Spam Protection With Honeypot and Google reCAPTCHA in WP Fluent Forms

Protect your Fluent Forms Entries from spambots and keep your contact lists spam-free. Here are some ways you can prevent bots from spamming your forms.

Spam Protection With Honeypot:

Honeypot stops spam bots by adding a hidden field to your contact form. The field is invisible to the real users. Bots are stupids, they won’t know this and will fill it in. This allows honeypot to recognize them as bots and block their submission.

Turn on Honeypot spam protection by going into the settings of WP Fluent Forms as shown in the screenshot below.

Spam Protection With Honeypot in WP Fluent Forms

Note: Honeypot does not protect you against manually submitted human spam. You will still have to use a Google reCAPTCHA to catch those.

Spam Protection With Google reCAPTCHA:

reCAPTCHA is a CAPTCHA system designed by Google to protect websites from bots by ensuring that a computer user is human with the power of machine learning.

To enable reCAPTCHA hover over fluent forms and click on settings. Now click on the reCAPTCHA and enter your site and secret key as shown in the screenshot below.

Fluent form recaptcha setting.png

If you don’t have keys yet, get the reCAPTCHA Site Key Secret Key from your Google account. Open Google’s reCAPTCHA page. and click on Admin console.

Click admin console button on Google reCAPTCHA page Fluent Forms
  • Label: Provide any name usually your the website name
  • reCAPTCHA Type: Select the version of reCAPTCHA. For Fluent Forms it’s v2 and I am not a robot checkbox. We will add version 3 integration soon.
  • Enter your domain name. Accept the terms of services and click submit button

After submitting you will find your site key and secret key. Copy the Site Key and Secret Key and go back to the WordPress dashboard to paste these keys in the Fluent Forms feild as shown earlier.

Your reCAPTCHA has been set up successfully. If you want to show Google reCAPTCHA in any particular form just add the reCAPTCHA field into your form as shown in the screenshot below.

Fluent form recaptcha setting.png

Form Submission For Logged In Users Only:

You can also an extra layer of spam protection by enabling form submission for logged in users only as shown in the screenshot below. Note that this setting is for each individual forms not global. Also, remember that this will stop non-logged users to submit the form.

Fluent Form setting for logged in user.png

Also, enable the “Deny Empty Submission” field to prevent the form from empty submissions.

Fluent form empty submission deny message.png

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