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Do you want to save WP Fluent Forms entry in PDF? WP Fluent Forms allows you to export each entry individually as PDF. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can export an entry as PDF hassle-free.

Installing and Setting up the Fluent Forms PDF Extension:

Installing the extension is exactly the same as installing any other WordPress plugin. From the dashboard click on plugins and then add a new plugin. Search for “Fluent Forms PDF Generator”. Install and activate the plugin on your website. It will add a new tab (Fluent Forms PDF) in the module section.

Just click the Install button and it will automatically install the addon from wp.org

Now hover over Fluent Forms and click on module. From the top tabs select Fluent Forms PDF and click on the install fonts to set up the required fonts. and elements. Wait for a moment until everything gets downloaded.

Install The required fonts

You will get a success message when everything done. Do not close the window before that.

Now from your WordPress dashboard hover over Fluent Forms Pro and select Settings that will open the global setting window of Fluent Forms. Click on PDF Settings and here you will need to configure PDF settings globally. Note that this setting can be overridden by each individual form.

Setting Up the PDF Feed:

Go to the Settings of the form which entries you want to export as PDF.

Select PDF Feeds and click on the “Add PDF Feed” .

A popup will appear from where you can select a PDF Feed template. Choose a template from there. If only one template available select that one.

Selecting the template will open the settings window for the feed. Give the feed a title specify the header, body and, footer content. You can make use of the smart shortcode from the right corner. The {all_data} will fetch all the data from the form. You can also find the individual shortcodes for the input fields when you don’t want to display all the data on your PDF Feed.

From the Appearance tab, You can override the PDF appearance you have set up globally including paper size, orientation, font and color etc.

You can choose a watermark image for the PDF or you can also choose a text watermark also. Opacity for the watermark is very important. The recommended size for opacity is 50. You can secure your PDF export by giving it a password as well. Save the feed and you are set to go. Save the feed settings.

Now go to the Entries of the form and open any particular entry. You will notice the desired PDF download option of the entry.

Generated PDF from this module with mono font family

Send Entries as PDF in Emails:

Go to the email notifications settings and at the bottom, above the advanced tab you will see the option “PDF Attachments“. Check the PDF feed you created for example below screenshot it’s General.

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