Upgrade to WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-on

Though WP Fluent Forms free version comes with numerous features and functionalities, some are reserved for the Pro Add-on. To enable these features, upgrade WP Fluent Form with its Pro Add-on. Here is how you can upgrade WP Fluent Forms

*Please note that this video was recorded with our previous version , we are going to upload video tutorial with the current version very soon

    • The Pro add-on can be purchased right from WP Fluent Form’s free version. Click on any Premium feature and a dialogue box will pop up. Click on the Buy Pro button.wp-fluent-form
    • In the purchase page, select the package that suits you.
      – If the plugin is to be used in just one domain, purchase Single Site License
      – If you need to use the plugin in multiple domains (2-5 website), purchase 2-5 Site License
      – To use the plugin in countless domains, purchase the Unlimited Site License
      Click on Buy Now.upgrade wp fluent form wpmanageninja
    • Input the Discount Coupon, if you have any.
    • Sign up for WPManageNinja if you are a New user. This account will be required to provide you the License Key and VIP Support, if necessary.upgrade wp fluent form wpmanageninja
    • Fill in your payment details for the transaction to go through.upgrade wp fluent form wpmanageninja
    • The WP Fluent Form Pro Add-on will be downloaded in your Computer in .zip format.
    • Now go to your website’s WordPress Dashboard. Click on Plugins> Installed Plugins> Add New> Upload Plugin.upgrade wp fluent form wpmanageninja
      upgrade wp fluent form wpmanageninja
      upgrade wp fluent form wpmanageninja
    • Click on Choose File and select fluentformpro.zip from the directory. Click Install Nowupgrade wp fluent form wpmanageninja
    • Congratulations! WP FluentForm Pro add-on is successfully installed in your domain. Activate the plugin from your Plugins list. DO NOT DEACTIVATE OR DELETE the WP Fluent Form plugin from the plugins list. The Pro add-on won’t work if the Free version of the plugin is removed.upgrade wp fluent form wpmanageninja
    • A license key will be asked when you will be going to use the Pro features for the first time.
    • Logging in to your account will take you to your user dashboard. Or you can visit your dashboard anytime from the website from *your name*> Dashboard. Here all your purchases will be listed.upgrade wp fluent form wpmanageninja
    • From the purchase list, click on View Details and Downloads. From the License Keys list, copy the Key, and paste it in the dialogue box where the key was required.upgrade wp fluent form wpmanageninja
      upgrade wp fluent form wpmanageninja
      upgrade wp fluent form wpmanageninja
  • Enjoy all the awesome Premium features that come with WP Fluent Form Pro Add-on!

Upgrade to WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-on today!

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