Dedicated Landing Page Fluent Forms

You might want to create a dedicated landing page for your form? WP Fluent Forms allows you to create a custom, standalone pages for any new or existing form.

At first, you’ll need to create a new form using WP Fluent Forms or edit an existing form. We have a comprehensive guide about how you can create a form with WP Fluent Forms

After creating the form, enable the landing page mode by going into the Settings & Integrations tab and clicking on the “Landing Page” from the sidebar as shown on the screenshot below.

Dedicated Landing Page Fluent Forms

Now name your landing page as needed and give a description if needed. You can also choose a color scheme or define your custom color also. You can also add a logo image, a featured image that will be used as a thumbnail for social media. And the last option is you can select a background image instead of color if you want.

landing Page Title and description settings for form page

Now save the settings and a dedicated URL will be generated automatically which will be found at the bottom of the page as shown in the screenshot below. You can also access the page by clicking on the share icon located at the top right corner.

Landing Page URL after Saving Settings

This link is the dedicated URL for your form. You can share the link across various networks to start getting leads for your business.

This is how it will look after adding a logo, title, and description.

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