Form Scheduling Feature in Fluent Forms

The Fluent Forms Scheduling feature allows you to schedule a form’s live period easily. This scheduling feature enables admins to set an opening date and a closing one for particular forms, i.e., users will not be able to fill up forms before or after the schedule set by admins.

Here is how you can schedule a form with Fluent Form.

  • Go to Fluent Forms → All Forms.
  • Select the form you want the scheduling to be imposed on, and click the Edit button below it.
  • Click on the Settings & Integration tab on the top bar and stay on the Form Settings section. Scroll down to the Scheduling and Restrictions segment.
  • Toggle on the Form Scheduling feature.
  • Define the weekdays from Monday to Sunday, and check all if required.
  • Define the starting and ending date of that particular form.
  • Define the Form Waiting message (the message to be shown before the starting date).
  • Define the Form Expiration message (the message to be shown after the ending date).
  • Save the Form Scheduling before you leave. Otherwise, this functionality will not work.
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