Advanced Form Validation in Fluent Forms

With the Fluent Forms advanced form validation feature, you can set rules to the user input, and based on the rules you can prevent the form submission. This is a very useful feature for preventing spam/bot submissions.

Here is how you can set advanced form validation with Fluent Forms.

  • Go to Fluent Forms → All Forms.
  • Select the form you want the scheduling to be imposed on, and click the Edit button below it.
  • Click on the Settings & Integration tab on the top bar and stay on the Form Settings section. Scroll down to the Enabled Advanced Form Validation segment.
  • Toggle on the Enable Advanced Form Validation feature.
  • Using the Status option, you can Enable Advanced Form Validation. You can also choose the condition to proceed or fail the form submission.
  • You can select how the validation will apply with the Validation Type option. And based on your selection, the submission will be rejected if all conditions are met.
  • You can write the error message if the form submission gets invalid using the Error Message option.
  • Lastly, click the Save button to save the Advanced Form Validation settings.

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