How to Integrate Cloudflare Turnstile in Fluent Forms

Cloudflare Turnstile provides website visitors with frustration-free, CAPTCHA-free browsing experiences. It stops abuse and confirms visitors are real without the data privacy concerns or awful UX that CAPTCHAs thrust on users.

To integrate Turnstile, you’ll need a Site Key and a Secret Key from Turnstile by following the below steps-

  • Go to Global Settings and then select Turnstile. Then you will be redirected to the Cloudflare Turnstile Settings page.
  • Now, you need a Site Key and a Secret Key to add.
  • If you don’t have a Cloudflare Turnstile account, you can sign up here.
  • Now, click on the Turnstile option from the left sidebar, then the TurnStile Sites area will appear.
  • Click on the Add Site button.
  • Add your Site Name as well as Domain & then Create the Site by clicking on the Create button.
  • After clicking on the Create button, Site Key & Secret Key will be shown.
  • Copy the Site Key and Secret Key to use them for future uses.
  • Paste the Site key and Secret Key to the Turnstile Global Settings in Fluent Forms.
  • Don’t forget to click on the Save Settings button.
  • Now your Turnstile input field in Fluent Forms will be visible.
  • For more details about creating a form, click here.
  • Save the form when the customization is done.
  • Let’s have a look at the preview of this form.
Preview Form

That’s simple! You have successfully integrated Cloudflare Turnstile into your form.

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