Error Message Customization with WP Fluent Forms WordPress Plugin

Set Error Messages to be shown when a user fails or forgets to fill out input fields that are required.

  • Go to Input Customization of the input field you want Error Messages to be displayed for.
  • Make sure if “Yes” is selected in the “Required” option. If not, the field will not be eligible to show any error message.
  • Set the Error Message as required.
  • Save the form.

Error Messages can be positioned and presented in different ways.

Go to Settings & Integration>Form Settings>Form Layout.

  • In Error Message Placement option (scroll down), choose your preference.
Fluent Form input field error message placement.png

– Below Input Fields will show the error message below the blank input field.

Position of error message show.png

– Choosing Stacked after Form will present a list of all the required fields that were not filled up below the form.

Position of error message show.png
  • Click Save Settings when you are done with the customization.
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