Numeric Calculation in Fluent Forms

Calculations are available within a field when using a Numeric Field. In this article, we will show you how to set up a calculation in a Numeric field, as well as go over some important rules for using numeric fields in calculations.

  • First, we need to create a numeric input field; see this documentation and create some numeric input fields.
  • Let’s assume we have two numeric data that need to be calculated and show the resulting data in another field (Result). For this, we need to create 3 numeric fields like the above figure.
  • Now hover over the input field (the field where you want to show the result) and click the pencil icon, it will reveal a sidebar on the right side. Now click on Advanced Options.
  • Now, from the Advanced Option, click on the Enable Calculation option. It will reveal an input box.
Enable calculation
Enable calculation in Fluent Form.png
  • Now, click on the document icon, and it will show all the available input fields.
  • Select them, they will be added to the calculation box.
  • Now add the numeric expression in between them (for example add a ‘+’ in between them).
  • Don’t put any space in between them, just put the expression.
  • Now Save the Form and Preview and you will get the result after putting the values in Number one and Number two.
Preview of the Form

This Calculations is also applicable in Conversational Forms!

Supported Symbols

+Addition Operator eg. 2+3 results 5
Subtraction Operator eg. 2-3 results -1
/Division operator eg 3/2 results in 1.5
*Multiplication Operator eg. 2*3 results 6
ModModulus Operator eg. 3 Mod 2 results 1
(Opening Parenthesis
)Closing Parenthesis
SigmaSummation eg. Sigma(1,100,n) results 5050
PiProduct eg. Pi(1,10,n) results 3628800
nVariable for Summation or Product
piMath constant pi returns 3.14
eMath constant e returns 2.71
CCombination operator eg. 4C2 returns 6
PPermutation operator eg. 4P2 returns 12
!factorial operator eg. 4! returns 24
loglogarithmic function with base 10 eg. log 1000 returns 3
lnnatural log function with base e eg. ln 2 returns .3010
powpower function with two operator pow(2,3) returns 8
^power operator eg. 2^3 returns 8
rootunderroot function root 4 returns 2
sinSine function
cosCosine function
tanTangent function
asinInverse Sine function
acosInverse Cosine funtion
atanInverse Tangent funtion
sinhHyperbolic Sine function
coshHyperbolic Cosine function
tanhHyperbolic Tangent function
asinhInverse Hyperbolic Sine function
acoshInverse Hyperbolic Cosine function
atanhInverse Hyperbolic Tangent function
roundMake a number a decimal/integer.
Use case: round(3.235723663, 2) = 3.24
and round(3.235723663, 0) = 3
ceilUse case: ceil(3.235723663) = 4
floorUse case: floor(3.235723663) = 3
maxUse case: max(10, 15) = 15
minUse case: min(10, 15) = 10

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