Calculate Numeric Entities in WP Fluent Forms

First, we need to create a numeric input field, see this documentation and create some numeric input field.

3 numeric input field

Let’s assume we have two numeric data that needed to be calculated and show the resulted data in another field (Result). For this we need to create 3 numeric fields like the above figure.

Now hover over the input field (The field where you want to show the result) and click the pencil icon[1], it will reveal a sidebar in the right side. Now click on the advanced option[2].

enable calculation

Now, from the Advanced Option, click on the Enable Calculation option. It will reveal an input box.

Now, click on the document icon[1], it will show all the available input field[2]. Select them, they will be added in the calculation box. Now add the numeric expression in between them (for example add a ‘+’ in between them).

Don’t put any space in between them, just put the expression.

Now save the form and preview, you will get the result after putting the values in Number one and Number two.

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