WP Fluent Forms Not Sending Email Confirmations!

We repeatedly receive WP Fluent Forms not sending email confirmations and in most of the case, the fixing is easy and not related to Fluent Forms. If you are facing email deliverability issues with WP Fluent Forms notification emails then follow this doc carefully. There are a couple of factors that can contribute to email not sending issues.

Check if the notifications email is enabled:

The very first troubleshooting you might want to do is checking whether you enabled the notification settings. Go to “Email Notifications” from the “Settings & Integrations” tab and enable the notification if it’s disabled.

WP Fluent Forms Not Sending Email Confirmations

Check The Fluent Forms Submission Activity Log:

Go to Entries of the particular form and select an entry to check the submission activity.

If the email is success triggered then you will see a message as “Email Notification broadcasted to“. This means email is successfully triggered and WP Fluent Forms is working as it should.

If the form was unable to trigger the email notification you will see an error message like the below screenshot.

Fix the WordPress Not Sending Emails Issue

As you can see the form tried to initiate the email notification but failed because it was unable to trigger the mail function.

Test Email Functionality On Your Server:

The above “unable to send email error in API log” can be caused by your server misconfiguration and you need to test email sending on your server. Install and activate Check Email Plugin by Chris Taylor.

wordpress send test email

When installed, click into “Check Email” from the tools menu in the dashboard. Enter in an email address to send a test to, and click on “Send”. You will get a confirmation. Now check your inbox whether you received the test email. Also, check your spam and junk mail folder. If you received the test email that means that WordPress can send emails on your web server. If not contact your web hosting provider support.

SMTP for Emails:

We always recommend using SMTP for better email deliverability. To learn more about using SMTP please take a look at the below video.

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