Fluent Forms PDF Module

Do you want to save the Fluent Forms entry in PDF? Fluent Forms allows you to export each entry individually as a PDF. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can export an entry as a PDF hassle-free.

Installing and Setting up the Fluent Forms PDF Extension

Installing the extension is exactly the same as installing any other WordPress plugin.

  • From the dashboard, click on Plugins and then Add New plugin.
  • Search for Fluent Forms PDF Generator.
  • Install and activate the plugin on your website.
  • It will add a new tab (Fluent Forms PDF) in the modules section.
Just click the Install button, and it will automatically install the addon from wp.org
  • Now hover over Fluent Forms and click on the module.
  • From the top tabs, select Fluent Forms PDF and click on Install Fonts to set up the required fonts and elements.
  • Wait for a moment until everything gets downloaded.
Install the required fonts
  • You will get a success message when everything is done.
  • Do not close the window before that.
  • Now from your WordPress dashboard, hover over Fluent Forms Pro and select Settings, which will open the Global Settings window of Fluent Forms.
  • Click on PDF Settings; here, you will need to configure PDF settings globally. Note that this setting can be overridden by each individual form.

Setting Up the PDF Feed

  • Go to the Settings of the Form, which entries you want to export as PDF.
  • Go to the Setting & Integrations of the Form.
  • Select PDF Feeds and click on Add PDF Feed.
  • A popup will appear from where you can select a PDF Feed template.
  • Choose a template from there. If only one template is available, select that one.
  • Selecting the template will open the settings window for the feed.
  • Give the feed a Title specifying the Header, Body, and Footer content.
  • You can make use of the smart shortcode from the right corner. The {all_data} will fetch all the data from the form.
  • You can also find the individual shortcodes for the input fields when you don’t want to display all the data on your PDF Feed.
  • There is also an option where PDF downloading and sharing are easier than ever.
  • Users can download their submissions as PDFs anytime they want.
  • Admin can give permission to download PDFs to the users and share encrypted URLs that the user can access.
  • From the Appearance tab, You can override the PDF appearance you have set up globally, including paper size, orientation, font, color, etc.
  • You can choose a watermark image for the PDF, or you can also choose a text watermark.
  • Opacity for the watermark is very important. The recommended size for opacity is 50.
  • You can secure your PDF export by giving it a password as well.
  • Save the feed, and you are set to go.
  • Don’t forget to Save the Feed Settings.
  • Now go to the Entries of the Form and open any particular entry.
  • You will notice the desired PDF download option of the entry.
Generated PDF from this module with the mono font family

Send Entries as PDF in Emails

  • Go to the email notifications settings, and at the bottom, above the advanced tab, you will see the option PDF Attachments.
  • You can select the PDF feed which you want to send in Email Notifications. See the below screenshot-

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