iContact Integration with WP Fluent Form

Integrate your iContact account with WP Fluent Form and  stay in contact effortlessly.

  • To integrate iContact, go to the WordPress admin panel. Go to the Modules dashboard from the Fluent Forms (Pro) menu.
  • You will see some options appear in front of you. Scroll to iContact and enable it.

iContact Integration with WP Fluent Forms

  • Now go to the Global Settings and select iContact from the sidebar. Fill in the Application Key, Account Email Address, API Password and Client Folder ID. You will find them in your iContact account.

iContact Integration with WP Fluent Forms Pro

  • If you don’t have an iContact account, you can sign up for one here.
  • You can follow the Instructions given in the iContact global integration page.
  • Head to your iContact profile and go to “Settings and Billing”.
  • Click on iContact Integrations and select Custom API Integration.
  • To create a program with iContact API, you need to register it with iContact.
  • Name the Application and provide a brief description. Click on Create Application button.
  • Create a password and save it in a safe file for future uses.

How To Get Icontact API Key WP FLuent Forms Plugin

  • Now copy the Application ID, the email address used to sign up for iContact and the Application password.
  • Paste it on the WP Fluent Forms dashboard.
  • Save the configuration.
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