Range Slider Field in WP Fluent Forms

The range slider field of WP Fluent Forms allows you to grab a handle or rating marker to select a number from a pre-defined range of numbers.

At first, drag and drop the range slider into the editor as shown in the screenshot below

This range slider field comes with some customizable standard options including Default Value, Minimum Value, and Maximum Value.

Default Value: Setting a default value will show a predefined value on the frontend when the form is loaded. But this value can be changed by the users. For example, the range slider in the screenshot below has a default value of 500 and its minimum and the maximum value is 200 and 1000 respectively. Notice that the slider’s select position is in the 500 value mark.

Min and Max Value: The min is the value from where the slider value will start and the max is the value where the slider value ends. If you choose 200 as min and 1000 as max the user can select a value in between this range.

You can also use CSS classes for custom styles and conditional fields in the advanced option like other Fluent Forms fields.

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