Discord Integration with Fluent Forms

Send a notification with form data to your Discord channel when a form is submitted.

Integrate your Discord channel with Fluent Forms Pro by following the steps mentioned below –

Steps to integrate Fluent Forms with Discord

  1. Activate the Discord Module
  2. Create a Discord Channel
  3. Copy & Paste Webhook URL in the Settings tab
  4. Save the Settings
  • Go to Integrations Modules from Fluent Forms Pro (WordPress admin panel sidebar) and turn on the Discord Module, as shown in the screenshot below –
  • Now go to your Discord app or open discord in your browser. You can create a new server by clicking on the plus (+) icon, or you can use your existing server. 
  • Click on the channel that you just created and then on the setting icon.
Create discord server
  • Now select Integrations from the drop-down menu and click the Create Webhook button.
Discord integration
  • Copy the Webhook URL that you will need for the next step.
Copy webhook URL
  • Now go to the particular form’s settings for the entries you want to be listed in Discord.  Click on Add New Integration and select Discord Integration from the dropdown.
  • Paste the Webhook URL and fill in the details for the Feed Name, Description, and input fields that you want to send to discord also, add a Footer text if you want. 
  • Enable Conditional Logic if required. Learn more about Fluent Forms Conditional logic here.
  • Click on Save Feed when the configuration is done.

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