all the other plugins send queries to the database this plugin works with native files.

Another plugin that can save your site from malicious attacks is FluentAuth. This plugin is lightweight, high-performance, and FREE!! Limit login attempts, two-factor authentication, and many more advanced security features are available with this plugin.

Product updates in a nutshell

I’ll try to tell briefly how was the journey with our products this year. In short, awesome. In detail, I have to tell.

Fluent Forms 

Fluent Forms 2023

Fluent Forms is the best form-building tool in the WordPress industry. With its intuitive form editor, advanced functionalities, quiz and survey builder, the form plugin got better this year. We have released four major updates along with many minor updates.

Not only did we rebrand the UI and UX but also we updated our website with the new design. And customers’ continuous support fueled our journey. Recently, we reached the 400K+ active installations milestone, kudos to team Fluent Forms.

Notable features

  • FluentBooking Integration 
  • Notion Integration 
  • Revamped UI and better UX
  • New framework for faster response 
  • Square Integration

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables 2023

Ninja Tables is the most powerful table builder in WordPress. From drag-and-drop table builder to WooCommerce integration, this tool is the perfect solution for small business owners. This year, we released eight product updates with some crucial features.

After years of development, Ninja Tables is now almost a bug-free product. With 80K+ active installations and many other achievements, the year with Ninja Tables was awesome. In 2024, the plugin will release more excellent features.

Notable Features

  • Updated Framework: Feel the Power of the Latest Technology
  • Smoother UX: Experience An Effortless User Experience
  • Bug Fixes:  Eliminating Glitches
  • Feature Request Implementations: Your Feedback, Our Priority


FluentCRM 2023

FluentCRM released 12 updates with 6 major ones. The best email marketing automation tool in WordPress has now got better. Powerful features like WooCommerce Subscription integration, FluentBooking integration, and recurring campaigns made this tool a reason to migrate from your existing email marketing solution.

This year we have also added the developer docs so that developers can extend the power of FluentCRM with their custom coding. FluentCRM is now a family of 30K+ active users.

Notable features

  • Recurring campaigns/Automated Newsletter
  • Company Module
  • WooCommerce Subscription integration
  • Surecart Integration
  • Tutor LMS Integration Upgrade
  • FluentBooking Integration

WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja 2023

The year with WP Social Ninja was also amazing with 10K+ active installations milestone and 9+ product updates. If you’re new here, WP Social Ninja is the ultimate all-in-one social media plugin to bring feeds to your website.

Notable features

  • WooCommerce reviews
  • WooCommerce product review tab customization
  • Permission manager
  • Improvised Facebook feed
  • Save image locally
  • Accessibility
  • Fetch feed with the specific date
  • Improved UX
  • Feed Issue Email Report
  • GDPR Compliance (Instagram feed)

Fluent Support

Fluent Support 2023

Fluent Support is a niche plugin made for customer support in WordPress. With 6K+ active installs, this plugin has released six awesome updates this year. This plugin has all the features you need to organize your customer support for a better experience.

Notable features

  • Freshdesk Migration
  • Customer notification
  • Added Google Captcha
  • Added ‘saved reply’ templates in the workflow
  • Supporting Email CC
  • File attachment in third-party (Google Drive & Dropbox)
  • Zendesk migrator
  • Upload file in the ticket create form
  • Effortless multi-tab activity viewing
  • Support RTL email template
  • Block Editor for Customer Portal
  • Response Satisfaction Survey
  • CRM Automations


Paymattic 2023

Paymattic is a top brand when it comes to donation management and payment collection. With its intuitive editor and user-friendly interface, you can easily build your donation form without having coding experience. Paymattic has 3K+ active installations on and it’s growing.

This year, Paymattic released five product updates and introduced many exciting things. It brought Xendit and Flutterwave payment gateway for its customers. Currency switcher, Square subscription payment, and offline subscription management are some other significant additions.

Furthermore, we’re releasing some great features very soon. Customer dashboard, PDF invoicing, and donation leaderboard are a few if I could tell.

Notable features

  • Shopping cart templates
  • Offline subscription management
  • Xendit payment gateway
  • Flutterwave payment gateway
  • Currency switcher
  • Square subscription payment

Other products

Within a short period, our plugin FluentAuth got an intensive reach. From 4K+ active customers, we received love and inspiration to move forward. Furthermore, FluentSnippets got 1K+ active installs although we officially released it on December 2023. FluentSMTP, an SMTP connector plugin, has now 200K+ active installations.

Giving back to the community

We’re WordCampers! We love to participate, arrange, and sponsor WordCamps. This year we’ve been to many WordCamps with a lot of activities. Here’s the list of WordCamps we’ve attended in person.

  • WordCamp Asia
  • WordCamp Sylhet
  • WordCamp Malaysia
  • WordCamp Kathmandu
  • WordCamp Europe
  • WordCamp Kerala

We have four speakers among us who joined WordCamps in different regions and shared their enlightening thoughts. Besides that, we were a proud sponsor of WCAsia, WCSylhet, and WCKTM (After Party). But WordCamp Sylhet was the biggest event since it happened in our local area and many people from our organization were heavily involved.

Not only that, we regularly arrange meetups, contribute to WordPress, and celebrate WP-related events. We also got three new core contributors to WordPress this year and that makes a total of

Unparallel support continued

Support Team 2023

Like the last year, our support has been great throughout this year. They resolved around 25K tickets with the sincerest care and satisfied our valuable customers.

A big shoutout to our support team who are the unsung heroes of the WPManageNinja family. They receive all the pains and listen to our customers in order to make the whole operation smoother and easier.

During the deal seasons (Halloween, BFCM, etc.) and product launching (FluentBooking this year), they worked like crazy. We also maintain vigorous live support to manage pre-sales questions and resolve issues promptly.

Awards we received

We’ve participated in two contests this year. Monster Awards is yet to announce its result. The WP Weekly has already revealed the winners. Here are our products that have awesome stands in various categories.

  • Fluent Forms won Silver in the form category
  • FluentCRM achieved Gold in the marketing automation category
  • FluentSMTP got Gold in the dashboard, config, and social plugins category
  • WP Social Ninja received Silver in the dashboard, config, and social plugins category

Loved by users. Recommended by Experts

Over the years, we have received reviews through multiple sources, such as Besides that, our users appreciated our efforts on our social channels. But that’s not all, we got tremendous love from industry experts.

I simply like this plugin because it’s made by one of my favorite WordPress plugin companies, and it’s free and simply works! What else could I ask for?


Works like a champ, saves us all kinds of headaches


I’ve tried a number of premium (and free) WP form plugins including Forminator Pro (by WPMU Dev) and Piotnet Forms. But I’ve come back to Fluent Forms as my favourite. It’s lightweight and easy to use!


Amazing Support, Amazing Products!


Many experts reviewed our products and shared their views about our development and product quality throughout the year. We’re not going to display them all here. Just a selected few to give you an idea about what experts are thinking about us.

A toast for prosperity in 2024

I wish you a happy and prosperous new year! Together we can build a better community. Your unwavering support fueled us in 2023. We believe the same will be continued in 2024.

Plus, we’ll come up with big news in the upcoming year that includes new products, exciting product updates, and wonderful features.

Sadiq Ahmad

Sadiq Ahmad is the Marketing Lead of WPManageNinja. As a WordPress addict, he loves to write all about WordPress: themes, plugins, blogs, and tutorials. Digital marketing and SEO are his other strong suits. And he is not online only when he is exploring new dishes in local restaurants or burning carbs in the gym.

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