Slack Integration with WP Fluent Forms

You can integrate your Slack account with your WP Fluent Forms to make team sharing easier. Here you will have a clear idea of how to make a slack integration with WP Fluent Forms.

Steps to Integrate Slack with WP Fluent Forms

  1. Activate the Slack Module.
  2. Go to Slack channel & make an app.
  3. Build & Name your App.
  4. Add new Webhook.
  5. Define the Channel.
  6. Copy & Paste Webhook on Webhook URL input field.
  7. Save & Preview the settings.
  • Start by enabling the slack module from the Fluent Forms (Pro) Integration modules.
Integrate Slack with WP Fluent Form WordPress Form Builder Plugin
  • Select the form you want to integrate slack with or create a new form.
  • Go to “Settings & Integrations”. Select slack from the sidebar.
  • Toggle on Integrate slack.
Slack Integration Settings - WP Fluent Form
  • Fill in your Webhook URL.
  • If you do not have a Webhook configured, go to your slack channel and create an app.
  • To create an app, visit – and click on the “Create New App” button
Slack Integration - Create API - Fluent Forms
  • A modal will pop up, select From scratch, name your app and define the Development slack Workspace using the dropdown menu.
Slack Integration - App setup - Fluent Forms
  • Go to Add Features & Functionalities and choose Incoming Webhooks.
Slack Integration - Webhooks setup - Fluent Forms.
  • Toggle on Activate Incoming Webhooks and click on Add New Webhook.
Slack Integration - Create Webhooks - Fluent Forms
  • Select the channel where your form’s JSON payload will be posted and Authorize it.
Slack Integration - Allow Fluent Forms
  • Copy the Webhook URL.
Slack Integration - Copy Webhooks - Fluent Forms
  • Paste it on the WP Fluent Form’s Webhook URL input field.
Slack Integration - paste Webhook - Fluent Forms
  • Save your settings and do a test submission before launching. The form submission will be posted in your slack channel with the name of the App that you have set.
Slack Integration - submission - Fluent Forms
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