Thrive Architect Compatibility Issue With WP Fluent Forms

If you are facing any compatibility issue with Thrive Architect try the following troubleshooting to get rid of the issue.

To use WP Fluent Forms with Thrive Architect page builder open the page with it and add WordPress Content module of Thrive Architect into your page as shown in the screenshot below

Thrive Architect Compatibility Issue With WP Fluent Forms

Inside the WordPress Content click on the Add Form button which will pop up a window with all your forms as a dropdown element. Select the form which will add the form shortcode into the editor. You can also copy and paste your WP Fluent Forms shortcode into the editor manually. Click on the Save button.

Now save your Thrive Architect page and you will see Fluent Forms is added on the page where you used the shortcode.

However, some users reported that they are having an issue when they are trying to save the shortcode, the issue is similar to the screenshot below

thrive architect not working with wp fluent forms

If you are having the same issue do the following troubleshooting.

Add the below code in your theme’s functions.php file. It is recommended that you always use a child theme and add the code in the child theme’s functions.php file.

 * Usage:
 * [fluent_ta_form id="FF_FORM_ID"] Thrive Architect Issue Fix
add_shortcode('fluent_ta_form', function ($args) {
    $shortcodeDefaults = [
      'id' =>  ''
    $atts = shortcode_atts($shortcodeDefaults, $args);

    if(is_admin()) {
        return '.'"]';
    return do_shortcode('.'"]');

Check the below screenshot to get an idea of where to paste the code. Don’t forget to save after adding the code.

add code to theme functions php file wp fluent forms

Now go back to Thrive Architect and paste the following shortcode manually into Thrive Architect WordPress Content module

[fluent_ta_form id="FF_FORM_ID"]

Change FF_FORM_ID into your form ID. Take a look at the screenshot.

contact form shortcode wordpress WP Fluent Forms

Now delete the previous shortcode from the editor.

WP Fluent Forms With Thrive Architect

Now your Thrive Architect’s WordPress Content editor will look like the above screenshot.

Save everything & your form will work fine now with Thrive Architect.

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