MailPoet Integration with Fluent Forms

MailPoet makes managing a subscriber list and designing eye-catching emails so easily. Connect MailPoet with Fluent Forms and subscribe to a contact when a form is submitted.

You can easily integrate MailPoet with Fluent Forms by following some easy & simple steps in this article.

Make sure you have MailPoet & Fluent Forms Connector for MailPoet plugin installed before integrating it with Fluent Forms.

Steps to integrate MailPoet with Fluent Forms

  1. Activate the MailPoet Module
  2. Create/Use a Form with Fluent Forms
  3. Add MailPoet integration with the particular form
  4. Feed & Map the MailPoet Integration fields
  • Go to the Integration from Fluent Forms (WordPress admin panel sidebar) and turn on the MailPoet Module, as shown in the screenshot below-
  • Now go to the particular form’s settings for the entries you want to be listed in MailPoet. Click on Add New Integration and select MailPoet Integration from the dropdown.
  • Name the required field (For example, Feed Name, First Name, Last Name, Email) & Select the MailPoet List to which you would like to add your contacts.

  • Associate your MailPoet merge tags to the appropriate Fluent Forms fields in the Primary Fields option by selecting the appropriate form fields from the list.

  • Select which Fluent Forms fields pair with their respective MailPoet fields in the Custom Fields option.

  • You can also send an Email for Confirmation by enabling the Send Email Confirmation option.

  • Configure the remaining fields and map them to the MailPoet list’s corresponding rows.
  • Enable Conditional Logic if required. Learn more about Fluent Forms Conditional logic here.

  • Don’t forget to click on the Save Feed when the configuration is done.

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