Sendfox Integration With WP Fluent Forms Plugin

Integrate Sendfox with WP Fluent Forms and do email marketing to your users with ease. Follow the instructions below to integrate WP Fluent Forms entries list to Sendfox.

Steps to integrate Sendfox with WP Fluent Forms

  1. Activate the Sendfox module
  2. Create a Sendfox account
  3. Create a New Token
  4. Copy & Paste the access token in WP Fluent Form API field
  5. Create/Use a form with Fluent Forms
  6. Setup the integration feed & map the fields
  • Log into Sendfox. From the Dashboard, select API on the top and then click into the “Create New Token” button.
Sendfox Integration With WP Fluent Form Plugin
  • There will be a popup window after clicking on the button. Give your token a name as shown in the image. In my case it’s “Fluent Form List“, you can give anything you want.
SendFox Give Your Access Token A Name
  • Now you have your personal access token. Go ahead and copy it and save it somewhere safe. Unlike others, Sendfox shows its personal access token only once so you might want to save the token first before entering into the WP Fluent Form API field.
SendFox Copy Access Token
  • Now log into your WordPress dashboard and hover over Fluent Form Pro. Now choose Modules and turn on the Sendfox module as shown in the screenshot below.
SendFox Turn On Module WP Fluent Form
  • Now hover over the Fluent Form Pro tab again and go to the Settings and you will see all the turned on Modules, choose Sendfox module and paste the API key you just copied from Sendfox as shown in the screenshot below.
SendFox Paste API KEY WP Fluent Form
  • Save Settings and Sendfox is now integrated with WP Fluent Form. You will see a success notification screen as below screenshot. You can deactivate or verify your connection again.
SendFox-Successfully activated with Wp Fluent Form WordPress Form Builder

Well done! your Sendfox email marketing solution is now integrated with WP Fluent Forms. Now start creating amazing web forms with the best WordPress form builder plugin.

Learn how to use WP Fluent Form to stand out your business from others by making some effective forms.

  • Now go to the settings of the particular form the entries of which you want to be listed in SendFox.
WP Fluent Forms & SendFox Email Marketing Software
  • Go to the Marketing & CRM Integration tab. From the upper right corner Click on Add New Integration. Choose the integration of your choice for example SendFox.
SendFox Integration with WP Fluent Forms
  • Configure the ideal settings for your entries. Give a name to the feed, select the SendFox list you would like to push the entries. Correlate the SendFox Fields with the fluent form’s input fields (e.g. Email Address with Email, First Name with names[First Name], Last Name with names[Last Name], etc). You can also set up Conditional Logic when necessary. This Conditional Logic can be set just like the regular Conditional Logic of WP Fluent Forms and if subscribers will be added to list only if they satisfy the conditions set.
field mapping sendfox and wp fluent forms

Click the Create SendFox Feed to finalize the settings.

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