Using and Customizing Pre-built Quick Forms in Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms comes with many pre-built Quick Forms to save you time. Here is how you can deploy and customize them.

  • First, you need to create your Form with Fluent Forms. Click here to learn how to create a form.
  • Clicking on the New Form/Add a New Form button opens a pop-up that allows you to choose from many pre-built Quick Form templates:

  • Contact Form
  • Support Form
  • Newsletter Form
  • Conversational Form
  • Optin Form
  • Browse through categories or search, then click on the Quick form you need to use.
  • If required, Customize the Fields. Fluent Forms comes with various options to enable you to customize the fields you intend to use.
  • To customize an added field, hover and click on the Edit icon. You can also click on the Input Customization tab on the right sidebar.
  • These customizations offer you various options starting from renaming a field, defining a placeholder, and positioning a field label to define the maximum size of an uploaded file.
  • Are you done with the customization and everything? Click on the Save Form button on the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Now copy the Shortcode and paste it onto the page you want your form to be visible.

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