Discord Integration with Fluent Forms

Send a notification with form data to your Discord channel when a form is submitted.

Integrate your Discord channel with Fluent Forms Pro by following the steps mentioned below –

Steps to integrate Fluent Forms with Discord

  1. Activate the Discord Module
  2. Create a Discord Channel
  3. Copy & Paste Webhook URL in the Settings tab
  4. Save the Settings
  • Go to Integrations Modules from Fluent Forms Pro (WordPress admin panel sidebar) and turn on the Discord Module, as shown in the screenshot below –
  • Now go to your Discord app or open discord in your browser. You can create a new server by clicking on the plus (+) icon, or you can use your existing server. 
  • Click on the channel that you just created and then on the setting icon.
Create discord server
  • Now select Integrations from the drop-down menu and click the Create Webhook button.
Discord integration
  • Copy the Webhook URL that you will need for the next step.
Copy webhook URL
  • Now go to the particular form’s settings for the entries you want to be listed in Discord.  Click on Add New Integration and select Discord Integration from the dropdown.
Discord Integration
  • Paste the Webhook URL and fill in the details for the Feed Name, Description, and input fields that you want to send to discord also, add a Footer text if you want. 
Discord webhook
  • Enable Conditional Logic if required. Learn more about Fluent Forms Conditional logic here.
Discord condition
  • Click on Create Discord Feed when the configuration is done.

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